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[SC] Help Me Understand This

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Hades~Pôšëîdõn‡Tríp, Jan 13, 2018.

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  1. I am flying in 5-2 collecting Cargo left uncollected by a fellow VRU ship. I understand he gets upset and starts attacking me but WHY, he was not picking it up? He then files WAR so he can not collect Negative Honor IF he kills me. When I look at the Clan it is the #1 Clan on US2 server and the Clan is Company Affiliated EIC. NOW I know I can not have my MMO account in my VRU Clan without claiming it an ALL Company Clan and this also prevents me from changing Company Affiliation if this ship is in my Clan. SO HOW is this Clan shown as EIC with a KNOWN VRU player in it?

    Its funny this OBVIOUS MCC needs to create a WAR on a 2 person clan who is doing nothing except collecting trash they were not collecting to begin with, but I guess this is why there are so many people leaving the Orbit anyway, or there are so many people so against these monsters in the feedback thread for @OP32.
  2. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit

    Hello Hades~Pôšëîdõn‡Tríp,

    Support nor we have control over how clans set their diplomacy status or who they have in their clan. There is a current dedicated thread for this concern in the Game Discussion/Feedback section of the forums. If you have any helpful hints or ideas please share.

    Closing as referred to appropriate thread.
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