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Signatures - (no animations) by chixonator

Discussion in 'Media Library' started by chixonator, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. chixonator

    chixonator Forum Duke

    they are made with a different program, i dont have it or know how to use it, thats why i just make regular signatures
  2. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 Count Count

    oh. ok. I was just wondering.
  3. chixonator

    chixonator Forum Duke

  4. ŴДƦЯÏØЯ™_12$

    ŴДƦЯÏØЯ™_12$ Exceptional Talent

    Thanks a-lot man, i like it :)
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  5. Hi Chix, can you do mine? :)

    Old 4-4 map
    Aegis (preferred with the red plus on white skin, like the goliath on page 1)
    8 iris, 1 apis, heart formation, 2 havoc in front
    Pet lvl 15, Nordstrand
    Basic Major
    USA East 3

    -Edit Reason: Company Change -> MMO to VRU-
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2014
  6. chixonator

    chixonator Forum Duke

    ill have this soon
  7. chixonator

    chixonator Forum Duke

  8. Name: 攻殻機動隊│✶│「кцsanagi」
    Map backround: 2-1 (Make pink cuz my font .. ;))
    UID: 100923788
    Ship type: Vengeance Adept
    Drones: N/A
    NPC: N/A
    PET: N/A
    Lasers: N/A
    Other ships: N/A
    Any Text: Shine My Star !
    Company: EIC
    Rank: Space Pilot (not playing so much , real life :cool:)
    Server: GB2

    Also i want this render in my signature


    And I DON'T WANT A MIDDLE AGE FONT in my signature. Make my font futuristic please.

    Also i want render out of the signature. Like mine.

    And please don't make ship overlook vision please. Make 3D vision.

    And resolutions should be 400x100.

    Thanks ;)
  9. chixonator

    chixonator Forum Duke

  10. Wow i thought you're a not good sig maker but now :eek:

    Oh and i said render out of the signature. So i said render should be bigger than sig image and should be placed out of the signature like mine.

    You didn't cut white lines ? Don't worry give me i'll cut them.

    And don't choose render colour is pink. Just place it with it's default colour (fonts nice don't change em.)
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2014
  11. chixonator

    chixonator Forum Duke

  12. Uhh sounds like need to edit myself. Thanks for the sig ^_^ I'll use it before some editing ...
  13. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 Count Count

    Hey, Chiroxanator, do you think you can make a minor edit to my sig? Instead of Flax, can you put lvl 6 iris in there too? Replace all Flax with iris and also add a iris to the empty slot.

    Also, if you can, can you add a lvl 4 PET named Water shooting at the Devourer and the pet is right next to the first two Flax (now iris if you replace them).
  14. chixonator

    chixonator Forum Duke

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  15. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 Count Count

  16. martin144

    martin144 Someday Author

    Hello, please do me a 2 wallpaper on my computer. 1 in order to have elite desings (Aegis, Citadel, Spearhead) of all companies. A 2 veterans of all companies. I thank my resolution 1366x768
  17. chixonator

    chixonator Forum Duke

    ok so you want 2 wallpapers, 1 with the elite designs and 1 with the veteran designs?
  18. martin144

    martin144 Someday Author

    yes yes thank

    EDIT: OMG it is nice !!! very good thank thats ok thank
    EDIT2: hi sorry to bother again but do I still have those 2 wallpaper 1 with elites and 2 with vererans thank :)
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2014
  19. chixonator

    chixonator Forum Duke

    i put both elite and veteran in this 1, do you want another 1?
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