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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Tryder2, Feb 17, 2017.

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  1. Tryder2

    Tryder2 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello everyone.

    Before starting I have to clarify that the original text to be read is written in Spanish, but I wrote it in the simplest possible way so that the Google translator translates it in the best way.
    I ask the administrators and moderators of the game to pay special attention.

    I will divide this topic into 3 parts that must receive urgent attention.

    PVP, ammunition, and equipment.
    In the last session of Twitch said that they want to make DarkOrbit more competitive, regarding that I want to comment on some things that are very important, starting with the ammunition: in a competitive game, the ammunition is not something that you suffer by getting, for example, to That a normal user enjoys the PVP in a spaceball needs at least x4, sab, and elite missiles. Now, to get a reasonable amount of ammunition x4, such as 100,000 x4 to properly participate in a spaceball, it will take about 18 hours in palladium, plus 2 hours playing the galactic gates, and thus, just get something Of decent ammunition for PVP. In short, 20 hours for 2 and a half hours of fighting. Now my question is, what competitive game should you spend 20 hours getting the ammunition to fight?

    And this without subtracting the months and months of playing a lot of time to get a decent account, for example, a user with 30 lf4 without improvement, apis, and zeus can take 6 months to get all that, however, open another user more Strong, that will destroy it, even if he has better ammunition.

    What I mean by this is that for DarkOrbit to be competitive there are two ways: pay, or free, but not pay simulating that it is free as it is currently.
    For example, Overwatch. You pay $ 40 for the full game only once, and with those 40 dollars only depends your ability as a player to be the best player in the world, and even live from electronic sports playing Overwatch.

    Another example: League of Legends, you create your account completely free, and it takes a month playing 2 hours a day to raise it to the level necessary to play competitively, plus 2 weeks of saving to buy runes to play completely well. Only a month and two weeks and you already have an account ready to be the best player in the world, live to play, without paying a single cent, but that is not so, you actually end up paying a lot of money to get visual improvements that do NOT affect the Gameplay, only the visual aspect.

    Now let's compare these two giants with our favorite video game: DarkOrbit. Tardas 1 year to have a completely strong account, with all the improvements, and 30 points of investigation. After that year, you can not enjoy your account because you need 20 hours to get enough ammo for 2 hours of PVP.

    What aspects can be improved:
    If in 2 months, without paying, and in 1 month paying, you could get a completely strong account, with everything ready for PVP, and the ammunition would get really easy (30 minutes of ammunition in palladium, or another means for 10 hours of Pure PVP throwing elite ammunition) would have a game that could enter professional and competitive Gaming, which alone would draw the attention of thousands and thousands of players, and with them companies, sponsorships, and many other things.

    Current Community:
    I will say this in a sincere way, but with respect. Most current players have no idea what a qualifying video game to enter eSports. The current community is afraid of updates, while those who play video games that are currently on eSports are accustomed to major updates, or small changes that change 80% of the game's gameplay or goal.

    On the other hand, the current DarkOrbit community is afraid of updates.
    Now a question for BigPoint people: Will the current community take them to compete with companies like RiotGames or Blizzard ?, the answer is no, and is that the real changes that the game needs are disapproved by the current community, but let's face it , If they put the changes that the game really needs to enter the competitive, even if they were many of the current community, will arrive many more people than the current, but already familiar with what is a competitive professional game.

    Communication company / user
    In the streams in Twitch, all that is said is "possibly do this", while in companies that have video games that are currently in the gutter say "let's do this", and even though many do not like it, in 3 Or 2 months is that update as it was spoken 2 months in the past that would be.
    As for user / company, I had to use the translator and go to the forums in English so that my voice is heard, from there it is not quite right.
    These are points that really need attention.
    Please ask them to analyze them.

    Finally I tell you what happened to me today: I came to my house after a day of doing activities and work, and I sit at the computer to play. The question I asked was "Overwatch or DarkOrbit?", Then I thought: "I have a very strong account on DarkOrbit, but I do not have ammo, and I do not want to go to palladium and spend my night of entertainment collecting stones, so, still That really DarkOrbit is my favorite video game, I'm going to play Overwatch. "

    As I am many, they need a change NOW.

    A big greeting.
  2. Kyro

    Kyro Padavan

    Don't just say that this games community doesn't want the updates that the game needs, cause I have no idea what updates you are talking about. It should be blatantly obvious what this game needs to get more players and keep new players playing:

    Decrease the price or reliance on uri/buying uri(they have been doing opposite for the price though), put new ranks/leaderboards that coexist with the current ranks/top user(as in new one reflects people who are actively playing, not who has grinded a lot and is sitting on their throne)*, make the game less grindy like said to get x4(ofcourse make rsb what not cheaper) and overall make better rewards for being in the maps pvping and shooting aliens(also good daily/weekly quests). That's alteast a lot of the stuff that needs doing.

    Some of that they are starting to do/plans to do though, they just need to keep going that way.

    *Just make no mistake that BP cannot any time soon and maybe never remove the current rank system and the top user board that appears on homepage. Just because top user board/rank system needs to stay doesn't mean the new one/s can't also display on the homepage/coexist with them though, they just cant remove the top user board/peoples ranks cause people will be mad and especially the people who are aiming for top 10/general or near rank(they have and do spend money to do so you know, so cant just remove it).

    If they were to then they would need to compensate them in some way, like very special designs(that they keep getting for at least current top ships and each new ships)/items or their name on game would appear in a different color(like on chat/maps). Basically they would need to be given something that other people don't and cant have or get, cause removing their ranks/top user is not a minor thing, it is a very significant thing to do and would need to do something along those lines to not rip people off.
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  3. OP32

    OP32 Community Team Team Darkorbit

    Hi Tryder2,

    In terms of more competitive the sentiment was more towards having people fight others of roughly their equipment level and be able to actively compete in more dynamic leaderboards rather than turning the game into an esport of sorts.

    The length of time it takes for people to get UFE or good equipment is something we know players have issues with. Although I will say that with the likes of double GG reward days and helix LF-4 events, the cost of acquiring Havoc, Hercules and LF-4 is much lower than it used to be.
    However, getting an account strong enough to be able to confidently make uridium in order to more easily obtain the UFE items can be frustrating and I realize that.

    Generally though I would say the UFE players who would be looking for a competitive environment already have access to quite a lot of ammunition and alternative methods from palladium to build GG - solo cubes (I understand this only really applies to people in the smaller servers), LoW GG runs and I've even seen people make their gates from picking up spaceball cargo.

    The other side of this is that the proportion of the community who would like to see the game made into an esport as a priority is small. Majority would rather see new content, bug fixes and quality of life improvements on the game. So turning DarkOrbit into an esport isn't going to be a priority for us.

    As for the twitch streams where answers can be 'it's possible' instead of 'yes will we do that' - that's because it's bad practice to announce something unless it has been set in stone.

    If we committed to something on stream then went to talk to the rest of the team only to find that it isn't actually feasible then it would very frustrating for players to hear 'yes we will do this' and then next week 'no we can't do that'.

    I appreciate the length of feedback given though, I'll mention it to the team, in particular the length of time it takes to get a good amount of EE from palladium. I'll also continue to keep an eye on this thread as it goes.


  4. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries Forum Commissioner

    I don't want to sound rude but maybe you should read the forum rules before making posts, there are clear guide lines as to use of adding names of other users in posts and also you may want to read the rules on flaming. To assume another persons dissatisfaction to a reply from either a Mod or from a community member when the have not responded yet to such a reply is taking a liberty and can lead to flaming and a thread being locked thus causing a loss of valuable input from forum members.
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  5. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Mogul

    You don't sound rude.Thank you for telling me.I deleted my post and i will consider reading the forum rules.
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  6. Tryder2

    Tryder2 Forum-Greenhorn

    I know that now is much less time that you need to be a user with a fairly decent account, I started playing in 2009, and before that it was difficult to have a full account, and now it is much easier, but by Please address the following:

    To be full havock you need to build approximately 10 GG's "z", this, in double rewards, once you have your 10 havock, you will have enough keys to get a few pieces of the apis, and about 4 lf4. All this with 10 GG's "z". How long does it take to assemble these 10 GG's?
    Approximately 1500 palladium per GG, plus 3 hours playing the GG a user that does not have x2, and that just does a damage of 3500 per shot.

    1500 palladium you get it with 3 hours of collecting palladium with PET. 3 hours multiplied by 10 doors gives a total of 30 hours, plus 3 hours for playing the door gives a total of 60 hours of palladium collection and play doors.

    Now, after that, you will be a user that is still far from full, you will not have half of the lf4 you need.

    Now, please, put yourself in the user's place. Your friend arrives and says "I knew a game very father, PvP battles are good and fun, the only bad thing is that only to have 1/8 of the equipment you will need 30 hours to spend it collecting pebbles on a map, like all Are strong, they will destroy you, and part another 30 hours playing GG's, and even so, after 60 hours of doing exactly the same repetitive and monotonous action, you will not even have half your account ready to fight in PvP, but wait , That's not all, when you finally have your account completely full, you'll have to spend another 30 hours collecting the same stones to get ammunition and, from those 30 hours, the ammunition will only last 2 hours. "

    Tell me, what would you say to that friend who invited you to the game? Would you say "yes, I will spend 60 hours of my free time after an arduous day of work and school, not to get even half of me Do I need to fight? "

    Invite a friend to play DarkOrbit, he spends a lot of money on video games, not to mention the time he spends, but I had to tell him the truth, and that getting a decent account takes a long time, and it is achieved with repetitive and boring actions.
    Obviously he told me he would never play something like that. He was a potential client who could have given them a lot of money.

    Let's talk about what it cost a full account in 2007, or 2008. It cost 1,000,000 uridium. Getting an uridium was difficult, yes, but not impossible. Currently, according to accounts of a user in forums in Spanish, a full account costs 30 million uridium.

    BigPoint multiplied by 30 the reward of the aliens, no. They duplicated it at least? No.
    And even if you duplicate it you can. Currently I am putting 10 thousand with ammunition x1, and I do not use x1, I always walk to x2, and even so the idea of putting 700mil uridium to improve my 10 vants is an eternity. I have to do the same repetitive and monotonous action: destroy boss klones or cubes, or in default go to palladium. Destroy 15 cubes is fun sticking 26 thousand with ammunition x2, but destroy 70 cubes to get 70 thousand uridium to improve a single object, is completely monotonous and boring, taking into account that it is not an object, they are at least 30.
    And that, without adding that I spend a lot of ammunition that cost me hours to pick it up.

    Please do not throw away my words.
    DarkOrbit is a very fun game, on the PvP side, even for PvE, but for PvP you need a very strong account that is boring and monotonous to get it, but to get ammunition that ends quickly, but it gets slow and so boring.

    If you tell me "from now on you will have to pay 10 dollars to play two months, but with the difference that in 1 hour of game I will get 100mil uridium, being a very weak user", I take my wallet and leave the subscription ready for Payment is made And this is why you mentioned that they do not want a game that focuses on eSports, but that, as I see it, they want to make a WarCraft type system.
    Please, take years, literally years of DarkOrbit to be a game with times to get decent things. No hours of monotonous and boring activities to notice changes in your account, and since you are strong, no more hours and hours to get ammo and you end up in a couple of hours of play.

    It's time to change, really.

    Thank you very much for your time.
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  7. Tryder2

    Tryder2 Forum-Greenhorn

    Also, you, OP32, are a Community Manager. You know perfectly well that the basis for meeting your new prospects is with surveys. Survey your target audience who are not currently your players.

    They would play a video game in which their PvP is very, very funny, but just to have a decent battle, it will cost you 60 hours of being picking up pebbles on a map, in which, being the weak and new, you will be Destroying ?.
    See the response of the people, and from there we see the future of the game, and as you see your target audience who are not currently players.

    Then do another survey: you play a game that in a month and two weeks you have a completely strong account, ready for all battles? (This includes that the ammunition will not be obtained in 30 hours 200 thousand of x4, and that later it is spent in 1 hour, but now it will be really very easy to get it)
    And we see the response of the people. So we can see what is the best way, and the path that will lead to having the servers full, which you will translate as a lot of bills entering your wallet.

    Or even another question: Would you play a game that costs $ 40, but does it give you an account ready for intense fights in the universe and galaxies?
    It is that they do not need studies, that already have them, you are community manager as I said, the only thing that is missing is to apply the logic and the common sense, and we will see that darkorbit that we all miss.

    Before when a full account total cost a million uridium servers were to burst, the fights were intense, even though the skill of the player does not matter much. But now, an account costs 30 times more, and with what consequences ?, all users on PvP maps collect boxes, while small users who do damage of 3500 with ammunition x1 spend 2 months frustrated destroying klones, and only To notice differences, which results, leave the game.

    And now, now if, to finish this answer, the PvE side, that boring and monotonous. And I will say with bases:

    Your brain in PvE: Attack, launch missile, surround the alien so it does not hit you.

    Your brain in PvP: I will start with the configuration of the fast ship attacking with sab to lower the shield, oh no, I join, I have to use the PEM, and I download the heavy configuration, now I move to the fast and I have to attack with X4 and rafaga (and brain is taking the time of the cooling of the x6), oh no, change to its configuration quickly with shield, because I occupy the formation of vants butterfly, oh, no, I returned to conjugate, I reuse PEM and me I put the formation wheel to reach it, but in that time as my enemy had aegis and regenerate the shield, let the battle follow !.

    Let's go back to using logic. What is more fun ?, spend hours, and hours, and literally hours in PvE to barely notice changes in your account (70 cubes completely alone, to improve a single object). Or in 1 month and a half (real, that right in that time, with two hours of game a day you have a UFE account) you already have your account 100% ready for PvP, but that very often, I repeat, VERY of time In when you have to return to PvE to get ammo.
    Is the logic there that will lead BigPoint to success or failure ?, that will cause DarkOrbit to continue living 6 years more, or to die this 2017 ?.
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  8. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    No you need around 14 gates (if the chance for Havoc is 33%). The first Zeta has (often) a guaranteed Havoc, so you need other 8 ones/13 Zetas (13*0,33=4,29; during Double Reward days you would get 8,58 Havocs)

    IMO there should be an balance between farming (=PvE) and fighting (=PvP). Now the balance is awful, it's rather farming NPCs until the total depression. Then you can enjoy PvP while nearly no worthier enemy want to face you.
    As a farmer PvP is just a jump scare, which appears randomly. Or the acception of the death. But don't forget: D O is an MMO game. You can't compare it with LoL, an MOBA. Boring farming is a core just like appropriate PvP. Nevertheless farming is depressing for a F2player: low rewards...honorless hunters/jump scares...and laggs. D O needs many changes to become an middle quality MMO.
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  9. Tryder2

    Tryder2 Forum-Greenhorn

    Please support and devs of DarkOrbit, it's time, it's urgent. We need a change now, but NOW. And yes, I'm already desperate and frustrated. DarkOrbit is my favorite game, and I played a lot of games, I come from the indie world, like 8bitboy, minecraft, Pid, and more, until the professional game, played League of Legends, Heroes of the Strom, COD, Overwatch, BTLF, I am an experienced player, and although I know and I have many games downloaded on my computer, able to run all without lag, I still prefer DarkOrbit, but not the actual DarkOrbit.

    It's frustrating to see a favorite videogame crumble due to (to say it all, and respite people and their work) the bad, but very, very bad decisions of the developers.

    Double rewards in GG's ?, I will not shoot my enemy honor, I will not use PEM'S with xp, that's enough. I need uridium. Please, and with all due respect.
    DarkOrbit can be saved, you can have active users again from 2009 or 2011, when a full account cost 1 million uridium, and not the ridiculous amount of 30 million that currently costs.
    Please support and developers of DarkOrbit, save this great game that they have in their possession.
  10. _-DarkOverLord-_

    _-DarkOverLord-_ Forum Expert

    This really was a fun game to play. Then it became more of a boring job. Now its's like a pending divorce. It just too much of a
    grind to be fun anymore. Even being UFE it takes quite a bit of money an grinding to have enough x4/rsb/hellstorms/rockets/cloaks
    /emps and techs. Personally it takes me 8 to 10 hours grinding just to get in 1.5 to 2 hrs of pvp. The game is getting older and so is
    the community. TBH now most players just don t have time to play 20 or 30hrs a week. The long grind to do anything fun in the game
    is too much. ATEOTD all we really wont to do is PVP but in a fair way for all.
  11. A full account costing 30 Million uri isn't [removed], upgrading 45 LF4s and BO2s alone cost over 9M uri. And for a zeus and Apis? Oh boy, you're talking 1.5M uri a pop. So theres 11 or 12 million uri right there.

    To be honest, PVPing against players is probably one of the most toxic things on this game because of the enourmous amount of bugs in the game, which just [removed] people off and nobody except for those tryhards with the Youtube channels enjoys actual PVPing. Thankfully they removed JPA(which was obscenely toxic). So yeah, fix the bugs pls.

    I think they need to permanently add all types of ammo in the shop so we don't have to wait every week to stock up, we can finally buy CBR hellstorms, CBO ammo, etc.

    And yeah, the price tag for DO is a huge thing which needs to be fixed too.
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  12. [removed]
    5million uri lol ? I had to do 42 kappas for hercs at average 200k uri thats almost 9m uri itself we that was after i had all lf4 etc we talking 30-40 m for ufe includes everything but i still need 2 pp to treach 50 /50 </3
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    PЯØŦØϽØL Forum Connoisseur

    u are talking about top end prices put all discount in, and OP said they are keeping mhh/special on
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  14. MyBigi

    MyBigi Regular

    I did 0 Kappas for my 10 hercs, u can get herc for free on some special packages when buying uridium.

    Btw: when i talk about ufe i mean everything u need for pvp, that means 36 pp.(If u want to get 50 pp.. well thats somehow expensive i have to give you that)
  15. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Mogul

    He probably means that you don't need to spend a lot of uridium if you spend your whole life at 5-3.
  16. MyBigi

    MyBigi Regular

    I have no entered pirate maps yet on that acc xd...
  17. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Mogul

    Man,however you look at it,you need to spend A TON of uridium in upgrades.And you say that you can do that with only 5 million?Are you a mage or something?
  18. MyBigi

    MyBigi Regular

    10 vants + 35 lf4 + 20 shield gens = 65 things to upgrade to max lvl.

    upgrading 1 thing from lvl 0 to 16 costs 100.000 uridium+-

    U can get up to 50% discount if u wait for the upgrade hours, that means that price is cut by half--->50.000 uridium+-

    65x50.000 = 3.250.000 uridium+-

    Im not a mage... just do the math urself if u want.
    Downside of this, its that u need atleast 3 hours of upgrade hour, and it only happens 1hour every 2 weeks so u have to wait xd....

    PЯØŦØϽØL Forum Connoisseur

    u forgot RL and UFE means max everything so tank would be 36 b02s and u woudl need 36 lf4s because of pusat
  20. MyBigi

    MyBigi Regular

    UFE for me means being able to deal max dmg on goliath if going for full dmg, while having enough upgraded shields to make some good configs for pvp.
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