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Ship Ability balancing update

Discussion in 'Tech Announcements' started by Solid_Eye, Sep 8, 2016.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Urgent transmission incoming
    *** Attention Pilot! Attention Pilot! ***
    *** Urgent transmission incoming! ***

    Deep space scans have confirmed the Saimon Rebellion. Arrival imminent!

    Engineers and technicians have been working overtime to prepare a new set of upgrades for a variety of ships. Refits begin immediately!

    Once modifications are complete all Diminisher, Sentinel, Solace, Spectrum, Lighting and Venom models will see increased performance in their ships intrinsic functions.

    Further technical specifications are enclosed in this feed.

    It is essential all pilots familiarize themselves with them immediately. Your skills and expertise are crucial to our success against the Saimon hordes!


    Pilots will quickly note all upgrades provide improved functionality to their vessels. Dramatically reducing the 20-minute cooldown periods, so you’ll be ready to face the enemy.

    The duration of certain systems has also been upgraded to minimize wasteful power drains. Allowing pilots to make tactical decisions about their most effective use in combat. This also ensures the systems are primed and most effective in combat.

    Rip away their shields with the vast improvements made to the Diminisher’s ‘Shield Leech’.
    Reducing the cooldown to 90 seconds means pilots can tap into its power more quickly and the effects of being hit by an EMP are significantly reduced. The duration has also been regulated to 15 seconds, allowing pilots to have more tactical control.


    Reducing incoming shield damage is far more effective with the updates to the Sentinel’s, ‘Fortress’.

    Now the cooldown has been reduced to 90 seconds ‘Fortress’ becomes far more versatile in combat. The short, 10 second, duration of added shield protection available at your fingertips, capable of being activated to defend against enemy burst damage.

    How pilots use this new setup tactically is up to them, but conserving shields to get more than one usage in combat is definitely something to consider.

    With vast improvements in nanotechnology, we’ve been able to enhance the way the Solace’s ‘Nano-cluster Repair’ operates. Reducing the cooldown to a rapid 90 seconds.

    How much?!

    We’re as surprised as you are, the technicians having excelled themselves again. Now you can use ‘Nano Cluster Repair’ in every engagement and sometimes even twice per fight. If you can hold out for that long!

    You have a Spectrum? Then you’ll be excited to hear about the advances in ‘Prismatic Shielding’ that we’ve made.

    The science team analyzed the data from thousands of Spectrum confrontations, identifying a flaw in the design. Working with this new data they’ve managed to reduce the cooldown to 90 seconds, without compromising the Spectrum’s ability to soak up damage.
    Don’t you just love science!

    Set the space on fire, with Lightning’s updated ‘Afterburner’ specification.
    The upgraded engines can certainly take the punishment, with a cooldown of just 180 seconds, allowing you to escape the most brutal encounters or drop in on your opponents by surprise.
    Fire them up!

    When we created ‘Singularity’ , for the Venom, the technology was still in its infancy. Now our research has unleashed this ships true potential.
    Reducing the cooldown to 120 seconds significantly enhances the systems use when hunting down bigger targets. The impacts of EMP are significantly lessened and the new duration of 35 seconds makes the system more versatile for tactical pilots.

    Retrofit Complete
    We expect all upgrades to your ships hardware will be ready before the Saimon fleets arrive.
    Be prepared, pilot. You won’t have much time for practice flights!

    *** Transmission Ends ***

    >>Feedback thread regarding ship balancing update<<
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