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[TI] us1 unable to join with new account

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by tomsouz17, Jul 8, 2019.

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  1. tomsouz17

    tomsouz17 Forum-Greenhorn

    I have been playing on US1 (east coast) server for a while now and I wanted to make a new account just so I could have 2 on the same server. When I made the account the US1 server was not an option to join and the only 2 servers on US east were "global america" and "global america2"

    Has us1 been closed to new users? I also noticed that BR1 was missing from the interface as well.
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  2. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Server Merges
    There is no USA West or East anymore. It's US1 and US2. Similar occurrences for other servers.
  3. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    HI All,

    USA (East Coast) which is now USA1 was merge with USA 2,3,4. There is a listing for USA 2 in the server list, but in reality it is USA 1. USA 2 really is a front for the game. I had started another ship when USA 1 was down a long time ago. So I started a new ship on USA 2. So, I had a ship in USA 1 and 2 before the merger started. DO doesn't allow you to have more than one ship on a server. Why is beyond me, but I do. I had one ship on USA 1 and USA 2 after the merger the were together. Now both ships are together even though DO said there is USA 1 and USA 2. I don't like this because if I want to bid in the Auction House I have 2 ships bidding on the same item. So it was a seesaw. One day USA1 the other day USA2 get what it wanted in the Auction House. When I log on for my Daily Bonus I can see both ships on the one server. The one that I'm not flying will disappear after awhile, but both are together. What I like to do is move one.

    Sorry going off track. DO won't let you. Only a merger can make it happen. I do recommend a server in a different time zone. I have a GB1 so I can play in the daytime in a nighttime setting. Because I don't play at night. I wish I went to Turkey because for me AM is PM time for me. GB1 is AF (afternoon) for PM time.

    Something to think about.

  4. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello tomsouz17,

    Thank you both for assisting the user with their concern. All US servers were merged into US2(west server). So all names from US1, US3, and US4 have prefixes except those on the host server US2. US1 may not be listed in the server menu for you, but it is still there under US2.

    Do you the original poster have any further questions/concerns or may we close?
  5. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog S-Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Closing as OP is non responsive to Moderator.

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