[SC] Where is the East 3 Crazy Cubes?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by IRON-THRONE, Oct 9, 2017.

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    IRON-THRONE Padavan

    As most of you know, East 3 Server had it's last Crazy Cubes almost 2 months ago.
    Since then, we have heard that Turkish Servers have had them almost every week. What's going on?
  2. Heinekenn

    Heinekenn Someday Author

    you seems to be a smart guy :) JPA,now CC... :) think (and definitely it is not about the lag in game) !
  3. same as gb1 they dont care for our servers we havent seen it for longer than 2 months
  4. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    The Turkish servers seem to be their own entity as they have many things that the regular servers do not. They are not a server you want to compare with look at the German servers as they are the basis for the Game Standard.
  5. How is that even right Turkish servers get the lot we get nothing nice nice do logic why not same event on all servers
  6. OP32

    OP32 Community Team Team Darkorbit

    Turkish servers have not been getting Crazy Cubes when other servers haven't.

    The issue with Crazy Cubes is that when the event was created the scheduling tool was set for a few years, the schedule for this event ran out roughly 2 months ago and we were unaware of it having an end date, it then turns out this event was scheduled separately from the likes of Spaceball, TDM and so on.

    There needs to be time taken to investigate how the event was scheduled and move it into the correct tool that is used now. However with the pressures of server merges and upcoming events, time isn't easy to come by so we cannot promise that it will be something that's resolved within a couple of weeks.
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  7. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Junior Expert

    Just a suggestion: Take the people/budget away from paint jobs on ships/pets/drones and fix the game issues along with adding maybe some maps we can explore and play in. HEY! Maybe fix invasion gate and the group gate to be playable and fun again! INV gate is insane and no one even bothers after the kuks were broken. Group gate just died after being futzed with to stop players from farming it.
  8. OP32

    OP32 Community Team Team Darkorbit

    Unfortunately the artists do not have much experience with coding.

    The vast majority of the team is working on server merges and the content that is aimed to go along with it after its release, you will have a lot more opportunity to play with people then.
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  9. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Junior Expert

    I really hope that there is new content meaning maps, aliens and quests. Because currently the 500 uri payout to kill 30k aliens is just not a balanced reward to the cost to complete the quest. Far too often the rewards are sent by Scrooge and the quests are designed by angry people who hate fun.

    More add-ons that do nothing for play or plot need to be given a much lower priority. Events also desperately need to be evaluated as the MCC plague has sucked all the fun out of them.
  10. EmperorOfTheOrbit

    EmperorOfTheOrbit Forum-Apprentice

    When you say "people" do you mean botters? Because to me they aren't people at all and still nothing has been done about them. So surely a server merge will merely result in a lot more of them? priorities all wrong :(
  11. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Junior Expert

    We noted when talking to folks that were trying to join the game that they are shuffled off to other servers. Wouldn't it be great if they went to the 1st server in the list instead. Most quit after seeing the game cost anyway. No one in their right mind would start this game currently with
    1 Premium
    2 Ammo
    3 Repairs
    4 Gambling for gates, weapons and ships
    5 imbalanced accounts with super ships that take 3-4 people to kill due to the insanity of the group boosters. (they have a tool to make it really neat that is in use)
    6 Lack of any plot, story or reason to grow
    7 MCC confusion
    8 no support, help or actual documentation

    So the maps are pretty much empty.
  12. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    1. Premium is a choice and many play with never buying it and still enjoy the game
    2. Ammo is free from Bonus Boxes and G G M (E E and Palladium)
    3. Repair Credits are free from G G M
    4. What Gambling? the Chance for FREE rewards is not Gambling
    5. Imbalanced Game (not accounts) and it takes many more than 3-4 as it has always been when attacking a Veteran Player
    6. Lack of Plot, the storyline has always been in the Quests and if done in order of listing
    7. MCC should never have been allowed to begin with, and if it was not for the lack of server populations would never have been allowed
    8. Documentation is in the DarkOrbit Bible and FAQ's, support/help is from Clans and other Veteran Players (but this has gone away) and from the community in the forums (it would be nice if SUPPORT was more effective and knowledgeable of the game play).
    The maps are empty because of the numerous upgrades/changes that created multiple bugs/glitches that have not been corrected.
  13. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Junior Expert

    I agree on a lot but gambling and guessing what the actual product will do has hurt players. Who wants to play 'build a gate through gambling then hope that the wildly expensive gate pays the item we need'? And don't even try to say the gate spinner has not been tinkered with. They constantly nerf things that the players benefit from. The free ammo will not help you as they do not put emps or rsb into the ggm. Crazy cubes were fun for players to farm and it is another killed event that we liked (like easter eggs with REAL items in them)

    We lost the invasion gate to tinkering, group gate from tinkering and player population from tinkering. Seriously ban the apps, lower prices on things so its not insane on new players and grow the game.

    Oh and on #8 how many new players have been burned upgrading lower items and wasting effort/money on items because there is not really actual FAQs?

    Many think there is a path to full bio, lf4s and decent ship free in a reasonable amount of time. (Good luck passing through the maps you cant even tell who is friendly as a green or blue dot might be leading the reds to you)
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  14. Takarof™

    Takarof™ Forum-Greenhorn

    Have you guys noticed that ever since the level 22 Missions came out there hasn't been any Crazy Cubes event? As there's protegist mission where you're required to kill i think around 3500 protegist ( don't quote me on that). One would think this is the very reason. :/
  15. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Forum Freak


    From what we've been told, crazy cubes scheduling isn't handled the same as the other events and however long it was scheduled for seems to have run out (for all servers - they checked). So it's not quite as simple as "new quest, bail on event".

    At the moment they have to look into the crazy cube situation further, but we might not really have any update on that particularly soon with server merge coming up. We'll share more on the situation when we have it.

  16. apetown.

    apetown. Padavan

    Actually you are wrong, there was couple crazy cubies (i did my 35k prots mission with crazy cubi). That mission is still doable even wihout cc event, just go x2/x3 shooting cubies and spam kamis, it will take much more hours that way but its still doable.

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