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[SC] Pusat pilot? Lemme pick your brain.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VulturePvM, May 15, 2019.

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Is the Pusat outdated that badly?

  1. Keep at it, the rust just needs to be shaken off.

  2. Needs a buff/balancing pass. (Keep flying it, fingers crossed it'll receive some love)

  3. Outdated, and I should scrap the idea of flying one. (Has no chance anymore)

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  1. VulturePvM

    VulturePvM Forum-Greenhorn

    So, let me start by saying I've always really liked the pusat, and have put a lot of time into trying to get better in one. I do pretty much everything in it. Unfortunatly lately after returning from a break, I've come across some new road blocks. The firepower in the game has advanced along with Ammunition. Infection batteries though its like kryptonite for the pusat can easily be applied to the enemy making the playing field level again so I'm not too worried about that. what Im wondering is if anyone has come up with any tricks to using the ship that allow it to enter the field again. I've been running full speed few lasers on one side and making the other side about the same speed as a cyborg (-2 or -3 speed gens for the slight extra shields on my battle side. has anyone been having better luck with a legit battle config and a traditional speed config? Im not out aiming to take down the biggest fish in space. I'm usually after someone half paying attention or someone thats maybe running promi and not boosted or something. Trying not to find people that dont put up any fight, but people that are going to fight back and give me an actual good fight without comboing my hp before I can react.

    Thats a wall of text isn't it. guess what I'm really looking for is someone to bounce some ideas off of preferably another pusat pilot. I dont see them in my server so thought Id look for someone here to chat with.

    Do you activly fly a pusat, and how do you cope with todays amplifyed damage output? I have no problems with any aliens solo whether its cubes or attends or even outfit invokes, and dont mind reshipping for behemoths. Pusat orbit game strong :p (and keep a finger on the ISH of course)
  2. **knasher**

    **knasher** Forum-Apprentice

    in one word, its: useless.
    another ship that has been released and then nerfed to being useless.
    dev team are obsessed with more and more damage, and were still using bo2's, they have no idea of a balanced game.
  3. VulturePvM

    VulturePvM Forum-Greenhorn

    If they do decide to ever release something stronger than bo2s I hope they adjust the hp of a couple ships aswell. Because as the playing field sits now a significant increase to ones shield power would make it purely an hp battle. But might also bring us out of this ring formation era which might be nice too.
  4. olleH

    olleH Junior Expert

    1. Pusat is the same effective hit-and-run ship that it always was.

    2. Pusat/veng(speed ships in general) never where ment to win a Goliath in a static fight, u always needed to use ur speed advantage

    3. All the slows can be used by the pusat swell

    3. surgeon/cyborg's extra speed generator was the biggest counter to the speed ships and still is the main reason to not use them.

    4. The Prometheus lasers scatter shot can be used tactically by moving in and out of range with the speed ship (skilled enemy's will to the same and welcome u with a loaded scatter rsb shot ...)

    pusat still is a decent hit-and-run ship which does very high damage, perfect for hunting if you combine all damage boosts (sepi, 20% dmg booster ..) with high damage speed configuration.

    I mainly use it when I have a bigger pvp quest running. It's really perfect with suicide configuration (full speed, damage) but can be killed even faster like this, u always need to keep ur finger close to ish. 2nd configuration will be a 10/10 speed then, for me always both configs full speed on pusat.

    Especially cyborg with high damage/speed and it's devastating ability though makes it very hard to fight enemys with at least some kind of basic skill...

    Little extra tip many don't know about:
    Leave the backpack open on shop->extras->single use cure CPU, you then can heal Urself without any cooldown again and again....
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
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  5. VulturePvM

    VulturePvM Forum-Greenhorn

    That was the best tip ever. I did not know that you could use the cure like that. That kind of trick is exactly why I came here looking for the little things I might be over looking.
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  6. olleH

    olleH Junior Expert

    Nice if I could help :)
    I use to even put backpage on 2ND screen so it is just a click away. Hard to reach backpage in time otherwise, as I do pvp in full screen mainly.
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  7. olleH

    olleH Junior Expert

    "KillmediuM" uploaded a video about hunting with pusat some days ago, perhaps you would like to look it up on yt:)
  8. -Lockraven-

    -Lockraven- Junior Expert

    Load mine up with hypers and prom lasers and go hunting folks that are slipping with low hp, no shields, or those that are hunting poor noobs in the lowers. I keep a finger over the ISH and am always ready to run. If you fly one you have to be good at running away, it can't take a fight with a cyborg or any ufe goliath type ship. Hit and run, targets of opportunity ? Great for those. Sustained pvp ? Not so much.
    I don't fly it much , but it can be used. It really does need a boost to be a viable ship type again, something I'm afraid DO will never do but I'd love to see.
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  9. VulturePvM

    VulturePvM Forum-Greenhorn

    I've used it with a traditional battle to fight some half lf4 players head on aswell as some ufes without sep or boosters and had some luck. Otherwise like you said hit n run. Been having more luck with a shield heavy battle config and a laser heavy speed side. Most of the time I'm left dropping to crab and using battle rep or leech. But it makes for some fun fights with even some good players. They make some terrible mistakes fighting a pusat. Cuz come on it's a pusat I got this let's ring to drill/moth right off the bat and do the same with the battle who cares it's a pusat. >.<
  10. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    If I want to snipe targets I prefer Spearhead or Lightning, simple because of the huge overload of Cyborgs, you need to counter Singularity or get out of range QUICKLY.

    Regardless of which ship you choose, I feel like sniping became a lot harder ever since the release of new repair bots and back-up shields. I guess too many UFEs got fed up with being taken down once in a while.

    Luckily we have mines although they may be the only thing that remains...
  11. USA|Czerka

    USA|Czerka Forum-Apprentice

    There is already a post on this: http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/ui-buff-the-pusat.121947/

    To all you noobs who think the pusat is a hit and run ship--by your literal definition a pheonix is a hit and run ship. Pusat is not even close to being a good hit and run ship, and even a Goliath Enforcer with 15 lasers and a +5% DMG boost hits harder than a Pusat and is better for that role. Pusat is also the only Uridium ship without an ability--that tells you it needs a buff already.
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  12. olleH

    olleH Junior Expert

    How is a Goliath enforcer meant to be a hit and run ship? You miss out the "run" aspect completely which is related to the speed of the ship. It's already a lame duck compared to cyborg...not much running with it's speed at all:)

    I still believe pusat to be strong enough in it's role. Perhaps a bit of HP buff could be done but that should be it..

    More I would like to see a generator slot removed from cyborg finally, increasing Goliath type ship speed was wrong all along.
  13. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog S-Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Closing as inactive.

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