the " Clan wars " announcement?

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by badwon[spt], Jul 31, 2017.

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  1. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Expert

    WHY has the 10 days of war moved to 100 days.

    Looks like the reason is because it was easy for the developers to do.

    That is ridiculous.

    This will give the bullies and MCC another advantage and AGAIN will cause weaker players from PLAYING

    My idea is, GO BACK TO 10 DAYS.

    Please do not close this until some reasons are given as to why, OTHER than it was easy for developers to do.
  2. steelvader

    steelvader Forum-Greenhorn

    Here is my 2 cents. Change the reward for kills in wars. No experience, No honor. No kill count. Stop the bullies and the multi company clans from farming kills in there own maps. Wars have a purpose, to settle disputes not pad your stats. Get rid of MCC all together. If you can not find a clan in your own company MOVE to another.
  3. Developers don't want to change it back. They see it as an effective uridium pit, via changing it to 100 days to encourage more usage of ammo and consumables in war.
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  4. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Expert

    Sad but true.............

    HALOJOHN Forum-Apprentice

    at least get rid of multi company clans before upping the war duration
  6. If i want to bully you I will send you 10 times 10 days, I dont see problem with this, this only help me so I don't need to send war again after 10 days. You still can send end war so I dont see problem.
  7. meatpill-Warlord

    meatpill-Warlord Someday Author

    amazing what this game has become. ten day wars were bad enough. ufes pushing rank on their own company. All this will do is kill the game. Mark my words
  8. UFE don't push rank on own company, they send war over and over couse few members from both clans got ego big as Earth, after war end they send again and again and again, or if isn't ego than is big mouth or something else.
  9. a-nub-who-tries-hard

    a-nub-who-tries-hard Forum-Apprentice

    Ok, I'll remember this along side all the other people who said "X Update will kill the game".
  10. batata

    batata Advanced

    Its already dead, i cant see this update making a huge difference. It's just an added convenience to ufes.
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  11. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru Padavan

    have you not noticed how few players there are? this game is already in the grave theyre just trying to throw dirt on it now
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  12. just couse your server is empty doesnt mean other are, only problem with this game is way to much open servers
  13. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Expert

    " WHY has the 10 days of war moved to 100 days." is the topic.....................
  14. Better question is why you can leave clan during war, specially if you are reson that war is sent ? I personally have war with same clan around 3 years and every 10 days we need to send it again, now will we need to send 10 times less often. Personally I don't see reson for 100 days of war, war should be permanent, only way to end is by send end war.

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