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[SC] Loss of Credits from Cargo

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HelpMeHelpYou, May 13, 2016.

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  1. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    Please note if you comment on this thread I will respond as an edit to the original post. And I will comment on any post relevant to the topic.

    Okay so we all know as NEW players we were afforded the opportunity to do Quests, Kill NPC's, Collect and sell Cargo, as a means to getting credits for the auction to get better equipment. Since I have been around (watched people play a lot longer than I have played) I have seen the Cargo drops become LESS and LESS, first the dropping of Green Booty Chests (where the OLD forums told us we would get both Cargo and Booty if we had the key, but was changed for what ever reason), the add the Ultra Red and Blue Booty Chests, now add the Ores for Crafting. On a Ultra day you may as well say I am not going to get anything for the ammo used in killing of anything as the credits and Uridium are so low we could only hope to sell the cargo for the credits needed for the Auction.

    Yes I can see where the Assembly System COULD help the NEW player (assuming they can get strong enough to survive in the Upper Maps). But to substitute the 1 piece of Ore for the entire Cargo Drop is wrong. I do believe using the symbol for the NEW Ore is okay, but give my level 12 ship its Cargo TOO. I don't have the cargo space to transfer enough Skylab Materials to collect enough credits for the increased strength of my ship needed to stay in the fight with a BK all day, just to collect 1 piece of ore.

    The fact that no one wants to help the newbs (they fought to get what they have and so should the newbs), problem with this attitude is when the Veterans became FE they were still in the maps protecting the newbs whether actually helping or not they were assisting them in not being killed every time they turned around.

    In today's game no one is in the Company Chat paying attention to the calls for assistance against the Enemy Hunting Party that invaded our lower maps, no one wants to group up except to do Hades Gate or Hunt newbs (does not matter if same company or not with the MCC's), and to try to get strong enough to defend yourself you can not even count on CARGO from NPC's for credits as these are going away faster than you can grow.

    Is it any wonder that the populations of the servers are dropping off? Is it the intention of D O to force everyone to become Paying Players to BUY their equipment and bigger ships from the Uridium Page, because their flow of cash has slowed to a trickle from the depleted servers they have? Could we at least give the NEW players some type of protection in the lower maps so they are not being 1 shot POPPED by some UFE Bully while they are attempting to complete a Quest that they are not strong enough to complete but have to as it is the only way to get the credits they need for getting stronger? Why have things like the G3N-7900, G3N-BO2, or LF-3 not been added to the Assembly System as permanent Recipes? (Notice I have not even asked for the LF-4 as I know this would throw the balance of the game way off).

    Please return the Cargo Drop to the NEW player so they can attempt to get their ship to a defend-able state before having to QUIT your game as they see NO POINT TO PLAYING it because the road is sooooooo lllllloooooooonnnnnnggggg to get to where they can see the light at the end of the tunnel without some major outlay of CASH to get there.
    Not what I said, but what good are these if I am not able to play because I am being popped every time I try to do anything?

    What I am trying to say is GIVE US BOTH, stop taking the earned credits out of my pocket just because you want to add some NEW "CHANCE" thing to the game. These things you mention are only during the event so it is a mute point as I can not get them anyway. I already have PET so that does not apply, Surgeon would be nice but don't have enough firepower to support a Goliath Ship, Cosmetic Design are just a waste of resources, Pusat again like Surgeon would be nice if I could defend it.
    The point I am trying to make especially since they keep replacing the Cargo Drops with this stuff that most NEW players can not use.
    Yes x-8 is a good map but not immune to dropping the Booty Chest instead of Cargo Pods.
    You are correct that is why I said give us BOTH. A player should not be penalized for killing a NPC and being given a Booty Chest or a single piece of Ore. Too many Quests want us to COLLECT raw Materials from Killed NPC's and now the amount available to be collected is dependent on what is the Special of the DAY.
    I am not against the Assembly System either, I am just tired of always losing the Cargo that we seem to always have to collect for Quests. It seems D O loves to give us Event Quests with some absurd amount of Ore Collecting needed and then they give us "Ultra Booty Days" where we drop 3 different Chests and get nothing from killing a Boss anything because it drops more Chests than Cargo.
    We should not be forced to live in Special maps just because we want to collect the cargo for credits though. However, you would think the odds of collecting the Rare LF-4 or Blueprints should be easier to be found in the originating maps instead of the main maps, but then I have had no luck with these anywhere I select for collecting Booty.
    I agree we have had more people active during this Event but then they are not sticking with it because of all the other issues we are seeing in the game. Really wish they would decide if the A.S. is working or not and fix the issues that cropped up with the addition of it. We have had issues since the "JOKE" from April 1 and these really need to be addressed.
    And the really new players are not even able to use the A.S. Ores if they can not get to the uppers and thus are really losing out on a major amount of assistance when they get all of these other items dropped instead of the Cargo they worked so hard and expected to get. The FAQ's have not been changed to say there is a CHANCE of getting anything other than the cargo drops so why are we getting so many other things instead of Cargo?

    I do agree the A.S. can be beneficial to ALL players but not at the expense of stealing Cargo from the players needing it for whatever reason. Maybe have this be an automatic collection item, it is issued to the person who locked and killed the NPC first, or if a group kill they each get a piece of the ore.
    This may be a possibility and should be done before the NPC pops not as it popped. It is also why I have made suggestions in other threads if the NPC is going to drop a Booty Chest it reward a BK-100 to open it like some Uber NPC's give 1 hour boosters before they go pop.
    My point exactly, quit taking our cargo from us. We work hard to be able to collect this and should not have it taken from us just to receive some NEW item of lessor value.
    That would not solve the issue as it is not just the New Ore that is stealing our credits. Try doing a "Collection" Quest (Events usually have a bunch of ore to be collected from NPC kills) in an Ultra Booty Day with the Red and Blue Booty Chests along with the normal Green Chests also dropping from every Boss NPC you pop.
    Excuse me but PvP has nothing to do with the request for the newbs to be able to collect the Cargo for their credits. It is because of the UFE and failure to be protected in our home maps that we have to work so hard to get our ships stronger and without the credits gained by collecting the cargo we lose on both sides of the coin.

    I understand you were responding to a comment made about my post but if you choose to not have a constructive comment then please stay out of my thread.
    @theOtherKey thank you for the support of this issue and YES they could have added the NEW ORE instead of replacing the cargo with it. I don't care if they use the new graphics, but let me get my cargo also. When the Booty Chests were originally introduced the FAQ had it where we were going to be able to collect BOTH the Cargo and Pirate Booty, but this was never to be, for whatever reason they chose to take that from us and have continued to do so with the addition of "Ultra Booty" and now the Assembly System.

    3 days in a row of Ultra Booty Days along with A.S. Ore and Green Booty boxes being dropped, really glad I have my SkyLab running at level 20 otherwise I would have no credits on my us3 account.
    Last edited: May 22, 2016
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  2. ramnik

    ramnik Forum Commissioner

    so you'd rather have chance of getting extra 400k credits instead of having chance to get surgeon, pusat, pet, few cosmetic designs? worth quite abit of uri? lol
  3. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Little idea: if you collect one new ressource of 1 NPC, you should receive credits in the amount of credits you would have get, if you had a normal cargo box and sold the ores (I should sopt using subordinate clauses...)

    There's really no good way for earning much Cre for newbies, if even the Kristallon doesn't give you a cargo box...
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  4. theOtherKey

    theOtherKey Board Veteran

    lol HelpMeHelpYou I am glad I have had coffee already.. ;)
    I agree with you before you think this is negative...
    I dont think you meant that the Cargo should be there instead of the new materials but in addition to (ref. ramnik post)... especially as the drop rate on these new raws is relatively low considering the time the Event will be available, and the Surgeon will then be dropped, so the lower level players will have difficulty buying the ammunition needed to even attempt the larger items in the Assembly Event...
    I think I have always said that helping the newer players is a thing I agree with and try to do whenever I can, whether in outfit or with clan-credits (after all these newer players may become the 'spenders' of the future if they can "see the light at the end of the tunnel without some major outlay of CASH to get there."... The differential is still too great and without protection the outcome may well be a foregone conclusion)...

    I hope I have not waited and played and built my ship for the game to become effectively obsolete...

    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    These are all long term goals even with the assembly. Also for a new player, you need to be able to afford the basic ship on your server before you can use the surgeon or pusat. That 400k credits adds up.

    I agree that the credits are being taken away, little by little. Some of us count on getting credits everywhere we can. Until you are FE, every credit counts. When starting out, credits can't even start to come fast enough. I remember running out of rockets lots of times all because I couldn't make the credits needed for the my rocket buy cpu to by them. As I work toward being able to get them, when my ammo buy cpu goes shopping, I am back to square zero. Thank goodness there are players that will assist with killing just to help me along. But going to HMHY point, loosing out on the cargo boxes is really getting crazy. We have daily missions that call for selling 1k cargo of one type and 5k cargo of another type, and when every other kill gives you a green-red-blue chest, and now material for assembly, life really gets crazy. Please nobody bring up transfers to complete those missions. Some servers have auction cost that really get up there. What comes very cheap on US/GB servers (German servers also), really gets up there when you play on the Turkish and Global servers. We need those cargo boxes every time. Those that have been playing long enough to not need the cargo I know may not see the need or the point. I play all credit on this account and every time I see a chest, I really just want to hurl my tablet. I got 8 chest straight one time.

    Mind you, I don't dislike the assembly. Now that the lag is back to normal levels, LOL, I can at least play and see anything in assembly as a long term plan that does more to get activity in the lower maps, much to the horror of me and my NOOB brothers and sisters. But loosing out on the cargo box to 1 out of 600 material for the whatever does nothing but hold me back from my ultimate goal. The surgeon and pusat are great designs but they are not everything. I get the feeling that at some point those will be the only designs for their perspective ships and that will be just sad. Let me have my cargo so I can have more fun in my bigboy.
  6. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    StreuneR for the win!
    But the StreuneR's deal a lot of damage. Just try it ;) Conquer x-8 maps!
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    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    I like pirates myself. :p The StreunerR, with R for Rockets, take my breath away. :eek:

    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    HMHY, I would not worry about the numbers. You are very active here, and don't give information just to keep players on edge. Anyone complaining of Padding is just upset they don't spend as much time helping out others.

    I agree and to honest I barely get to pirates now with all the events, not to mention trying to keep up on all my servers. I am on way too many. I just made it to level 16 so I have more pirates missions to do but to be honest cargo drops there get substituted a lot now and I am not going to pay a single uri, not to mention dollar, for keys.
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  9. -Tom_Sawyer-

    -Tom_Sawyer- Forum Pro

    I agree with the spirit of the OP in every way. Crafting is cool, but by removing cargo you're really hurting newer players who don't have their skylabs up and running. It was either a poorly thought out decision by the devs or an outright slap at free players and guys who killed bosses and ubers for xeno. Either way, cargo needs to be dropped as well as the chance of crafting materials being dropped.
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  10. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    I learned long ago BUYING Booty Keys was flushing money down the drain and now only redeem FREE keys on Gold Booty Chests.
  11. yellowsubmarine

    yellowsubmarine Commander of the Forum

    Me thinks the Assembly feature is causing the lag - it is not instantaneous - DO sends a packet out and then back whether to give you one of the four options regarding cargo drops o_O
  12. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries Forum Duke

    Common sense should have been used when writing the code for the cargo drops adding the special ore's to the cargo drop on random NPC's would have been the better solution, more to the point if your fighting boss NPC's for a mission and 3 out of 4 drop green booty and then to rub salt in the wound you then get a special ore drop that is the same as regular NPC seems well out of wack.
  13. west-star

    west-star Active Author

    there should be a button in Settings ( Interface , gameplay ) , where you can put the option to assembly Off , so no collecting weird ore , just normal cargo ,
    turn it back on and you will see the assembly menu again , and go collect ore
  14. eT3RnitY

    eT3RnitY Regular

    It is like saying: "Oh, UFE coming. Let me turn off the LF-4, so the player won't kill me". :eek:
  15. theOtherKey

    theOtherKey Board Veteran

    I would agree with you but changing something now is not going to help I think just cause more problems... I think the pet should have the option of collection just cargo, bonus boxes or both but we may have to wait :rolleyes:...

    If I understand you are saying that they have had to write the new stuff to certain NPCs... they could have done that and in addition added the cargo to the new stuff so you got it all... That wouldve been easier than changing the settings for a short event or whatever...
  16. eT3RnitY

    eT3RnitY Regular

    You asked me to stay out of your thread? o_O

    Ok, sure. No problem. I was not making a joke, I was just saying in other words what the player said.

    Over and out.
  17. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    I have no problem with CONSTRUCTIVE comments but your statement about turning off LF-4's has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. The fact that someone wants to add a selector to be able to receive a chance reward (though it misses my point) is not unreasonable and if that was the way D O chose to rectify the situation would be a feasible addition IF they made it for BOTH Booty Chests and A.S. Ore.

    NEW players have absolutely no need for the designs or ORE from the A.S. until they reach at least level 11 and as such should not have to worry about whether they get Cargo or New Ore, wanting Booty Chests is a personal want and should again be triggered if it is going to effect the Cargo dropped from NPC kills.
  18. theOtherKey

    theOtherKey Board Veteran

    LOL... I am even getting NPCs with NO cargo nada etc today... even the PET cant find it :p
    Maybe they are trying to fix it :rolleyes: I do so hope so...
  19. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    Yes I saw some of those yesterday when I was playing also, can only say it is caused by the many glitches added with the new code arguing with the old code.:):D:rolleyes:o_O:mad::mad::mad:
  20. what they should of did is just came out with new npc for the new ore for crafting... maybe add couple maps for those npc..

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