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simple way to stop npc botters

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Nov 28, 2018.

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    DEXTER-MORGAN Junior Expert

    Given the nature of the pirate maps I.E. the layout (walls all over the maps) and the type of npc which can not be circled efficiently, it is very rare to find any npc botters in these maps at all.
    The reason there is so many npc bots in the original maps (x1-x8) is because its just so simple to make a bot that circles a bk! So.....why not simply re-create the existing maps x1-x8 in the same style as the pirate maps and re-invent the npc that inhabit these maps so they can not simply be circled?
    I believe we are fighting a losing battle trying to ban the botters so why not try an alternative method of stopping them, not only would we get great looking new maps with more intelligent npc but it also gets rid of these bots as they will not be able to operate in any way that would be beneficial.
    Its about time the maps x1-x8 were re-invented as they look old and outdated.
  2. Or, they could just make the damn game a downloadable, and totally beat out cheating. It's so much harder to catch an outside program on a browser than on a downloadable game. The way it is now, some people get banned just for killing npcs normally. It's not a good system we have and it's all a fail. We could also just ignore a players uneducated feelings, and let the mods/admins fly around and scout ships who are obviously botting, and ban them, it's not hard. Here's the main problem, BP doesn't actually care, and maybe you'll find out one day, but they remove my comments about it if i mention it lol.

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