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Test Server 3-13-2017

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by PSK~SUNDANCE, Mar 13, 2017.

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    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    Sooo, notice the test server was open so thought I would check it out. They are testing out the 3 new ships to come. It took me 30 min to even get my hanger to work since it kept giving me the "Need Flash" message. While waiting on that, I tried getting into the game to find they start all your ships that you have in the battle maps. Great place if you are already UFE, but little ole me is just fodder.

    Of course when I got my hanger working I scrolled through to find something special that is on sale there that they do not offer in the regular servers, the Nostro Ambassador Ship (Design)... I am sure there are lots of people that spend money in the test server as they put so much as purchase only, but this is the one ship I would love to see come to the regular servers for purchase or assembly, blah...

    At any rate, I never checked out the new ships as they will come when they are ready. I will just keep dreaming about being an ambassador some day. I didn't buy the ship as what is the point of spending money on a server that only comes on once in a blue moon and is not announced anyways.
  2. Managed to get on as one of the first on the test server :3

    Hammerclaw - seemed good, the speed nerf was a good idea, as it is a bloody OP ship. people can kickass in a goli..so combine a goli with a better aegis abilities? well, it will be insane, it would be the new ship everyone uses. at least with speed nerf, people wont hunt with it. has potential in uba to annoy people cuz of double cooldown reps, not sure for map 1v1s...and id say group fights, gates, group gates - can take dmg, do it, and heal.

    Memesis - the ability sounds SO OP. but when i tested it, lost about 10% shield per second. now then...emp away that ability, and if they dont react in time, the memesis user loses 30-50% shields on his config, which is MAD, especially in the middle of a fight. 1,000,000 shield on a config, during fight goes to like 700,000 say, use ability, but other guy emps - youre there losing 100,000 a second...say if youre lucky, takes 3 seconds to relock, and by that point youre on 400k shields left. On the other hand could start in ring, and go down in formations to pincer/diamond and then drill, to lose less shield.
    Either way, the ability is nicely balanced, emp to counter, but that emp itself is useless due to 80% miss rate. least you avoided the 25% extra dmg..
    Down side tho, its the ultimate run off ship... shot at, simply use ability to teleport, then other ability ring (633 speed i believe), while running change to pincer (660 speed i think) aaand youre gone... cooldown is nice, but still can be SO annoying having someone let it like that...maybe nerf slightly the teleport ability? so theyre outta combat like 2-5 secs (then they at least need to emp, cloak, and teleport, and dont escape with a cheap ability).

    Cyborg - feels a lil useless personally..love venom look. ship..not many uses honestly. never use it these days myself. as for cyborg, im glad its not OP, but 1 extra laser/gen slot than a standard goli is not a massive difference. im not sure if the ship has a 5% dmg buff like venom, but if it doesnt, a bastion's 10% extra shield could really rebalance that extra laser/gen slot.
    Ability...well, useful as venom..which is not very. 1 emp, and goes poof. 1 mislock, and goes poof. Dont get me wrong im not complaining, i love that - stops 5 people hunting in venom/cyborg, use ability on you and leave you floating around space ready to die in next 10 secs...its an OP ability since its direct hp dmg, but very easily countered due to it (i for one prefer something that cant be countered).
    Sure, you intimidate the other guy. "ohhh you cant emp until i use my ability or you get 'venomed' haha". but then...vs a solace or spec or aegis or hammerclaw...?
    I tried hammerclaw in uba for 2 fights, both times got a cyborg. first guy sucked...and the ability easily countered with emp (as to show, didnt even need hammerclaw abilities). second guy, better. he baited my emp with his, then venomed me. but even that ability...its pointless vs a ship that can heal. Hammerclaw heals tons, and does same dmg almost as a cyborg. fight was close, dont get me wrong, but clearly hammerclaw is cyborg's weakness.
    Then again, so is aegis, solace, and any other ship that hits hard since energy leech and rep bot techs are still a thing. Sure, extra hp dmg, but if you outlast that, you get emp back eventually, so wont be hit by the full 30 seconds.
    Moth and cyborg works well, but still countered if the other guy can fight. if you dont use venom cuz the other guy has an emp ready...nothing stops him from using spec (since its like the most popular ship atm). and spec kicks ass...even solace, or dimi etc.

    overall its a nice adition, better diversity in ships and what will be on maps. but can see that cyborg will be a noob's ship cuz they cant hit hard, and will rely on 'venom' ability to get by with npc. memesis will be in the ranks with tart as an annoying bloody ship cuz it will get away SO often... and hammerclaw, well it will be the overall favourite. i love solace as a general ship, cuz of the instant heal that cant be stopped or countered (a spear with jam-x before i solace doesnt count :p ). Even with the speed nerf, id love hammerclaw, take me a while to get hang of the aegis style abilities cuz 3 more keys to integrate in my strategy/fights. But the 15 laser and gen slot makes it even more attractive, since i can swap from a bastion, or dimi, straight into a ship that can tank, do dmg and heal (and vice versa from hammerclaw to a goli).
    Maybe rebalance speed boost from memesis, or the teleport ability to not work in combat. Cyborg is fine, but will end up as venom did, maybe 2% of people will use it? and thats generous.. and hammerclaw, as much as i hate to say, maybe a speed nerf, or equipment nerf, or ability nerf so it reps 5k less than aegis a second. You promised us insane npc in the future..maybe you wanna kep hammerclaw OP so we can handle what comes ;)
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  3. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX Padavan

    I tried ships too.

    Hammerclaw seems very good. And it will be used a lot.

    Cyborg is Great too. Like a surgeon ship. But with 1 extra laser and venom ability. Bye bye surgeon :)

    What concerns mimesis. Yes 1 ability is amazing to run away. Depends on luck obviously where you end up lol :) But the Scrambler one. OMG the shield goes really very fast. If the person you fighting sees you use it. He should just move out of damage range. And wait. Then come back to finish you up :)

    But Overall. Great ships. And I will definitely gonna use them all. Depending in circumstances.

    Great Job!
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  4. XIlcaBossX$$LEGEND$$

    XIlcaBossX$$LEGEND$$ Forum-Greenhorn

    Why am I stuck in establish connection ?
    I deleted cookies.
  5. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX Padavan

    If you talking about the Test Server. I had this if I was on the New ships. I logged off. Then. Chose any other ship. And logged in. That worked. Then swapped ship in the game
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  6. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries Forum Duke

    I chose to test the cyborg as the venom can be used as a yard stick to give some kind of comparison, apart from the extra speed from the extra gen slot and the extra HP there is not a major difference between the ships. The cyborg is well suited for GG's and I can see this being its main use. Had the ship gone into the shop rather than the assembly I could well see this ship become very popular with new players and those trying to climb the DO ladder. If I can get back onto the test sever I will try to test the other two ships and add to my feedback.
  7. But surgeon has 1 extra generator 6%damage ,xp and honor. Does cyborg give 5% damage like venom?
  8. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX Padavan

    yes you are right about the damage 6%. I forgot about that. but generator. NO. Cyborg has the same. It has 16
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  9. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Little question, because I haven't the time for testing: how much damage does the Cyborg ability inflict? And how much does the Hammerclaw heal?
  10. •»Radiance«•

    •»Radiance«• Forum Mogul

    As from what OP32 says on discord though they may not be final.

    CYborg has 10% dmg bonus.
    Mimesis has 10% sheild bonus.
    Hammerclaw has 20% Hp bonus.

    Last edited: Mar 14, 2017
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  11. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX Padavan

    Wow if Cyborg has 10% Passive damage bonus. That definitely Makes Surgeon Obsolete. 1 extra laser slot and more damage by 4% on top. I like it tho. Definitely would use that one :)

    And the most I like Hammerclaw. As I do fly Aegis a lot. This is just more damage version of it. That is great.

    Mimesis is a bit debatable. Just because of Scrambler ability drains shields very fast. But the relocation ability is great to escape any sticky situation. At least for a little while :)

    I like all of them.

    GREAT JOB •»Radiance«• . Like your post and updates. Keep it up :)
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  12. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    It's time to say goodbye to Aegis and Surgeon, R.I.P all players who have bought Surgeon for 300K Uri.

    Ok, I have test it for myself: Hammerclaw does around 350K damage.

    Here is a good link, where you can find more information about these ships on the test server.
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    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    All these greater passive bonuses. How many players left before Surgeon? How many players left after Surgeon? How many players will leave after these come out? Just questions people should think about. We (loose term) talk about people being driven away all the time and yet more powerful ships/gear comes out to help drive them away. They may not have any plans to merge servers yet but if this keeps up, there will only need to be one server to run.
  14. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX Padavan

    Always someone negative has to say things :)

    I find your quote ridiculous. People come and go all the time. And the other thing is. Dark Orbit is not the only game in the world. There are literally thousands now. Not just on the PC. Phones and tablets too.
    And there are many better graphics games. Plus VR is coming out everywhere.

    It is never ending.
    Dark orbit will not be forever. unless they progress. And New ships and gear and New ideas is part of that.
    If DO stays still. People would quit even faster.

    I am EXCITED when New stuff is coming out. Even if it means to do lots of missions and more play time. That is GREAT.

    It is not JUST TO BUY and you got it.

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  15. hushing

    hushing Forum-Apprentice

    Congratulation Dear Managers, Developers and all of the DO team for very sucsesuful test server seasion.

    I want to Thank you for extended seasion for the test servers to be active and for your undestending that 3 or 4 hour are insufficient for most of the players to acsess the test servers.

    Thank you for the opportunity to have a real expirience in the test server by providing us with those gorgeous bonuses when we login on the test server to start testing the new ships.

    The new ships are awesome, once more congratulation for adding them to the game in the near future. I like them - all three are great.

    By the way can the DO team add to the dscriptions of ships in the hangar all those ship bonuses and confirm that they are real, expacaly the Cyborg 10% dmg bonus if it is real.

    I was realy fascinated when I discover that teleport ability of the Memesis ship work when you are under attack.

    I have one suggestion regarding Memesis and it is to reduce the Cooldown time for both abilities of the ship to 2 minutes because the ship is not very combat competitive or increase the Base HP to mаke Memesis attractive and competiteve like other two new ships.

    So, once again Thank you DO team and keep doing great work like this test session .
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
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  16. darkorbit_is_cool42

    darkorbit_is_cool42 Forum-Greenhorn

    when will test closes on what time (00.00) for example i want to know this
  17. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    Please note that the references I use concerning 40 or 60 faster is referring to the use of the 7900 series speed generators.

    The abilities of the three ships aren't bad. Will require a few hours at the least on any of the ships a player grabs (unless they already use a ship that is very similar in abilities).
    The only real knock I would have on the ships would be the huge speed nerf they were given (for whatever that reasoning was).

    I have always felt that the great battle wagon, called a Goliath, should have a speed maybe 40 or 60 better than current BigBoy ship. It should never have been set up as the fastest and most damaging ship type.
    The Vengeance class should have been the fastest until Spearhead came out, then later on the Surgeon could have closed the gap a bit more until Lightning showed up. The Pusat could have been the next ship to top the speed scale, again, this top position would have been taken over by the Tartarus.
    The Hammerclaw could have been, with respect to speed, the Aegis plus 40 or 60 quicker.
    The Cyborg would have the same speed setup compared to the current Venom.
    With regards to the Mimesis, although that teleport ability could be useful, it really requires a huge shortening of coold down or the ship itself needs to have a maximum speed closer to the 540-560 range when using full 7900 speed gens.

    Sorry if my opinion impacts on anyone's feelings that are staunch supporters of the Goliath. It is just my take on the speed subject, formed over 7 years.
  18. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX Padavan

    Well, it is great to share opinions. That is why we here on the forums.

    The Cyborg is as fast as the surgeon.
    And maybe you did not notice or it was not clearly stated anywhere. But mimesis Scrambler ability give a speed up too. Max speed is 660 until the shields run out and ability stops. or you switch config.

    just wanted to add.

    What concerns tartarus. I think its too fast. Spearhead and Pusat should be fastest ship Really. As they have the least HP.

    That is just my opinion

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  19. •»Radiance«•

    •»Radiance«• Forum Mogul

    At my first glance, I also thought that the Cyborg was a fast a the surgeon due to that the speed it displays is same with the surgeon with promerium and full 7900 speed gens on gens slots, but recently I noticed that the speed display was visually glitched and that the base speed of cyborg at hangar was shown as 320 so with 16 speed gens that would make it 480 speed and with prom will be 576 making it same with Vengeance though in the speed display it just shows 552. So its either the speed display at space map was visually bugged or the one shown at hangar at backpage was bugged.
  20. KiritOo47

    KiritOo47 Forum-Apprentice

    Well I only had time to test Cyborg, It's pretty much the best ships for newbies, cuz of that 14% extra damage and venom ability it will help them a lot, but not much good for pvp, one EMP and poof there you are running, But yeah from the feedbacks of other players I saw that hammerclaw is quite the most obvious choice of me.:D
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