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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by KillerZombie12, Jun 10, 2017.

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  1. KillerZombie12

    KillerZombie12 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi, I am a new player and started out on GB1. However, I find that all the players on that server are very strong and as such, as soon as I finish the tutorial, I am attacked by these stronger players. They will also stay on these maps continuing to attack so I am unable to progress. I was wondering if there are any other servers that are better to play on for newer players which will allow for progression?

  2. Noexxy_Blackwolf

    Noexxy_Blackwolf Forum-Apprentice

    I can relate to this from the point of view of a returning player. I played this game 2-3 years ago but had to take a break. Came back recently and started a new character so I could basically learn the game again. But, like the OP, I can't seem to progress because I'm constantly being popped by very strong players on the lower maps.

    Don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate that this is a PVP game. But I don't see how it can be classed as PVP when these players are so strong they are basically one-shotting new/weaker players after sneaking up on them cloaked.

    When I played before, many of the 'older' players were saying the game needed new players. New players are not going to stay if this keeps happening. I'm certainly thinking of giving up because it's just not a fun way to play like this.
  3. batata

    batata Regular

    Give gb2 a try, there are still ufes but way less than in gb1, the day i started there an ufe came to help me, nice server.

    U are right its not pvp is some bullcrap they came up with "its a pvp game uhe uhe uhe" OMG give me a break ufes :mad:.
  4. NPC_Killer™

    NPC_Killer™ Forum-Greenhorn

    I know how you feel, first day I popped 50 times lol. Try and find a more populated server, more noobs to play with
  5. The main problem with this game that I personally see is a complete lack of respect.

    We've been asking for a broader safe zone for new players for a few years now and it is obvious to me it's not gonna happen.

    Back in the day the safe zone was not really so important because there where no LF-4, no 9th and 10th drones. There was no skylab to make rocks that give a player 65% more damage capability. There where no drone designs that also increase ones damage let alone shield capacity. Upgrades where also not thought of back then.​

    The game has vastly changed and improved but along the way the "Important" players have been left to either fend for themselves or simply quit and find an easier game. This is very unfortunate.

    To me the "Important" ones are the new comers, the future tough guys. The one's that one day after learning and growing in the game decide to take that leap and put some money into their "Enjoyment".

    Yes I do see some minor improvements like that "corporate" protection thing I think is level based not sure on that one. Perhaps someone can enlighten me on that :rolleyes:

    I have and will teach all that I know of this game in order to in someway help a new comer it is important!

    Top players need to pause and think of others and of the game itself. A bot I will kill every time! A new player I will either pass them by if I'm on the hunt or stop and help for a while if I'm not working ship kills.

    Have some Respect out there :cool:


    PSK~SUNDANCE Count Count

    Getting started can be fun, frustrating, and and down right mind blowing sometimes. I know what you mean about the strong killing the new on GB1, other account for those keeping up. When I started out there, I had a few that would run up on me in lower maps. If I was too busy and forgot to watch the mini map, they would get frustrated. I remember one player trying to sneak up for over an hour and a half. He should be thankful for real life cutting in. A good tactic for being left alone for a while is to stay out of chat. I play a lot, with noob strength on this account and find myself left alone for the most part now. But trust me, there are those out there that just scour the maps for prey.
  7. Noexxy_Blackwolf

    Noexxy_Blackwolf Forum-Apprentice

    Well I tried the advice that Batata gave the OP - I tried GB2. And I got to level 8. But, again, very strong player in what I think was a Diminisher came in to the X3 map uncloaked, froze me: used all strong ammo (or at least it seemed so to me) and I didn't stand a chance in a Leo with only 3 drones - as soon as I saw the red dot on the mini map I changed config and sped towards the gate but my shields had gone and I was down to half hit points pretty much as soon as he uncloaked! His freeze didn't even wear off before I was dead!

    @ Full-Throttle (can't do all the funny letters, sorry! lol) - the Corporation protection only lasts until the tutorial has ended which is about level 4. You can do the tutorial in less than an hour.

    I'd really hoped all this had stopped as, apart from that, it could be a really good game.

    I do apologise if my post comes across as whining, it's honestly not meant to. I'm just really frustrated by all of this.
  8. batata

    batata Regular

    Dangit, i swere it was very rare that apening when i started o_O this is geting worse. I sujest u change to eic as they win spacebals pretty much always (do spacebals and forguet all the rest).
    If the guy who was shoting at you is FE (wich i doubt) u must know your leo9 is a very good ship, it doubles (between other things) rocket dmg. If u use arrow form, seprom and pl-3030 (with target guidance) u can reck almost any FE player in a goli. U must also know that leo9 (in theory) is the hardest ship to lock on, use that to your advantage (althoug there is auto-locks).
    U know in every server it will be some noob that likes to destroy the game, as bugpoint doesnt care, u better shoose a quit server with the fewest people possible, get some friends to play with you and basicaly avoid pve. U can make uri from boxes in 4-x maps and alot of energys from spacebals to open gates (this game is just about bashing gates now).
  9. Noexxy_Blackwolf

    Noexxy_Blackwolf Forum-Apprentice

    Hi Batata,

    Actually, I am EIC . And the guy looked very much like FE, possibly even UFE although I can't be certain. His ship was very strong, he was very high ranked and I haven't played on there since. I'll keep looking but thanks for your help and kind words - which goes for other responses as well. :)
  10. BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ

    BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ Forum Commissioner

    This is a problem that has been present for years, only way it can be fixed is if DO actually comes up with a better newbie protection.
  11. batata

    batata Regular

    Glad to help :D im sorry u had this ridiculous experience with the game :(
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    GREEN-GREEN-GRASS Forum Inhabitant

    If you're struggling on GB1, get in touch with me, let me now what time you play and i'll help you with quests etc, I don't care what company you are.
  13. Yep same here on GA1.

    I enjoy helping new players as well. I run a couple of clans so can also help that way.

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  14. Noexxy_Blackwolf

    Noexxy_Blackwolf Forum-Apprentice

    Thanks Green, that would be just old times. There you go, something for you to think about! :D
  15. Noexxy_Blackwolf

    Noexxy_Blackwolf Forum-Apprentice

    Thank you FT, really appreciate that. To be honest though, I've started again on one of the US servers. So far so good at the moment. I know It's not my thread but I wanted to thank you all for your help. :)

  16. You're welcome. Anytime we can help is a good time :)

  17. Noexxy_Blackwolf

    Noexxy_Blackwolf Forum-Apprentice

    How do I contact you? I've tried mailing you through my GB1 account but it always comes up with an error?

    PSK~SUNDANCE Count Count

    Double check your spelling. You might want to check chat with /users command to see if he is on first.

    GREEN-GREEN-GRASS Forum Inhabitant

    Hello Noexy, good to see you back!

    My current ingame name is Arsenal drop me a message & let me know when you're on and I'll give you a bit of help.

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