[SC] Why UFEs hunt noobs?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by neoonoma, Jan 7, 2017.

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  1. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Great Master

    So i've been wondering why UFEs hunt noobs although they know they are no match no for them.If they say they want to PvP shouldn't they do with someone that can stand on his ground?
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 Forum Freak

    I think for the people who hunt noobs it's mainly just stat padding.
    They want higher ship kill count so will kill literally anything - I remember years and years ago running around in a 4 iris vengeance shooting down small ships in the x-2 maps, I just wanted to increase my ship kill count.

    There are a few people who have the view of "beginning was hard for me so I'm going to make it hard for them" but generally you'll find those are few and far between and more likely trying to rationalize the fact they are basically killing something like a small NPC, it requires no skill at all.
    Or possibly just not in a very good mood.

    Nowadays I think the majority of UFE would agree with your viewpoint of it being pointless to hunt a player who is so much weaken than themselves.

    It's been mentioned on the twitch Q&A streams before that the DO team want to give new players more protection, so hopefully there is an update in the future which makes life a bit easier for them starting out in the game.
  3. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries Forum Duke

    Back in the day noob bashing was considered fair sport and the attitude of most old school players as changed and a tendency is one of helping noobs, how ever there are a few players that hunt down noobs for easy kills to complete PvP missions.
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  4. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- Junior Expert

    If you have missions that tell you to kill 500 veng, aegis or goli, you're not going to go after the generals, are you? But the Pvp is bugged now anyway, so unless you can find a ship without a design, the kill doesn't count to anything.
    When they finally solve this bug again, you can expect even some more risk, flying around in a ship above you game skill.
  5. _COLONIAL1_

    _COLONIAL1_ Forum-Apprentice

    Because they can, and why noobs don't hunt UFE - because they can't

    PЯØŦØϽØL Forum Connoisseur

    Down to ship kills ,quest,rank and egos i kill anyone that shoots me if i see a lower level player doin a cube i leave them but asoon as they open up on me in a group they lose out but on the other hand hes just been part of the team he help they help him but it dont work like that no more its every man for them self's .... on the upside it dose help i mean i went back to my old server and the big players popping me, made me get stuck in now i pop them. :)
  7. Because when UFEs were noobs we were hunted in our x-1 maps and it is part of the game. We didnt have all the advantages todays noobs have, we had to actually work for what we got, we couldnt just get in an outfit and have 8 people get credit for killing the same npc, we had to kill 8 npcs for each of the 8 to get credit for 1. We learned early on that there is safety in numbers.

    Learning to survive is probably the one thing noobs today have no interest in, but 6-10 yrs ago learning to survive was the first step in becoming addicted to DO. The noobs today have it much easier as there are way less players on so their chances of an enemy coming to the map the noob is in are much lower.
  8. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Great Master

    So the point of this chatter comment is:"I was getting killed when i was a noob so it's ok if i kill noobs too.Yeah,popping someone who doesn't stand a chance is totally PvP."
    You remind me of the gym rat with a very primitive mind.No matter how you look at it,popping someone who doesn't stand a chance is,through an online game, a form of bullying.
  9. .Gòlħĭąth_Măşter.

    .Gòlħĭąth_Măşter. Forum-Apprentice

    Hi Neo, I would know if you talk about hunting ( a simple run into the lower or upper map to kill others company players) or a clear abusing/harrasing a much less strong player. There is a difference between hunt and constantly killing the same noob over and over.

    For the abusing part i would say the guy who do this is just unrespectful and then we could go far on the kind of person he is...

    But for hunting it's just normal at my opinion and that why most people work hard to get stronger, just chilling in enemy map to get some challenge.

    Usually the player who need help against a bigger enemy should call a company player to help him but its not that easy now with the MCC and dead server obviously. At this point we can see the difference between the old darkorbit and the new one if i can say. Before the companies were a big team and when a mate need help in the lower for example, a strong guy would go down and help his company to clear the map and make it safe for its newbie friend. That how its work in usa east server before :/ that why i liked this game so much at the beginning, the feeling to be a part of a big family is pretty important when you play alot of time a day in it.

    *Its not hunting When a strong guy stay at the port for more then 5min just for killing one noob(sorry for the call) i think its abusing.

    Btw I saw some people talk about survival and yes i am agree anybody should work this part of the game and i dont think noob should be over protected but with the new things in the game i start thinking it may be important to work on a new protection system for noob ship.

    Thx if you read everything even with my broken english.
  10. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Great Master

    Obviously the best system would be like that of Drakensang's.You will have to go to the base and turn on the PvP mode.And PvE players can keep PvP mode off so they don't have to worry constantly about geting popped over and over again.But i don't think that BG's devs are gonna do that because they are greedy and they want the pay players(the rumoured wallet warriors) to have someone to shoot at.
  11. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Nearly every MMO game has a similar PvP mode.

    IMO Ufe players hunt noobs because they are bored.

    If you have nothing to do/reach in a game or don't have a goal, you will try out every funny thing. Including trolling.
  12. .Gòlħĭąth_Măşter.

    .Gòlħĭąth_Măşter. Forum-Apprentice

    I dont know much about Drakensang's :/ is it like you could do solo cube all day without seeing anybody like an offline galaxy for you? or just a non agression thing? maybe it would be very good to put this in the lower but i dont think it should be in upper.

    And yea the dev team is working way too slow for a big game like this just last years they talk about installing the assembly for january and it happen like 3 or 4months later... its just unacceptable at my opinion
  13. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- Active Author

    when i was very active you can see by by ship kill count that if its red its dead, its just business......do not take it personnel....
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  14. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Expert

    "Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others "...Wikipedia....

    Remind you of anyone you know??
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  15. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Great Master

    Who are you addressing to?
  16. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Great Master

    Actually when you have PvP mode off you can see every person who has PvP mode off/on,but they can't attack you.And if you wanna turn PvP mode on,you go to an NPC at a city,talk to him/her,and then he/she enables you to play PvP.After that you can go to any route you want and play unorganized PvP.But you can also play in arena,something like our UBA.
  17. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Great Master

    Well,you could solo cube without having the fear of getting popped midway through.But it wouldn't change the fact that other players could hit it.
  18. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Expert

    To anyone that is guilty of it ..........................

    BØØGΞYMΔИ Old Hand

    Are u okey? This is game mate. Wth are u talking about?
    This is how this game works. If u don't like it change the game go play somthing else.
  20. theOtherKey

    theOtherKey Board Veteran

    you use the word 'Game'...
    Is this the sort of thing you mean?
    game - noun
    • a form of competitive activity or sport played according to rules.
    • an activity that one engages in for amusement.
    Because, if so, I would say there is an argument that in fact DO does not qualify as a 'Game' by this definition anymore as it appears that it no longer has any firm rules and that some players seem to take their enjoyment in removing all the fun/amusement from it, for many, with their selfish pursuit of Rank....o_O
    and before you say anything I am UFE and played the game since before many of the changes and I dont find it necessary to shoot noobs on sight nor to spend my life in-gate ;)
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2017
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