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[SC] Focus on more fire power or investing in P.E.T?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _heqon_, Apr 15, 2019.

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  1. _heqon_

    _heqon_ Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi All,

    I have recently returned into the game after many years of not playing it. I have to say that I love how the game has changed and it offers much more versatility for the new players than before. The new equipment allows to build your ship as much as your preferences, which is amazing for me.

    Now, I am really a newbie with not much equipment rather than what I've got from the starter missions and something I've gathered from the in-game calendar - running my Goliath on credit equipment. However, I did notice that I can craft LF-3's by using H-HFC and H-NCA hardwares that I got for free from the calendar. In addition to this, I can see that I can easily craft the P.E.T too, without spending any uridium for it.

    What I would need advise on is what should I focus early on? My guts tell me that I should go after the LF-3's and craft as many as I can, so that I have reliable damage to farm uppers. Though, I am not sure how often we get the H-HFC and H-NCA hardwares in the calendar? If they are rare, then it might be more worth to craft the P.E.T instead of a single LF-3.

    Considering the above and your experience, every advise is much appreciated!

  2. Killercal73

    Killercal73 Padavan

    The pet should be the past thing you focus on go for the Lasers first they should be cheap in auction level up B02 and your drones then with any luck you can reach level 22 and go into the BL maps and start working on getting Prometheus Lasers
  3. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Advanced

    Do not craft lf3s get lf4s from quests, boxes daily logins and crafting. Its way easy to get LF4s now even doing gates.
  4. FireJub2kDestroyer

    FireJub2kDestroyer Someday Author

    Craft the pet as early as possible. Get it leveling with you. It is an INCREDIBLY versatile tool.

    A pet with full level 3 alien protocols hits EXACTLY as hard as the lasers (on ship) of a prommed cyborg running double boost with alien hunter bio, without any need for boosters or consumption of prom.

    That being said, don’t worry about that YET, just get them pet up an running, try to only keep it up at the end of quests or gates.

    Get a clan - they’ll help, buy spectral lancers (basically lf-3 for pve) which cost only 300k each.
  5. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi Hegon,

    Here is my 2 cents: Sorry it is long and for new newbie's, you may know all this.

    Use the Auction House first to get your items you want. Not the Shop.

    Whatever your Sky Lab makes, transfer it to your ship (wait for it do not buy the transfer). Once you get started making ore, first day make ore and transfer it to your ship. Second day open Sky Lab accept transfer. Go to ship and sell it at the space station ore dock. and go back to sky lab to transfer more, and sky lab is making more). Sell it to make money. Repeat daily.

    At the Auction House;

    One of the first things I would get is Cargo Bay Expansion. Most people have one and you may get it cheap. That way you can hold more ore on your ship and sell it making more money. You need Credits and a lot of it. Save your Daily Bonus ores. You can buy FL-3 and all the extra you ever want for your ship. Even 8 drones too at the Auction House.

    Order of items at the Auction House:
    Cargo Bay Expansion
    Weapons; LF-3 and Hellstorm Launcher
    Rocket Trubo*
    Rocket Launcher CPU*
    Repair CPU*
    Drone Repair CPU 2* (It will protect drones from being destroyed)
    Slot CPU 4 (you might have to start off with 2 and work your way up. This cost a lot of credits for 4) (will add more slots for "Extra")
    Cloaking CPU
    Jump CPU 2
    Advance Jump CPU

    Watch the clock. If there are any items that are not bid on, BID. You can sell them for credits to make more credits (in the Hanger). Try to get the big ticket items. Bid only on first Bid Only (10,000). Until you learn what they are resold for don't go higher.

    You can get your drones here too (8 Iris). Your ammo, rockets, and anything else you want too.

    You can get ships too in the Auction House in the Daily and Weekly too, (hit the next tab) and one of the first ships I would get is a Citadel because it is the tank of ships, but more so, it holds a lot of ore. The best of the 3 ships (to me) is the Citadel Elite.

    When you can work on the Sky Lab (increasing the Levels), do it too. Higher Levels more ORE. The ore also can be used on your weapons and shield too to hit harder and protect your ship. Better the ore more hit and protection.

    Now for the sad note: LF-1, 2, 3 are out of date, as well as LF-4 is going too. Even though you can Level Them Up (to 16 Level, in the Upgrade). Now there are LF-4 specials but they are going out of date too. Dark Orbit "DO" has created a new Prometheus Laser. Need to a higher level for this. Because there is a special gate on x-8 for them. You can read all about them and the gate in the Fourm.

    Good luck and hoped I've helped.

    Two last thought. If you are making credits buy ammo and rockets with credits. Until you have enough of Uridium to buy better. DO has a special on Uridium (I think Saturday dinner time) 400% more. Upgrade special was the third Friday of the month in the evening. I haven't seen this in a long time, so, I don't know if it is still happening. The other thing is P.E.T. you can get one, but don't buy all the Gear or Protocols for it. I don't use it as a fighter much unless it is a bad boy I'm after or one (another Pilot) at me. Weaponize it and add shields, and only two gear I recommend and that is Auto Looter (which picks up you kill's goodies and the white boxes) and Enemy Locator if you have to find a certain Alien (wait until your P.E.T is high enough to buy Level 3 Equipment). Protocols wait. You can only get 1st level equipment until your P.E.T. reaches a certain level. When you can, buy 3rd level equipment, then do so. Leave the rest blank/empty until then.

    *Item is needed to work the equipment like; Rocket Launcher, Repair your ship and drones.
  6. _heqon_

    _heqon_ Forum-Greenhorn

    Thank you everyone for the advises, much appreciated! :)

    Guess I will hold off crafting things until I understand things better about my priorities and what would be best to craft in the longer run (don't want to spend resources on something that I will replace so fast). Beside that, I am continuously working on my SkyLab and trying to upgrade as much as I can, so that I can sell ore and make even more credits.

    At this point I am just keeping all my uridium I am collecting. What would be your thoughts on the drone formations? Which one you believe would be the most useful for newbies like me, that I can really use on maps and in gates?

    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    Get the pet, it can help you with firepower and collecting. You can have the pet collecting while you shoot. Be aware the pet constantly drinks through fuel, which in turn means drinks down your uri. How ever in the end, a level 20 pet, which takes quite some time to achieve, has 12 laser slots.

    Drone formations to aim for are Diamond, Heart, Drill, Moth, and Ring. All these have their uses. Diamond, Heart, and Ring are defensive where Drill and Moth are the damage formations. Be sure to read over the descriptions for each of them because there are pro's and con's to everything.
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  8. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi All,

    Like PSK said, He is right on and each had it uses. I have most of what he suggest so I'm ready for different battles. It depends on your need. The one I use the most is Ring for protection, but in major battle the Drill gives you more of a punch in attack. If you get a Citadel ship it is a rocket loaded ship, and a good Formation for that is Chevron because it adds 65% more damage to your rockets.

    P.E.T. are good and I love mine, but don't go wild on Gear or Protocols until it is high enough for 3rd level equipment. Because you get stuck with 1st level junk compare to 3rd level. What I have done, on my better ships I have the best and my secondary I have the next best.

    Having different ships ready is good too for different jobs. I have 3 servers and I always have a Goliath Surgeon and Citadel Elite at the ready plus other ships. When you play for awhile you collect all type of equipment and ships. So, I build more ships. Now other's will say they prefer another ships, and they would be right too. To each his own. A Citadel is in a class of it own. If you don't fight it, it is a great transfer ship for ore. Just keep it at the base transfer your ore, and change back to your fighting ship. Also once you transfer the ore it is coming even though you ship you changed into won't hold it. You have to start off with a cargo big enough to accept the start of the transfer.

    One last note:
    Let's say you have a laser (1). On Configuration 1 you put it on your ship's laser banks. Well guess what? You also can put that same laser in Configuration 2 too. It doesn't have to be in the ship's laser banks either. It could be on Drones or even P.E.T.. So you can use one item twice on the same ship. So, you only need half equipment. That goes with the rest of your equipment. You can use it twice on one ship.


    Second last note: Collect the little white boxes because they sometimes have Uridium in them. A day's adventure my pay for refueling your P.E.T. as well as different type of ammo. The boxes are loaded with different stuff and your P.E.T. is great at doing just that as you fight or explore.
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  9. _heqon_

    _heqon_ Forum-Greenhorn

    Great advises, thank you very much! :)
    Nothing more to add from my side, thanks!
  10. Type-0Z

    Type-0Z Advanced

    There will be a time when the missions is impossible to complete, all you can do then is to collect bonus boxes and do galaxy gate.
  11. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog S-Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Closing as Thread is inactive.

    If the OP wished to reopen thread please let us know.

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