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[SC] Sign of the Times

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HelpMeHelpYou, Apr 23, 2016.

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  1. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    When looking at the Top User List seeing the number of "Basic Space Pilot" in the players above level 21 (not including them) us2 has 150 players at level 22 or higher and 18 have not logged in for over 4 weeks (the reason they are B S P) this is 12% of the TOP players of the game. Some of the names I recognize as Long Time Major Wallets that were here back when the game first started.

    Question I have to ask is, have these players left the game because of AGE?, because they decided the direction of the game was no longer worth their investment of CASH and time?, or is it just a coincidence that these once popular names are too busy to play the game they used to enjoy?

    I know changes are necessary, I know changes cost money, I also know that some changes (like adding quests for upper level players can be done with very little cost), I also know that every change made seems to have a new batch of bugs that come with them.

    As we seem to be losing as many Money players as NEW players is there any reason there could not be some easy changes made to the maps as protection for NEW players. Some thoughts are making the home maps protected from enemy attacks (players < Level 12 can not be attacked by anyone higher than their level unless they attack first like in x-1), make quests where upper players spend time helping lower level players complete quests in those maps (say a level 22 player has to group with 4 level 12 > players and complete 25 quests for each player, they can all be the same or different since most of these missions are simple for a UFE they would go very fast) these quests would be up to level 10 and a couple level 11 as they are all lower map NPC killing and could even take them hunting to do PvP quests with a group of friends in the 4-x maps (there are several that are 1-5 kills per quest).

    Added content.

    Thank you theOtherKey and BestGArenEUW for the support I am looking for input like yours to make my decision to actually create a thread in the Update Pool where I might place some actual information/samples of quests. I am not concerned with anyone getting in trouble with "Pushing" as there are too few quests to get a person to level 12 and even if they helped a brand new player (starter quests get them to level 5) it is done in a day, just doing the quests I was level 11 and just finished the level 7 NPC Quests.

    Basically there are 10 NPC quests per level and 7 levels to be helped before they are level 12, so say 70 quests to choose from for helping new players, also take into consideration I have done 20 and jumped 6 levels YES the jump from level 11 to 12 is going to take some extra time (5,120,000 ep would take them to level 10 quests about half of them) so basically just doing NPC Quests helping New players you have 40 quests that can be done (level 5-12) to achieve the goal, every time a NPC quest is completed for a player in your group (must be quest selected while in group) it registers just like a NPC kill on a normal mission. Have the missions for level 22 have 3 different missions, say 25 level 6/7 quests, 50 level 7/8 quests, and 75 8/9/10 quests, so a level 22 player gets a player asking to join a clan for a quest (clue this is the final quest of the starter missions) he can help this player become level 12 and have 1 mission almost completed and the second one almost half way done and the third a quarter way done on 1 day of assisting 1 player. This is a double edged sword though, first the player is moving up the ladder quickly, but more importantly, they can be getting direction of what they need to do to enjoy the game and some tricks learned about making credits and especially (hopefully not a MCC helper, not that they do quests) something called company loyalty, which might stop some of the company killers coming into the game.

    What are your thoughts?

    Check out the Quest suggestions posted here;

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  2. ¶ÅlîèñΩΗûñtërΦ

    ¶ÅlîèñΩΗûñtërΦ Someday Author

    These are really nice ideas and I think they are needed to improve the game. Biggest issue is to clear up the major amount of bugs currently in the game.
  3. DogScout

    DogScout Someday Author

    I have been noticing several B S P through out the ranks and never knew what that meant thanks for the information. And yes it does seem strange that there are that many upper level players that are not signing in at least weekly to play the game.

    I know I try to help the newbs when I can but the last person I helped decided to attack me instead of accepting my assistance. Tried to talk to them in chat but they must have had it closed as they never said a word.
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  4. We really need a lot of help if that many of the top level players are not active in the game. Yes we need something to get the upper people to help the low level players.
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  5. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    I like the idea of the helping level 22 players, the quests are really too difficult for low level players, but there aren't motivation for helping the "underdogs". As a "good" players, it's a waste of time, you will receive less Uri then "normal", so there should be a worthwhile (helping) quest (yeah, it's an idea^^):
    • "Go in a group with one or more players under level 12, who have the quest X
    • At least one of your group members (under level 12) complete quest X"
    • Reward: Y Uri/ Booty Keys/ EE... for each player which complete the quests. You will get the rewards after canceling the quest.
    If they want, there should be a "pool" where every beginner participate when beginning a quest. A high level player will see at the base who will start quest and need help. He can't see the name (measures against pushing), the beginners for his helping quest are random.
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  6. theOtherKey

    theOtherKey Board Veteran

    Hello ppl
    it is good to see this idea revived as it has been mentioned many times over the last few years (http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/sc-petition-to-end-multi-company-clans.112738/post #30 to mention one time from myself and http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/ui-level-22-quests.107314/ post#8 the OP mentioned it) and until now we have seen no interest from the higher lvl players backing this and risking a change to their status by encouraging or , heaven forbid even helping, lower lvl players to get past the bump of noob-hood and become longterm and valuable members of our community...
    AND maybe more to the point DO haven't picked up the ball either and offered something like you have suggested...

    Glitches are something they are working on as they have said after years of layer upon layer of sometimes conflicting code being added to the game and we can only hope that they will have their 'springcleaning' done soon

    Anyway this is a definite +1 from me although details would need to be filled out in order to be meaningful for both the high and low level player
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  7. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    I want to have you notice I have added some further thoughts in the original posting above so as to make the thread easier to relate to my additions will be added to the original and might even add spoilers to prevent it from being a book to look thru.


    Added a link to the O P for the suggested Quests posted to Update & Idea area.
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  8. Okapi32

    Okapi32 Forum Freak

    Problem with relying on "big" players to help "small" players is most people really can't be bothered with it. This applies in any game too, even the most social games like traditional MMOs, you don't see many people going out there way to help a newer person if there is something else they could do which would get them more "stuff". The only exceptions tend to be when people already know each other.

    It takes a very particular type of person that can take time away from improving their own account and put that time into improving someone else's account who they aren't already friends with.

    Assuming a lv22 player is UFE or at least ~80% of the way there, there's really nothing you can offer in a quest reward that is more beneficial to that player than them playing solo. We are at a point now in the game where GG make huge uridium profits and players can do them in complete safety on their own - there's nothing that can really beat that.

    The other issue with trying to get people to help new players is that once they have done it once, then that's it really, they're very unlikely to do it again. It is similar on games which give incentives to people who invite their friends to play, once they reach the certain number of friends invited they stop.

    I understand the thought behind it, getting the big guys to help the small guys and everyone gets to benefit.

    However if new players are to get have an easier time improving their ship is should be something they are able to do themselves. If they are put onto a global server they will find it hard to ask for help in these kind of social quests, there are also players who just like to play solo.

    New players need to be given equipment like B02 and LF-3 on their journey to lv12 so by the time they get there they have already been given a ship that is on its way to being FE and capable of killing BK without it taking a year to die.

    It must be something they are able to achieve on their own, in their own time. Not having to work around someone else's schedule.

    Veteran players want more content, most of them have done everything already 100 times and are now bored or are unable to get access to the type of content they want, e.g mass PvP or PvP events like TDM.
    If you asked an UFE what would they look forward to more, quests that require their work to help new players or cross-server instances / server merges, almost every UFE is going to want to cross server stuff more.

    Experienced players aren't leaving the game because they can't help the new players, giving them that option and a bit of a reward isn't going to make them come back either.
  9. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    One quick question, did you look at the Quest thread I posted?
  10. Okapi32

    Okapi32 Forum Freak

    Yes and I took it into consideration when writing my response.

    I can't dislike the intention behind the idea but experienced players aren't leaving the game because these quests don't exist. This is not the sort of content that keeps experienced players interested in the game.

    New players should be able to pull themselves up and not have to feel pressured to ask for help in order to get somewhere. Quests should be changed but the changes should be the low level quests that already exist - they need to give out equipment for most of a basic FE ship.
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  11. theOtherKey

    theOtherKey Board Veteran

    I cant see any harm in the inclusion/development of this idea... It would then be up to the individual as to how they felt about the game community that we have here as to whether they involve themselves in helping the newer players with their expertise... I can only see this sort of 'ownership' of the game/community feeling as being positive and looking forward to the new generation rising in the ranks to replace those which leave... Okapi32 suggestion that more quest boosts for non FE players to bring them to the lowest level of ability, which FE is these days, is nice and would also help some toward the longterm future and balancing the differential...

    I didnt say earlier as it was not directly relevant but ppl leave or go inactive for many reasons...
    There is the fact that they used to work hard and build their Rank and for any number of personal/RL reasons dont play so often...
    There are those which are taking a break temporarily to recharge and realise/remember why they played the game in the first place...
    Those who dont play so often because they feel that DO are not correcting perceived faults in the game e.g. botting/glitches and or current cheats or inequities that persist...
    also those which have built their Rank to such a degree that they can take a sabbatical and go play another game until the next Promo comes along and then they can dominate that for a week and rebuild their lead in the rankings before going to play their other games/accounts again

    I am sure there are many other possible reasons but I dont want to bore you with the MCC word etc :p
  12. yellowsubmarine

    yellowsubmarine Commander of the Forum

    Oh easy quest - just make one that if you assist in say 400 NPCs - you get double the uri of the assists.
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  13. Killercal73

    Killercal73 Padavan

    As player of many years i tend to build a clan and put creds in it for players lvl 15 and under even though i help out a lot with quest its always higher lvl quest etc uber quest
    Low lvl players just get creds not necessarily help with npc kills
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  14. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    Thank you all for your comments. I know we used to have POWERFUL protectors in the lower maps and even portal guards (before AJP chip) to allow low level players to gain their rank and assist in training the new about same company shooting, which now seems to have fallen on the clans (if you can find an active one to take a newb into it). We used to be able to call out a company shooter and have several people come to "explain" that is not acceptable, now there is no one in the company chat and you have the same company players helping the enemy to kill you. I have seen people requesting some higher level quests and also seen the people complain about the major work they have to do to complete a single quest (takes active player over a week to find enough to complete 1 quest).

    I figured that there might be some people that MIGHT enjoy the break from HUNTING the enemy NEWBS and help their own company newbs a day or two completing a few simple chores. I also agree that more FE equipment needs to be given to the NEW players (especially since the Uridium payout has been reduced so much from the original), but this seems to be below D O to do.

    Many threads have been created asking for solutions to the constant rotating door of NEW blood in D O, seems to be as fast as one joins another 2 leave. The fact that the Hunters choose to attack LOW level players 2-3 v 1 when a 1 v 1 was more than enough to kill them and seem to patrol the same map for hours repeating the killing until the people get tired of popping and quit (hopefully just the day but often longer). If we can not get D O to make some changes and can not get the players to come back to what we used to be, I feel the future of D O is bleak at best. You have to have NEW blood as OLD blood is getting older and have more things to do than just play games. New blood is the future of the game and without it the game is going to suffocate (some servers are already beyond repair others are closing in on this and even more are going to succumb before it is over). Unless something is done soon I can see a 50% reduction in servers within months of the first server merge, as players used to playing as they like are now stuck into servers that may be full of PvP bullies, and quit, or get placed in servers that do not Hunt and find they are the hunted as the NPC killers gang up on him for attacking them all the time. Each server has progressed differently over time and each is unique in its own way and this is possibly the hardest thing to deal with when looking to merge servers to save the game, and is part of the hesitation D O has dealing with this issue. WE the community need to make changes on the servers to prevent the need to MERGE them and I think these Quests/ideas are a stepping stone to regaining some populations in the servers.

    YES Okapi32 I do understand what you are saying, and is for the most part true, Top Users are G G farmers who get tired of G G's and come hunt Newbs (in all 3 companies), I am trying to reach some of the Top 200 that might be willing to put a little extra out there to keep some players in the game a little longer and maybe even teach them what the game is supposed to be. I have always tried to be a helper in any clan I have been in and have found most people non-receptive of the offered assistance, I also have requested, for months, assistance killing UBK's and find these requests ignored (or answered by people who get one shot popped as I pull away to rep before I die). Even my level 20 FE + account can not solo a UBK yet without dieing 2-3 times (the regenerated shields of the UBK gets me every time) and once it travels to its parking location you either do not hit it or you get hit also (which just allows the shields to regen even farther).

    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    HMHY, I like your idea. If DO would make some missions of this type, although I doubt it will keep players from leaving, it may give the ones that are here something to do at that level. It would be good to have something different to do and something that requires you to help others is a good driving force to doing it.

    What Okapi says is true as high level players are working on their own agendas and getting stronger and ranking through gates.

    Also the missions for beginners should be structured so a new player can get a FE part as part of a mission completion as they run through them. So many players totally skip doing missions and if they were driven as to build the player up in strength for at least one ship, I believe they would work more at doing the missions that are given and not trying to just rush through to get to uppers in 2 hours.

    But reverting back to the topic, players have to be open to help also. I have been on the receiving end of company laser fire on all accounts/servers for assisting other players of all levels. Even if you ask if they would like some help, you may be ignored until you go the extra mile to help out and then you get shot away. Asking for help is not always answered, except for company shooters/war clans. There are those out there that appreciate the help though, although it would help if they would say something when assisted or asked if they need some help.
  16. WiccaDio

    WiccaDio Someday Author

    I like the idea of helping lower level players and also getting rewards for helping players of your company. I also like the idea of demilitarized maps to allow new players an opportunity to not be killed and just farm NPC and do simple quests to level up. They should also be allowed to leave the lowers at a lower level to allow higher players of opposing companies to complete quest based on kills, or certain ship kills.

    This would give lower players the risk/reward type situation where they have the chance to get killed but the stronger NPC will reward them more per kill. (like if you're in a level 8 area, but you're level 6 you get a bonus multiplier similar to Leo home multiplier, except pertaining to hon, credits, uri, xp, and cargo drop)

    I posted in this thread: http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/how-to-eliminate-wallet-warriors.114062/

    "With this in mind, they should make demilitarized MAPS and make home maps inaccessable to anyone but that faction. This allows weaker players to level up and complete missions, gain credits and uri, and gather resources without fear of having to run, and obviously being under leveled, not able to run quicker than a full equipped goli or veng. Allow those players to still have access to higher leveled maps if they choose to risk it. Then it would be on them if they keep dying because they have the option to stay in home maps and be safe.
    They should just add more maps, NEW maps, that allow all players and have NPC. leave all home maps to company only.

    Maybe during special events enemy company players can go to other home bases for some reason, ill leave that open."

    It would be nice to have newer maps that are intermediary between company home maps and the lower-to-upper gate way maps. with newer NPC, rare crafting drops to make new next level equipment, which would give more incentive for higher leveled players to assist lower level players, (these materials would be rewards for said quests, and can be obtained by new NPC in these areas) instead of more xp, honor, uri and credits which most of us have plenty of to begin with. Bring in a new aspect to DO that isnt as predictable with more options. That, in my opinion, is how BP can keep new players playing, while keeping the attention of veteran players.
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