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[SC] Fair Events

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Marmite01{R.I.P}, Feb 27, 2019.

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  1. Marmite01{R.I.P}

    Marmite01{R.I.P} Forum-Apprentice

    Ok so after trying to compete in this latest event along with alot of other players it has come to the attention that your events are only designed for the bullies and wallet warriors of the game.
    When are you going to create fair events,
    Hitacs are a joke along with the demeaner events too as you can't compete against the mcc's.
    The designers of the game really need to take a long look at who's playing and how to make it fair for all as some of us would love a chance of winning new designs etc.
    New players would probably hang about longer if they thought they could actually win something to improve their acc, and not the basic stuff ie lf4's and bo2's etc.
  2. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Give us a solution. Don't complain about it, and then have no clue what you want done to make it more fair.

    But this latest Plutus Event is really great. Rewards just need some modification.
  3. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Forum Inhabitant

    I'm not sure you understand how the game works for those of us not in dominating clans that ruin/run events and most other aspects of the game.

    If a single Dev (I am sure there is only one) from DO bothered to read and understand the thread started over a year ago, Multi Company Clans - What to do, or some of the feedback from Black Light Invasion Feedback, or any one of the hundreds of similar threads that have been written over the years - the Plutis Experiment could have been much more than a nice boon for the same minority that dominate everything else in the game.

    The "solutions" are well documented in several threads dating back a year or more but once again the Developer for DO chose the easy way out and released yet another event that is exactly the same as every other event.

    Quick look at the main problem/s with the event/game - I'm sure you are smart enough to see solutions, if not read through the threads i mentioned - All the solutions are in Black and White, they just need to be taken seriously and tried.

    1. Highest damage gets highest rewards - Great for the top players and those in large dominating clans - Leaves no room for anyone else to gain the better rewards.
    2. Cross company event where all companies can access all maps (same mistake they made a few months back with BL) - Great for the large dominating [MCC] clans - Again leaves no room for lower level players or smaller clans to benefit with much more than minimal rewards.
    3. Spawn rates of the beacons in the 4 maps - Allowed the dominating groups to participate in all 4 - Limiting the ability of anyone else from gaining better rewards.

    Funny reading back over those 3 points, they ALL stem from a single aspect of the game - I wonder what the problem here is.,. I don't have to wonder what the solutions are.,.

    You say it was a "great Event" - Of course it was, for you, never mind about the rest of us who can't compete at the same level and for most, never will because the current meta (and sadly the design of new content) in the game doesn't allow it.

    COWBOY*FROM*HELL Forum-Greenhorn

    The plutus event took place in maps that did not allow pvp, so how did the mccs and wallet warriors effect it in any way? Sometimes I think people just complain for the hell of it, without even thinking about what it is they are complaining about. Everyone had the chance to participate in all 3 of the x-5 maps. And you cant blame anyone but yourself if your ship is weak, you build your own ship on this game. You get out what you put in.
  5. Marmite01{R.I.P}

    Marmite01{R.I.P} Forum-Apprentice

    So you cant get shot in 4 4..... well Im buggered as I cudda sworn thats where I kept popping.
  6. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Get over it.
    Events are based on PvP. If you're weak, you're weak, you die. Simple as that.

    There are already plenty of threads discussing making various events fair, go comment on those, or make your own in the Update & Idea Pool. This is all old news, and are already being dealt with by the DO team
  7. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Forum Inhabitant

    Last event WASN'T PVP based - Yet it still catered to the same group of elitist jerks on servers you obviously fit into.
    The game is losing players hand over fist simply because DO is too afraid to do anything that might reduce the ability of the oldest and elitist (like you it seems) to monopolise every aspect of the game.

    And seriously - Look at the title of this thread. What gives you the right to say i can't post in a thread titled "fair events".
    I did not start this thread, I used it as a means of trying to get my point of view across, the same as i have done in quite a few other threads on the same or similar topics.

    I'm sorry my post was such you felt the need to take it personally and then attack me in response, maybe there is more merit to my perceived problems with the event than I thought - Bottom line, you can always try to excerpt rights as a top ranked player who always gets the best out of events to have the thread closed or moved if you feel it is inappropriate, I'm sure you could find enough supporters amongst other players with your elitist attitude to try and ensure DO don't change anything that might effect your domination of everything DO.
  8. This game is very un-balanced I think. I'm a top tier player on my server and I do agree with the OP on this one.

    Some of us have been playing for many years and have built up our ships over time. All the money in the world can't develop technique, but it can help build a UFE ship and allow some to be bullies, not all but yes many.

    I personally would like to see some changes made to "Events". If the development team would make a better effort to create lower, mid and upper tier events things would become much better in the Dark Orbit community.

    There are bullies, there are Clans that bully new players simply because they can. I've been in this game since 3 months after it was released and believe me I've seen it all. Nothing ticks me off more than to see "Top Tier Clans" sending 100 day wars to clans who have only low level members, none of which are over level 15.

    Is this a PVP game? Yes it is but this doesn't mean that UFE players can just bully the new ones coming into the game. Back in the day top tier players use to actually help the novice. They use to HELP but now it seems to me no-one is helping anyone. Especially the Development Team, to me they are the worst offenders for allowing this onslaught of crap to begin with.

    I personally don't participate in ANY of the events, NONE!! I just cruise around killing players, never a flaxed ship and very seldom in lowers maps. Sometimes I will go to lowers maps to defend, well quite often actually lol.

    The time has come for the Development Team to consider the gaming community as a whole not just the top spenders, let those cry babies cry! Make the game fair and enjoyable for ALL.

    That's all I've got to say on that :rolleyes:


    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect
  9. Lost~Soul

    Lost~Soul Forum-Greenhorn

    lol are you playing the same game as everybody else, the games full of cheats and botr's. pvp its a joke, doesn't matter how strong you are when they have all the scripts running.
    and the last event was pathetic a 5 year old could have designed a better event.
  10. 4-4 was the only map you could get shot in and if you cant defend yourself you dont belong in 4-4 whether there is an event or not. There were also 3 maps that had zero pvp, just like you cry babies asked for, and your still crying. Go play barbie with your little sister if you cant handle DO.
  11. anduril

    anduril Someday Author

    I've been playing for a while now. I'm level 25 on US server. Like Full Throttle, I think I've seen it all, both good and bad. And I agree that the game is not balanced. Lol, saying it that way is being kind :)

    The Plutus event was ok, but had some problems, similar to other events as have already been detailed in other threads. The Plutus event was a mix of PvE (on the 3's) and PvP on the 4's. One of the problems was the timing of the spawns. It allowed pilots to jump in sequence from one map to another to "run" the event across all companies. That created imbalance for lower level ships and should not have happened. Some ships couldn't / wouldn't dare the 4's, but in their home 3 map right before the spawn here come 20-30 ships, all bigger than they are, getting the most of the rewards. Terrible situation for a PvE map and lower level pilots.

    In the 4's it was as bad as always, people dropping mines and doing anything possible to either pop another player or prevent them from getting rewards. It's so stupid, I flew more than one in the PvP area where the alien didn't get pop'd because the pilots on the map were too busy shooting each other and not the real target. LOL.

    To those that say "get stronger" or "it's PvP get over it" I say you are wrong. We want new players and we want them to grow and be strong in this game so that we all continue to have some fun. As has been stated by others, the MCC and other bullies make this game miserable for new players. An Event should, IMHO, give them (new players) a fair chance at fun and rewards to build their ships and build this game up. Anything less is a profound waste of their time.

    That said, this is a PvP game and I don't hesitate to pop a pilot not in my company or not in an alliance or nap with my clan. I have missions to do just that, lots of them still, like the kill 10,000 enemy pilot one. So why am I complaining here?

    The game is not in balance. It isn't the ships that need to be nerfed (which I think sucks) in order to balance the game. I think the game is tilted to the top players at the expense of the newer / growing players. And that is just one of the many things that needs to change if this game is going to last. There have been many great suggestions about how this event, and prior events, could be made more fair for everyone. Will you listen to your customers DO?

  12. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Forum Inhabitant

    How much time did you spend in the 3 maps without PVP along side the "crybabies"?
    Milking the best rewards at the expense of newer players simply because you can.
    Ok DO did design the event to be plundered by the strongest, just like every other event. Hopefully they will see the error of this design, one day, so future events can be for more than the elite few.

    I'm so over the elitist attitudes some of the so called top players display. Sadly DO does nothing to hinder their domination of everything in the game which only encourages the elitist attitudes.
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  13. Start Eradication..2017-09-25 21:01:16
    Finish 19.02.2018 - 00:45 completed mission "Eradication"!
    19.02.2018 - 00:45 Achievement received: Enemy Exterminator

    "Eradication" completed
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    Your P.E.T. reached level 19...
    You received 850,000,024 EP.
    ..You received 25,000,000 honor points....



    **Success is never Final & Failure is never Fatal**
  14. There is no way to make the new players as strong as those that have been playing for 10+ yrs. If you feel that having an established acct is unfair, you are free to start a noob acct. I have 2 noob accts and dont see the problems many cry about. Instead of giving the noobs more, maybe the noobs should just work on putting in the time others have. You know like in real life, where instead of paying the new guy the same wage as the guy that has been working for the company for 20 yrs just because the new guy cries about it not being fair. The new guy has to work his way up, just like the new player has to build his acct up. Personally I started playing DO because it was advertised as a PVP game, so I expected to have to learn to survive and build my ship so that I could compete. Many of todays players start the game knowing it is PVP, yet they cry about the PVP aspect of the game. Instead of trying to remake the game to satisfy the noobs, maybe the noobs should go find a game is better fits their preferences.

    Yes we want new players, but if all those players are going to do is cry about PVP, why would they even start an acct? Everyone knows when they start an acct that this is a PVP game and if that isnt for them nobody is forcing them to play. So why are they trying to force DO to change?
    Last edited by moderator: Mar 15, 2019
  15. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Forum Inhabitant

    Interesting, in my country you get rewarded/paid for the skills you have not how long you have been there. The guy who has been there 20 years doesn't get anything more than his skill set warrants. Sadly it seems you believe it ok for the new/er players to not be able to compete in events simply because you are better than them so deserve the best of everything at their expense.

    This thread isn't so much about PVP as it is about a fair go for new players.

    My question still stands, how much time did you spend in the non pvp maps during the most recent event, ensuring new/er players got minimal rewards?

    Could you at least "try" to respond in a way that is relevant to the posts you are responding to..

    Just maybe, if you could think back to when you first started you might just find - It is today's noobs that are the future of the game. DO management and Devs recognise this, hence the 5-X maps having pvp removed. The mistake they made was the timing of the beacons which allowed the likes of you (and many others) to travel from map to map stopping anyone not as strong as you from being able to participate fully. Highest damage prospers has always been a terrible way to stage events that are nothing more than a way for the elite to prosper at the expense of everyone else.

    I understand you have been around for years and feel entitled to do as you please - This in part is why server merges were needed. If you have any connection to the game that isn't based on "I'm top of the heap" "screw the new guys, if they don't like it they can quit", think about the future of the game - Trust me, you and your peers ain't it.,.
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  16. Been that way ever since the game started and got popular my friend. It's ironic you say that because lots of players came from another shut down game and left almost immediately (the majority of them). Wow I wonder why? Maybe it's because they die 20 times in 1 hour to the same few UFEs who do nothing but hunt their maps?

    Honestly this is a +1 from me and I really hope BP do something thats more new player friendly. I'm UFE and I would happily jump into a newbie event and help them with it if I was allowed to.
  17. I only play a few hrs a week so I spent a few hrs in the x-5 plutus maps as I went from map to map doing the event in all 4 maps available to me. I did not see anyone being stopped from participating. And as far as thinking back to when I first started, it just reminds me of how pussified the younger generations have become. 10 yrs ago we didnt complain about being farmed in x-1 maps, we learned to survive so we could continue to build our accts and fight back. I have 2 noob accts that I play when my main is out of sep or when I just feel like doing easy npc quests, I get popped but its no big deal its part of the game. If you dont like the PVP aspect of the game you are free to go play something else and leave the PVP games for the non pussies.
  18. Back then it took 1 or 2 minutes to pop someone not 2 to 3 seconds. Big difference from then till now.


    Ideas shape the course of history
  19. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Forum Inhabitant

    You mean to say, you didn't think doing the event in all maps, being able to do 80% more damage than many of those around you would in any way reduce the outcome for those newer players in an event based on highest damage wins..

    Sad man just sad and so selfish but then you've said you have no regard for new/er players or the future of the game so it really is no surprise you are happy to reduce the chances of new/er players continuing to spend money and play.

    As Full Throttle said - The game today is very different to what is was when you first started - Which is what i was trying to get "you" to see. Sadly you are a bit to one eyed and self entitled to see the damage you do, unfortunately for the rest of us you are not a minority, your type have been running the game for far too long - Time for DO to take back control of the game.
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  20. stella18037

    stella18037 Someday Author

    i find it so funny ,they ran a script to sort out the minus 50 percent ep hon so on to compensate players .once again we keep telling them your scripts do not work ie we have like a 150 bots in maps every morning and many many during day .fix this stop helping the cheats we honest are not spemding while 70 percent server get it free tis joke sort it and stop lieing thur yer teeth >>yet another 2 players log out

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