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[TI] What have you done?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ramnik, Jul 26, 2018.

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  1. ramnik

    ramnik Forum Commissioner

    What have you guys done? removed all my missions, my jump chips. is this going to fixed or have you guys just [removed] all over
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  2. zaferdagli39

    zaferdagli39 Forum-Greenhorn

  3. **knasher**

    **knasher** Forum-Apprentice

    jeez im logged off and it wont let me do anything, i suggest you employ coders that can do more than make coffee.
  4. mosesmog

    mosesmog Forum-Greenhorn

    Game totally screwed...missions gone...drones not showing hot bars gone....BP get a grip please.

    ÇĹΥĐΞ[ŔΞV] Forum-Apprentice

    connection lost get in cant log no jump creds...... oh my god
  6. -=]MERLIN[=-

    -=]MERLIN[=- Forum-Greenhorn

    Cant even see ports or npcs lol...constant server drops too
  7. shadyvill

    shadyvill Forum-Apprentice

    frank spencer is coding it lol.some mothers do av em
  8. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy Forum-Apprentice

    it appears its widespread ive tried toopen all the nixys quests stations but they wont open
  9. Mod_Toby

    Mod_Toby Forum Great Master

    Baracus from Discord server:
    We are currently looking into the server issues that some of you have been experiencing, and hope to find a solution soon. We will update as more information becomes available.
    Some servers experience issues, removed missions; lost jump credits; not able to log out etc. Tech team is working to solve the problems, as soon as we hear anything new we will keep you posted. Please keep the eye on Issues at this time and our Official Discord server for more.

  10. -=]MERLIN[=-

    -=]MERLIN[=- Forum-Greenhorn

    I only have a limited time to play in the mornings and my subscription's are on the clock...my XL doubler has somehow vanished with weeks left on it. Will this time be compensated?
  11. **Owl**

    **Owl** Forum-Greenhorn

    i think they got the cleaners coding it,
    as usual change 1 thing break 12. jeeez
  12. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy Forum-Apprentice

    all very well toby but ive got a title im stuck unable to change cons cant log off and the titles not showing if ive been popped and lost the title while stuck i will leave this game for good its not worth the time and effort just to lose something ive worked hard at to get only to lose it to these glitches
  13. ÇĹΥĐΞ[ŔΞV]

    ÇĹΥĐΞ[ŔΞV] Forum-Apprentice

    26.07.2018 - 09:36[​IMG]You have been destroyed by a Mordon alien ship.

    Thats 1 you owe me Bug Point
  14. ramnik

    ramnik Forum Commissioner

    yeah toby i would be on discord but baracus went on a banning spree and banned loads of people for no reason, i only called him bald, im not wrong am i?
  15. WhiteHartLane™

    WhiteHartLane™ Forum-Apprentice

    why so many problems after a merge..game stumbles from bad to complete farce..no wonder players are leaving in there drove....
  16. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog S-Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Closing as thread is inactive.

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