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[TI] Kamikaze issues

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by FalconDestroyer18, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. FalconDestroyer18

    FalconDestroyer18 Forum-Greenhorn

    So my pet's kamikaze has been acting strange..

    I start with the pet on low HP and everything works normally (pet shoots aliens
    until me or my pet get shot, then goes for the kami). But once my pet goes for the
    kami, one of three things happens, either:

    • 1. (Rare, like 1 in 15 kamis.) My pet flies towards my target normally and explodes upon reaching it, dealing proper damage to my target and splash damage to nearby enemies.
    • 2. (Most common, probably 80% of kamis.) My pet seems to magically gain HP when kami is triggered (if I'm quick enough to target and shoot my pet before kami detonates it appears I can make it detonate faster, but it still doesn't track my target) then flies to where my target was when kami was triggered (rather than following my target), waits there for 5-10 seconds and then explodes, giving even really slow NPCs time to move out of it's way.
    • 3. (About 10% of the time) Mostly the same as B, but rather than flying anywhere it stops in it's current location and explodes after 5-10 seconds.
    If there happens to be enemies right on top of my pet or within splash range (or if I'm able to lure enemies there) when it detonates, it will still deal damage to them, but usually it's only splash damage.

    I've made sure my pet is low HP, even popped my pet a few times, but it doesn't
    seem to change anything.

    I've also tried clearing cache, different browsers, NPAPI and PPAPI flash versions (both updated to most recent versions).

    When I have time I can create a screen recording to demonstrate what I'm talking about..

    I contacted support but they blew me off and simply said it was normal.

    If this is normal behavior I suppose I can live with it and I apologize for wasting anyone's time, but I've never had this problem when I played before (about a year ago) and I've never seen it happen in anyone's videos where kami takes place, and I couldn't find anything about a kami update that made it function this way, I just found one about adding a cooldown.

    P.S. Hopefully I don't come off as angry I simply wish to have this resolved..

    UserID: 160315376 Server: USA West (us2)

    Thanks in advance, -Falcon
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    ĦΞΛĐ●ÇΛŠΞ Forum-Apprentice

    totally agree
    also don't you love it when you try to pick up cargo boxes and the pet flies over top of them and just sits there.
    i've had to turn pet off just to pick them up.
    i've also quit running full radar because lots of times it just sits there when i can see cargo boxes on the screen.

    good question, i hope they don't blow you off with answer.
  3. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello FalconDestroyer18,

    We have been notified that you have contacted support regarding this matter. As such you will need to continue the matter through them.

    Closing as pending Support response.
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