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[TI] Helix Problem

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by †‡•λῥø€λḹ†ῥť†ќλ•‡†, Sep 2, 2018.

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  1. 2 days ago during a helix blitz sale i bought a 75.000 uridium special offer but instead of getting the 400% bonus i only got the 75.000 uridium + the bonus from paying with paysafe card (1.250 uridium ) which has been tripled, in total 78,750, which seemed really weird. I sent already ticket to bigboint for payment problem and a ticket to darkorbit support but it`s the third day and still no response.
    I have account in global europe 4, made it in romania but atm i`m in the uk.
    It`s not the first purchase i make in game but probably the last one if this thing isn`t fixed and last time i play.
    If needed i have several screenshots and photos which can show u more details.
  2. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    I would wait a few more days, at least until tomorrow afternoon as support may only be operational during working days (9-5).
  3. i`ve just got their response from the ticket i sent to bigpoint payment, they closed my case and sayed that i received an ammount of uridium and that i should check my account balance after payment. In the ticket form i can only select that i did not got any uridium, not that i got only a quarter of it, and i can only happy hour and megga happy hour as payment event, helix blitz sale is not an option. I want the 300.000 uridium i payed for. My premium will get off soon and i don`t even know why i bought them when i can`t use the uridium i bought to use with them. Who is going to replace the rebate ?
    I can`t reply to theyr ticket either, i just have to take the whole thing as my fault?
    I sent another ticket now with a screenshot of an fully explained message i wrote in a notepad and sent it as an attach file, hopefully they will read it.
    Any opinion on what i should do? Can i get an email of darkorbit where i can talk with someone who can check those things?
  4. Mod_Toby

    Mod_Toby Forum Great Master

    Hello †‡•λῥø€λḹ†ῥť†ќλ•‡†,

    If you contacted Payment support with details , support can look it up and see important information needed in your case, as they did because if there was something suspicious it would get spotted. Can you check your game balance log and see if you haven't purchased anything with uridium or which uridium pack have you bought.

  5. s1cKTouch

    s1cKTouch Forum-Apprentice

    Bigpoint changed it, you dont get any bonus for the special offer during helix, mhh etc anymore. My friend currently have the same problem. Do you know how they warn the people? Yup thats's right, no special warning!
    In the "Official Announcements" on the second page there is a forum post "Slight Changes to the Happy Hour Packages", at the end of the post there is a text: "*Please note that you can only purchase the Happy Hour Packages by clicking on the Get Uridium Button. The other 3 links above will not contain the active Happy Hour Packages." Good job bigpoint!
    No special warning, when you are going to buy the backage. This is really *** up in my opinion. The helix says 400% to uridium, it worked before with the special offers, but they changed it. There should be a warning message in these packages, but then they will not get your money. Good luck with your "fight" with the support, i hope they will give you the bonus.
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  6. I checked it already, i know which offer i bought, i know the ammount of uridium i bought and i know how much uridium i actually got.

    Is it changed in their terms and conditions to when you sing up in the game? i`ll actually have a read at it, but i`ll still fight for my uridium, it`s not my fault they misslead people to buy the wrong products just to milk money from them, i want the uridium i payed for, nothing more or less.
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  7. s1cKTouch

    s1cKTouch Forum-Apprentice

    In my country's forum is still written you get the 400% for the special offers, so bp basically "scammed" him. I wonder if it possible to make some legal moves if they dont give him the right amount or give back the money.
  8. Killercal73

    Killercal73 Padavan

    the same thing happen to me ....in my case i buy uri during the 400% blitz event however i did click on the blitz announcement that will tale me to the sale i am assuming you did like me and assume that any purchase of uri during the blitz event will give the discount or percentage increase ......if you ever buy uri again make sure you click the event banner
  9. I just checked the general terms and conditions of the game and there is no place that says special offers as helix or mhh don`t stack with other special offers like discounts for uridium. Neither would say that the conditions from forum apply to the game, so the i didn`t serach for the forum post with the slightly changes to mhh, because after all it`s a forum post and not part of the terms and conditions of the game, so i still want my uridium and be sure that i will try to take some legal actions if they don`t want to be fair and honest with this situation because again, it`s just a missleading announcement made to get people paying for something they don`t actually want.

    This is exactly what happened to me, i bought the 75.000 uridium special offer of 50% which is actually not 50% but aniway, i bought it and instead of getting 300.000 uridium due to the helix blitz sale, i got only the 75.000, but the bonus from the paysafe card got tripled, so why only the bonus uridium from paysafe card got bonused and the 75.000 not? i would have bought the 30.000 uridium and get 90.000 if i would knew this would happen, but nowhere on the game or in the game it says that the helix blitz sale apply only for the special window you open. It actually clearly says and i quote "Get a 400% bonus on uridium purchases during the Giga Happy Hour ". Furthermore, i searched the whole internet to find if the helix stack with speciall offers and the only responds i could find were positive saying that yes, blitz sale and special uridium do stack, i even found some on this official darkorbit forum which trully made me believe that it`s worth buying it. So i did it and i woke up that they actually don`t want to give me the uridium i bought even tho they did not promote nowhere in the game the fact that helix and special offers don`t stack anymore.
    So from what I see, this is a mather of problem for bigpoint, not for me, and i will fullfill my goal of getting my uridium or my money back.
    If the same thing happened to you and you have nerves of steel like me i would advise you to gather your evidence like me and screenshot everything u can see and spam them with tickets untill you get what u payed for, and if they don`t want to, just go with the law.
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  10. Mod_Toby

    Mod_Toby Forum Great Master

    If you purchased thought any other special offer it does not count. Such as discounts , uridium packages etc. Helix sale is different and not add up on top of others. Contacting support multiple time with same issue will not speed up process and can class as a spam. BigPoint does not offer refunds, you just have to be carefull which special sale you click on.

    You can find more info in Happy hours changes here : http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/slight-changes-to-the-happy-hour-packages.121511/

    As everything been explained to you , do you have further questions or can I lock the thread?

  11. Is it writen in the Legal Informations or Tersms and Conditions? Where i bought the uridium there was no place saying that the offers won`t stack, it`s not my fault nobody from the darkorbit team did not update it. And why would i be classified as a spam? Is this your way to scare us, the players away?
    I`m only a darkorbit player, an bigpoint contracter and an european member who is asking for his rights.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
  12. s1cKTouch

    s1cKTouch Forum-Apprentice

    Hi Toby!

    Check out this tread in the hungarian forum: http://hu.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/happy-hour-mega-happy-hour-giga-helix-happy-hour.174/

    This is written there :
    • "A privát akciós ajánlatokra hatással van a Happy-, és Mega Happy Hour. Így kevesebbért többet kaphattok."
    • "A privát akciós ajánlatokra hatással van a Giga Happy Hour. Így kevesebbért többet kaphattok. "
    This means: "The HH MHH Helix, has effect to the private discounted deals, so you can get more (uridium) for less (money)."

    This thread is in the Bibe(FAQ), and was written by the moderators and admins. Do you think it's fair to the player who checked this before the purchase? The private deals also worked with the helix deal before. (I personally know this, because this is how whe built our ga1 ship.)

    Do you think it is fair to the player?
  13. Mod_Toby

    Mod_Toby Forum Great Master

    Sorry to hear that, just in note if you receive private promotional offers these are not for us to control therefore as it's been said offers do not stack.

    I will close the thread as you have been informed.


    Closing as informed.
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