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The Art of the Escape: Surviving in Dark Orbit

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Wirwerdenniesosein, Sep 30, 2018.

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  1. Wirwerdenniesosein

    Wirwerdenniesosein Active Author

    Updated 20 January 2019
    Disclaimer: This is a guide on how to escape from primarily UFE Cyborgs & Goliaths.

    Hello all,

    I've heard from many beginner and intermediate players from in-game, in the forums, and on discord on the impossibility of escaping from UFEs. I've also noticed there is no updated guide in the English forums on how to escape from UFEs.

    Therefore I've decided to write one on how to escape from them, that does not involve buying or spending lots of Uridium. For the new, average, and even FE players, I'm certain you'll learn something new in this post. I hope you enjoy . . .

    Foreword: This post won't touch on the EMP then Cloak trick, because this guide is designed for newbies, intermediate, and FE players that don't have 500 Uridium to blow per escape. Plus the EMP and Cloak trick is boring anyway. I won't touch on DCR Rockets either, they're 500 Uridium which are just as expensive as an EMP. Not everyone has ice rockets either, they're only obtainable in certain events, so I won't mention them--this guide is designed for those who don't spend or buy lots of Uridium to play the game. I've put most of my favorite tricks in here that I've never told anyone before until now. I've even sourced other people's ideas that I haven't thought of myself. I've revealed a lot in this post, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeves that I haven't shared yet and probably won't for a while. Just like any video-game, there are always exploits to be discovered, and some of you may even know some that I haven't figured out yet. If you're comfortable with sharing them, comment them below.

    Generators: The first thing any new player needs right away, at the start the game, are a full set of G3N-7900 speed generators. It will never matter how many shields or lasers you have on your ship because you will never be able to overcome UFEs and their fat wallets by yourself. Your only hope is to run away; i.e. the foundation of this post. If you're playing on an inactive server or play during strange hours on your server timezone, you can bid and win them easily. If you're on an active server where I am, where people play no matter what the server time is, such as GE1, then it may be better to dish out 2,000 Uridium per generator; they're your best investment.

    Promerium: In your pursuit for a full set of speed generators, you should also be upgrading your Skylab Promerium refinery. If you equip 12 of these rocks to your generators, you'll have 120 minutes (two hours) of 20% boosted generators. So if you haven't yet, send 12 of these rocks to your ship via the Skylab--it takes less than 2 minutes to transfer over, there is no excuse to not have boosted generators.

    Playing Dead: Psychology 101. Don't give your hunter the satisfaction of any reaction, they're in your map to shoot humans, not bots or NPCs. Shooting back at your pursuer will give them the satisfaction of a fight. Running to a portal in a futile effort to escape will only give them the satisfaction of a chase. When you know you're toast, just sit there and give up. By giving up, there is a chance that they may stop shooting you, then fly away when you're around 1% health left because they're not getting any satisfaction out of you; they realize they're just wasting their ammo while you sit there. When this does work, make sure you don't get one shotted by a NPC afterwards. The odds of this happening decreases as you get stronger in the game; this works best if you are full flax drones.

    Ship Diameter (mm) and the Time-to-Click Ratio: There are two factors to decide which ship is the best for surviving; you want both the smallest and the fastest ship combination possible. This is where ship's diameter comes into play--the smaller the ship you have, coupled with its velocity, the harder it is for that neck-beard on the other side of the screen to click your ship. If you play with a Goliath you'll get clicked easily, the Goliath's diameter is 53 mm and its maximum speed 540. The Leonov is the best option for new players, because it has a 26 mm diameter and has a 504 maximum speed, and therefore is arguably the hardest ship to click on; especially in you have lots of NPCs flying around your ship.

    Optimal Ships: The Lightning Vengeance is optimal for surviving in Dark Orbit even though the Leonov beats it in its time-to-click ratio. The Lightning has an afterburner ability--its free to use, has a non-boosted 3 minute cool-down, negates the effect of hitting a slowdown mine, DCR, or ice rocket, and negates the effects of an infection for the duration of the ability--you're guaranteed to escape in this ship, its super OP. It should take 200 booty chests, 300,000 Uridium worth of keys maximum to get all the parts needed assemble the Lightning design, unless you just win it straight out of a chest. 300,000 Uridium worth of booty keys is a lot, but if you slave away in the palladium fields, and knock out 6 Zetas on double-rewards day, you'll be able to easily get those 200 booty keys. If not, try your luck in the auction by bidding on it. If cant find a way to get hold of the credits to make a bid on it, then just settle for a normal vengeance or spearhead until you can. Never use a Goliath, don't be tempted by those extra slots. Once you get your hands on the holy golden-yellow Vengeance, your death ratio in the game will go down significantly. So congratulations--you'll never be better than UFE in terms of firepower or shields, but at least you'll be faster.

    NPC Abilities: With the new game update, new players have a better chance at surviving in the lower maps than they've ever had before. When you're being chased you have only a few seconds to survive. Fly slightly outside a mordon's firing diameter, and pray--if you're lucky your pursuer will get DCR'd by the mordon while you make a clean get-away. Nice.

    Jump CPU II: The Jump CPU II is the most underrated extra in the game, it will teleport you back to your x-1 map. This obviously won't work when you're being fired upon, but if you're on a battle map or running to the corner of a map with no escape portal in sight, you can use this anywhere (except pirate maps) after you've been out of fire for a certain period. If you're just out of firing distance from an enemy, use this to safely get back to your x-1 map. You can bid on these Jump CPU IIs in the auction without any contest, I've already accumulated a lifetime supply of over 100 of them.

    Maneuvering, Lag, & Fireworks: If you have mad clicking skills, you can juke-out whoever is following you by clicking in the opposite direction your pursuer is clicking in. Add in some lag to the mix, and you can juke-out the majority of people in this game without using any abilities or special item. If you're one of the unlucky few who has the curse of no lag in this game, don't feel bad, you can create your own! If you have some left-over fireworks from the 4th of July *USA* then equip the fireworks to your hotkeys, and quickly place one firework down while also pressing on the explode button. I've invested 100 million credits for a lifetime supply of the non-Uridium fireworks, so I'm set. When you're trying to out-maneuver your pursuer you can spam fireworks to create enough lag to get away. If your pursuer also has their in-game sounds on, they're in for a loud surprise that'll also scramble their brain--enjoy yourself.

    Pilot Bio: If you have no skills spent in your skill tree, you only need to get 6 pilot points to have the best pilot bio for surviving--and that cost under 70,000 Uridium. Obtaining your first 6 pilot points is easy to get, it takes about two weeks worth of quests at the most. Put one skill in Ship Hull I, then the last 5 in Explosives. Explosives will increase the radius of your mine explosions by 25%. Shield Mechanics, Ship Hull I & II, Evasive Maneuvers, and Shield Engineering are all extremely important to have, but don't be tempted with the common belief that those are the best pilot skills to survive. If you've already got them, you're probably still wondering why that 25% extra shields and extra HP doesn't help in your encounter with UFEs, so reset your bio right now. For new and even seasoned players, Explosives is far more important if you simply want to survive. Read below to find out why.

    Slowdown Mines: You can buy 10 slowdown mines for 500 Uridium, the same cost as an EMP. This is a great deal, and its better than using an EMP, which doesn't even promise a clean escape from a UFE because they'll just re-lock you. How many times have you seen a newbie launch an EMP when a UFE shoots them, and the UFE just pursues, re-locks them, and finishes them off? Epic fail. When you're being chased, fly in a straight line and drop one of these mines. An alternative option is not moving, dropping a slow mine and waiting 2 seconds, then running in the opposite direction of whoever is shooting you. If enough distance is between you and your pursuer when you drop the mine, then either they'll hit the mine and be slowed, or they'll evade the mine thus creating more distance between you two. If you're being chased by a pack of UFEs, with 5/5 Points in the Explosives skill, it'll just take one pursuer to hit that mine for the whole pack to be slowed from the splash effect. As a plus side, when you are max'd out in Explosives, then your mine will glow red--causing your pursuer to be 'extra careful' by not hitting it--therefore creating more space between you and the pursuer. Sometimes UFEs are persistent in their pursuit to kill you, and they'll use an EMP to negate the slow-mine. In that case, you have a try-hard UFE on your hands, so continue reading.

    PIB Laser Ammo: PIB ammo is very expensive, its the most expensive laser ammo in the shop--it cost 9 Uridium for one shot. I recommend only buying 100 rounds for 900 Uridium to start. Now if you have a fat ego and cant stand dying in this game like me, you can sacrifice one of your only two configurations when you use this tactic. Equip one laser gun to your running configuration, so that when you fire you'll literally only be using 1 shot of ammo per volley. When you fire on your pursuer with this ammo you will slow them, and therefore be able to make a quick get away for only 9 Uridium. Score. The obvious downside to this is that you'll be severely handicapped by only having one usable configuration.

    If you want, you can still have a normal running configuration with 10 lasers on your ship, but then you'll be literally be wasting 90 Uridium per second/volley with this ammo. If you forget to stop firing on your pursuer after you've infected them, in 5 seconds you'll have spent 450 Uridium. So like I said, I'd recommend only using one laser gun on your running configuration. S
    ometimes UFEs are persistent in their pursuit to kill you, and they'll cure themselves. In that case just infect them again. In rare cases, they'll infect you too, so make sure to have a XL serum equipped in case they do. In extremely rare circumstances, you will both infect each other, cure yourselves, then become infected again. In that case, continue reading.

    Formations: The wheel formation is the best formation to have to survive in the game, but the downsides are that it actually makes you die easier because it drains your shields. It also is one of the most expensive formations to buy too, but still is great to have especially when your pursuer has it too. Don't be tempted with the Heart or Ring formation, the extra shield and HP they give you is insignificant in an encounter with a UFE.
    I hope some of you have learned something new. Please share with your buddies who are considering quitting the game, to your clan, and if you are fluent in another language then please consider translating this into another non-English Dark Orbit forum. If anything new comes to my mind, or if my grammar is bad I'll edit the post.

    Take care,
    Czerka (GE1)
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
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  2. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Good guide, the interactions with the lags sound interesting.

    Selfish trick: you can use EMP and/or run into a cloud of other players. Perhaps your chasing hunter will choose another, weaker target.
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  3. USSCoralSeaCV43

    USSCoralSeaCV43 Forum-Apprentice

    A very nice line of instructions/ guides for our newer players to be more competitive / survivable, Wirwerdenniesosein.
    I like seeing veteran players sharing experience insight instead of sarcasm :)
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    Enjoyed reading this post . TY

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