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Skill tree

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by **-Lord-**, May 17, 2018.

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  1. **-Lord-**

    **-Lord-** Forum-Greenhorn


    Since we have had 50 PP in skill tree for over 4 years, I think ther is time to improve....

    We have gotten new ships, galaxy gates, and game balance.

    It would be nice to get improvements in the skill tree too, and notonly by changing some of the buffs but also increse the max amount of skills from 50 to maybe 55.
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  2. Nicvk

    Nicvk Forum-Apprentice

    Maybe, just like the yellow tags (titles), we could have skill cards that can be taken and lost when destroyed. This would be in addition to the current skills and it would obviously have some restriction so it won't end up all in the possession of a top few. For example, downsides that appear when you possess another skill card that is in conflict with the current one.
  3. Ashreya

    Ashreya Forum-Greenhorn

    Speaking of skill points, don't we get the daily log-disk now? I've logged in every day since I've been back (about ten days) and only have around 8 disks.
  4. Mmmm, the only problem with this is, that you choose to build a PvP Tree or a PvE Tree, and botters used to set their trees to PvE, so they farmed easier, which punished them in PvP, I don't think changes that benefit cheaters more than real players should be implemented, you know, since we don't punish cheaters.

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