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Top 10 Ships

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Bakjam, Dec 13, 2018.

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  1. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    Hello everybody, today I wanted to try something new. The Tactical Ship and Design guides have been outdated for quite some time now and making edits to them is quite a pain. Instead I've decided to attempt a different approach by making a top list of all of the competitive ships along with a short reasoning behind the position of each ship.

    What is a competitive ship?
    In my opinion a competitive ship is a ship that isn't outmatched by another ship in all of its stats. For example, the Venom isn't a competitive ship because it is outmatched by the Cyborg on all terrains (excluding the cost). The Spearhead on the other hand is a competitive ship because even though it is significantly weaker than the Venom, it still features powerful abilities that no other ship has. Please note that this does not mean that a ship not on this list isn't good, nor that a ship from this list is always better than one ranked lower or not on this list!

    What factors determine a ship's rank?
    When assigning ranks, ships will be judged by their stats and abilities but also by their usefulness in PVP and PVE, outfits and their setup possibilities. Please be aware that while I will try to do my best to create a fair list. However most if not all of these rankings are based on my point of view. Some might come to another conclusion based on their experience or value they add to a ship. If you feel like I've missed something that makes a ship better (or worse), feel free to share your point of view down below!

    Some notes
    HP shown consist solely of basic HP + 50,000 from Pilot sheet
    Min speed = speed without speed generators but with promerium boost
    Max speed = speed with both the best speed generators and promerium boost

    If you want to take into account a drone formation simply multiply, an example:
    20% HP bonus --> HP x 1,2
    20% HP penalty --> HP x 0,8

    1. Cyborg

    Min / Max speed360 - 552
    Hit points315,000
    Rocket launcher1

    Passive bonus: 10% damage

    To most this one may not come as a surprise; ever since the nerf of the Mimesis the Cyborg is the number 1 of all ships available so far. Featuring solid HP, generators, lasers and and awesome and devastating ability, this ship is a true force to be reckoned with.

    The two unique traits this ship features both focus on damage output. 16 lasers along with a 10% damage boost grant this ship the highest base damage of all. In addition there is the Singularity II skill:

    Singularity II
    Requires you to be in laser range of a locked target to activate
    Continues once activated, even when target gets out of range
    Damage goes directly to enemy HP and pierces abilities
    Damage starts out at 7,100 HP and then builds up by 300 HP every second to a maximum of 15,800 HP per second
    Total damage: 343500 HP
    Duration: 29 seconds
    Cooldown: 270 seconds

    Ends when:
    Target jumps
    Target uses an EMP
    Target is destroyed
    User locks another target
    User is affected by JAMX
    User jumps
    User is destroyed

    As you can see this ability can be extremely powerful, in particular when your opponents has no EMP or used one already. And that's exactly what makes the Cyborg so powerful: it punishes your opponent for using an EMP. Especially in packs, the Cyborg shines as you can use your ability one after another, wreaking havoc on any adversary. It also functions great against strong NPCs, especially in Galaxy Gates along with the moth formation.

    Recommended Setup
    Because of the high amount of lasers and passive damage bonus it is best to equip the strongest lasers (black light lasers) to quickly overwhelm your opponents. You may also want to consider using hyperplasmoids with the ring formation along with a combination of hercules and spartan drone designs for maximum survivability. Here's an example:

    16 hyperplasmoid on ship --> 8% HP boost
    Full hercules --> 20% HP boost
    Total boost: 28% HP

    16 hyperplasmoid on ship + 10 hyperplasmoid on drones -> 13% HP boost
    Full Spartan --> 15% HP boost
    Total boost: 28% HP (no HP is lost in between config switches)

    Note that damage penalties hit the Cyborg extra hard: the higher your base damage, the more damage you lose.

    2. Hammerclaw

    Min / Max speed372 - 540
    Hit points327,500
    Rocket launcher1

    Passive bonus: 25% HP

    While the number one was rather easy to determine, number 2 was a lot harder and may be more open to debate according to some. However, while the Hammerclaw features less damage, shield and speed compared to the Cyborg, it is far stronger in resistance and also a far better outfit ship. Not only does it come with a massive 25% HP bonus, it also features 3 strong repair abilities.

    Let's start with that HP bonus:

    Base HP277,500265,000
    + Pilot sheet327,500315,000
    + Passive HP boost409,375-
    + Heart formation491,250378,000
    + Full hercules589,500453,600
    + Double HP boost707,400544,320
    + Full hyperplasmoid820,584642,298
    + 5% shared boost861,613674,412

    As you can see there is a significant difference in HP and the more HP boosts you have, the bigger the difference will become.

    Now let's take a look at the abilities:

    Repair Pod
    This ability allows you to drop a pod that repairs both your ship and all ships in your outfit. Note that you must be in range of the green waves in order to be repaired.

    Note that this ability can be countered or prevented by JAMX.

    Self-healing: 17,500 HP per second
    Friendly-healing: 17,500 per second
    Duration: 10 seconds
    Cooldown: 160 seconds

    Shield repair
    This ability regenerates your shield and the shield of a locked outfit member in range. Unlike the repair pod, this ability can be used to heal friendly units outside an outfit but only if you have an alliance with them (green clan tag).

    Please note that once you've activated this skill it will continue to heal a friendly target for as long as it was locked before you activated it. Therefore you do not have to keep a target locked although this also means that you can't heal a target you didn't lock before activating the ability.

    Note that this ability can be countered or prevented by JAMX.

    Self-healing: 40,000 per second
    Friendly-healing: 32,000 per second
    Duration: 3 seconds
    Cooldown: 60 seconds

    HP Repair
    This ability repairs your HP and the HP of a locked outfit member in range. This ability can also be used outside an outfit, albeit with the same restrictions as the shield repair.

    Again beware that this ability can be countered or prevented by JAMX.

    Self-healing: 25,000 per second
    Friendly-healing: 50,000 per second
    Duration: 6 seconds
    Cooldown: 140 seconds

    Why I prefer the Hammerclaw over the Aegis and Aegis Elite
    As you might be able to tell, most of the Hammerclaw abilities restore much more HP and shield than the ones from the Aegis and Aegis Elite. At the same time, the ones from the Aegis and Aegis Elite feature significantly shorter cooldowns. Personally I prefer short burst of healing to keep up with the damage rather than more healing over time. After all don't forget that for most of these abilities to work, you have to lock a friendly outfit member before you can switch back to your enemy which means you can't deal damage for a short period of time.

    In addition, the Hammerclaw features more lasers and a massive passive HP bonus which in my opinion definitely gives it the edge over the Aegis. In large outfits the HP pod from the Aegis Elite may be better though as its repair pod has a shorter cooldown (120 seconds), repairs more (20,000 per second) and lasts longer (15 seconds).

    Recommended Setup
    Just like with the Cyborg, because you already have a passive boost it could be a good idea to try to expand on that boost.

    On the other hand, because you already have decent HP you could also focus on your damage output, consider equipping magma drills or if possible black light ones.

    Lastly you could also use the ring formation along with a combination of hyperplasmoids and spartan and hercules drone designs as stated before. Beware of your speed though as it may be hard to keep up with fast ships or even Cyborgs!

    To conclude the Hammerclaw is an excellent ship and a must have for base defending. It excels in somewhat larger groups and PVE!
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  2. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    8. Pusat

    Min / Max speed444 - 588
    Hit points175,000
    Rocket launcher1

    Passive bonus: none

    While the Pusat may be stronger and just as fast as the Spearhead, the lack of abilities and low HP make it even more vulnerable for the Cyborg and Tartarus. In addition, the lack of the ultimate cloaking ability makes it much harder to remain undetected, for example when sniping an enemy or laying mines near a CBS. And as a hit-and-run ship, remaining undetected is the key to succes. Nevertheless, the reliable combination of speed and firepower is still quite good and keeps this ship away from last place. You will need emergency-repair-techs and the combo-ship-repair-gear for PVP though!

    10. Mimesis

    Min / Max speed360 (450 with scramble) - 528 (660 with scramble)
    Hit points336,000
    Rocket launcher1

    Passive bonus: 5% shield penetration + 10% shield power

    The Mimesis used to be one of the most feared ships of all. Loved by some and hated by a thousand times more. Apart from team work, aware players and the Spearhead this ship had nothing to fear. So how did it end up all the way down here? Simple: decreased reliability.

    Looking at the stats there is nothing too fancy to see. Apart from the shield penetration (which to some degree even functions as a nerf as we will see later) this ship is easily outmatched by the Cyborg, Hammerclaw, Citadel and so on. Perhaps its strength comes from or rather came from its abilities...

    Phase Out
    This ability functions as an escape method. It allows you to teleport 50 units into a random direction (excluding to the radiation zone). It should be noted that this ability can't be used in Galaxy Gates, LoW Gate, UBA or Pirate Maps. In addition, this ability does not remove locks, so everyone who had a lock on you before you activated it will still be able to see you. In addition if you are teleported away from a portal you might end up destroyed anyway. An effective strategy might be to fly to an empty corner of a map and then activate it, ensuring that you will not end up in a corner when you teleport.

    This ability may be countered or prevented by JAMX although I am not 100% sure about that.

    Duration: roughly 3 seconds
    Cooldown: 5 minutes

    So far still nothing interesting, the stats are still 'meh' and if you really want an escape ability you will be ten times better of with the Lightning's Afterburner. The next ability however completely changes the Mimesis.

    Enemies have a 65% chance of missing your ship
    +25% laser damage
    +25% speed
    -10% shield per second

    JAMX prevents and kills this skill

    Duration: until you run out of shield or switch configuration
    Cooldown: 5 minutes

    On paper this ability seems quite weak. +25% speed and damage for less than ten seconds? After all after 10 seconds you will no longer have shields left and that is without including any incoming damage. However, for as long as you can keep up your shield by 'sabbing' multiple enemies, this ability will continue. The key is to find the sweet spot where you have just enough shields equipped to keep up with the drain and incoming damage at the same time, while maintaining your extra damage and speed.

    A couple of tactics to use a Mimesis:
    Experiment with the number of shield generators. The more shield generators the harder it will be to keep up with the passive drain but the more damage you can take from enemies.

    Switch targets to sab their shields when your current target uses ISH, EMP or gets out of range. You can also use NPCs or PETs!

    Use the back-up shield tech to restore your shield
    Hunt with a Citadel or Hammerclaw to sab their shield or have yours restored
    Hunt with someone with the 'sacrificial flame' gear

    Do not hunt with another Mimesis as there most likely won't be enough shield energy to sab for the both of you.

    A couple of tactics to counter a Mimesis:
    Use ISH and EMP to prevent an enemy Mimesis from sabbing your shield
    Use smartbombs and mines as they can't miss.
    Use the chevron formation, PLT-3030 and rocket-tech to bypass the evasion
    Use a Spearhead to counter the scramble ability
    Use a Citadel with draw fire, ISH, EMP, fortify or even a suicide config

    Note that it could be that the AIM-CPU which increase your laser hit probability does not work here as it was released before the Mimesis. Although I am not 100% sure about this, the chance of forgetting to turn of the CPU and end up with no xenomit (and thus ISH and smartbombs) should be enough to stay away from this CPU!

    Recommended Setup

    When it comes to the passive bonus, you may think that it is a good idea to use the Moth formation to increase shield penetration further. Beware however that this reduced the effectiveness of scramble!

    Focusing on the scramble ability the drill formation could be a great way to increase you damage output and thereby your shield absorption with SAB ammo. Be careful with ring as you will have relatively low HP, lower damage and higher shield drain!

    Lastly the star formation along with the evasion from pilot sheet are great ways to increase the chance of an opponent missing your ship. At the same time, even when you add all of those up you will still end up with an evasion of just 82%. And while that may be enough to keep up with one or two opponents it is by far not enough for the 5 vs 1 fights it used to be.

    Overall the decreased evasion is exactly what made this ship so unreliable. Especially when you take into account that there are already so many counters to it. Personally I wouldn't mind if the evasion was increased once more although I do feel like it should only be for PVP damage. This way we can prevent people from soloing things that were not intended to be done alone (CBS and very strong NPCs) whilst still keeping the Mimesis an interesting and fun option for PVP.
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  3. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    6. Tartarus

    Min / Max speed264 (317 with speed boost ability) - 444 (577 with speed boost ability)

    Passive bonus: none

    The reason as to why this ship is rarely seen anymore, I have yet to find. While it may not be as good as it used to, it still comes with one of the best mixes between speed, firepower and defenses. It is an excellent hit-and-run ship with the only real weakness being its dependence on an ability and to a small degree its defenses. While it features slightly less speed and damage compared to the Pusat, its higher HP and number of generators grant it much more survivability. This is especially helpful against Cyborgs as it isn't that vulnerable for Singularity. Should you own this ship already I would definitely recommend you to dust it off and give it a try once more!

    Speed boost
    This ability provides you with a 30% speedboost while reducing the laserdamage caused by your drones by 5%. Unlike most other abilities this one does not have a set duration, instead it allows you to toggle it on or off whenever you feel like it, with only a 5 second cooldown between toggles.

    Although you can choose to turn it on or off in practice it is best to just leave it on as the speed boost is almost always necessary to be effective. Furthermore the downside is almost negligible so there is pretty much no reason whatsoever to turn it off. Mind the fact that just like with nearly all other abilities it can be turned off by a Spearhead which could leave you very vulnerable.

    Duration: toggle on/off
    Cooldown between toggle: 5 seconds

    This ability reduces the reload time of the rocket launcher (the time it takes to load all its rockets) to 0 seconds and the cooldown (the time it takes before it can load and fire rockets again) to just 1 second. This allows you to fire up to 3 full salvo's in 3 seconds.

    Even though rocket launchers make up for only a fraction of your total damage output, using strong rocket launcher ammo could definitely give you the edge. It is also very effective when fighting a Spectrum with its prismatic shielding ability. In addition the short cooldown allows you to use it in quick succession making it even more powerful. Just 12 seconds with a double cooldown booster makes moving in and out of range quite an effective strategy.

    Last but not least don't forget that rocket launchers have a long range and can provide consistent damage, regardless of your current configuration!

    Duration: 3 seconds
    Cooldown: 24 seconds

    In order to be more effective at hit-and-run and to get away you will definitely need the wheel formation to boost your speed further. Apart from that heart, drill and moth are excellent additions. Be careful with the ring formation as you might run into HP issues when facing Cyborgs. Consider producing 'emergency-repair-techs' to counter them!

    The Tartarus vs the Centurion UC-SP2-EVADMG

    Min / Max speed378 - 571

    Passive bonus: +15 speed (already included)
    Passive penalty: -5% evasion, - 5% damage

    While this variant of the centurion may feature more lasers and generators and does not rely on an ability, it does feature slightly less speed and evasion in addition to a damage penalty. It is a close call but overall I still feel like the Tartarus is a better choice, especially because it is much easier to obtain.
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  4. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    7. Spearhead Elite

    Min / Max Speed444 - 588

    Looking at the stats it may sound like a miracle that this ship made it to this list at all. However apart from having the highest base speed in the game, the Spearhead Elite also features several extremely useful abilities that provide a ton of uses. Quick side note: I focus on the Spearhead Elite not only because of the passive damage bonus but also because its abilities are far more useful. Note that in order for the Spearhead to be effective you will need proper equipment for both you and your PET! First let's look at the abilities, i'm excluding target marker as for now it is almost completely useless!

    Ultimate Cloaking
    This ability cloaks you, removes you from the minimap and prevents you from being locked onto while it is active. This has a ton of uses: placing mines unseen, taking out unsuspecting targets, scouting areas unseen or making an escape. It should be noted that you should always be aware of your surroundings and on the lookout for possible targets.

    In addition you need to be aware of the restrictions. This ability cannot be activated while under attack. There is a 10 second period during which you have to remain unattacked nor be attacking to be able to activate it. Furthermore it can also be disabled by an enemy JAMX, an EMP mine or by chance from a nearby EMP and upon using JAMX yourself. Lastly this ability features one of the lengthiest cooldowns of all so try to use it only when you really need it.

    Duration: 45 seconds
    Cooldown: 360 seconds

    This is one of the most useful ability available. Rather than providing a bonus to your ship it focuses on disabling the abilities of your enemies. You can either block or counter abilities. Abilities that were not active are blocked and can be used as soon as JAMX ends. Abilities that were active are countered which is usually more effective as it will reset the cooldown of the countered ability.

    Note that some abilities cannot be countered due to their short duration. Also make sure enemies are in range of JAMX at the moment of firing, passing by an enemy ship while it is already active will not counter nor disable any abilities.

    Should you want to counter any abilities that apply an effect to another ship (singularity, shield leech, target marker etc.) be sure to use it near the user of the abilities, not near their targets! Oh and before I forget: JAMX has a 50% chance to remove your cloak (both standard and ultimate) upon use!

    Duration: 5 seconds
    Cooldown: 207

    Recon is an awesome ability that doubles your radar range and makes it visible. This allows you to scan entire maps in no time and detect enemies before they can detect you providing you with useful information about where to go and where not. To distinguish between NPCs and players look at the speed and patterns of the red dots; players often move much faster and in a different way! Lastly recon also functions great with the ultimate cloaking ability to detect enemies and then go completely cloaked to gain the advantage of surprise.

    Duration: 45 seconds
    Cooldown: 90 seconds

    The Spearhead is extremely limited when it comes to equipment and drone formations. Because of your low HP heart would be your best option as standard, along with drill, moth and wheel for PVP. Ring is pretty much a waste because your HP is much more likely to run empty first. Furthermore ring reduces your speed which is definitely not what you want.

    Although limited in equipment and drone formations, HP, damage and in particular cooldown boosts greatly increase the Spearhead's effectiveness during PVP just like the 'emergency-repair-tech' and the combo-ship-repair-gear from your PET. You may also want to consider investing in PET laser slots and mines on your pilot sheet.

    Last but not least you can counter the low amount of extra's by equipping the Advanced Jump CPU on your drones. By equipping it only on your fast config you can still use it whilst leaving your hit config intact.

    Overall the Spearhead isn't a very good ship on it's own. Although with decent equipment it can be somewhat destructive by itself, it functions best as a support ship and is definitely not a great choice for beginners!
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  5. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    I like what you're doing; they're really good reads!
    By the way, I think you should edit your original post and add in the other ships as you go, instead of a new post :rolleyes:

    Ah, dang, that's really unfortunate D:
    Really adore seeing the Pusat up there, one of my favourite ships to use!
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  6. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    Hi, glad you like it! Although I agree it would be better if it is all in one post it makes it much harder to edit (as there are no spoiler buttons in the editor ;)
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  7. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    I'm sorry to see your ship didn't get a higher place but don't worry, it may change as other the ships are added ;)
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  8. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    5. Citadel Elite

    Min / Max speed288 - 528 (540 with travel ability)
    Hit points600,000
    Rocket launcher2
    Passive bonus: 5% damage bonus

    Just like with the Spearhead it may come as a surprise that the Citadel made it to this list. Low speed and low damage? Count me out. However, its enormous HP, high amount of extras, high number of generators, huge cargo and powerful abilities provide a solid defense and a lot of flexibility. And as such it can easily stand up to even the most powerful ships currently in existence. Especially in outfits this ship can be a great addition for any defense and attack operation.

    Before we look at the Citadel's abilities I would like to point out that I am choosing the Citadel Elite solely because of the passive damage bonus. The Citadel Elite focuses more on outfits, extending the duration of draw-fire and protection while reducing the duration of travel and fortify. While the reduced duration of fortify can be seen as a buff, the reduced travel duration is definitely a penalty!

    This is the Citadel's most useful ability. Rather than providing a percentage based boost it sets you speed to 540, regardless of your current speed. Upon activation it also removes all speed reducing effects including those caused by formations, infections, DCR-250, slowdown mines, ice rockets and so on. It should be noted that while active you can still be affected by a new slowdown mine or
    slowdown-projectile (from NPCs) although you are immune to other
    movement-hindering-effects. Infections are not removed by this skill instead it only removes the speed penalty for a short time.

    Although 540 isn't exactly enough to catch up to faster ships, it does allow you to hit hard, have high shields and high speed temporarily. It is also much faster than a config switch. Where it would normally take some time before your speed generators kick in with this ability you can benefit from a higher speed right away. It is a great way to chase fleeing enemies, even with drill as you won't lose any speed whatsoever.

    The ability lasts 5 seconds on a regular Citadel and 4 on the Citadel Elite. While this may seem negligible it can definitely make a difference!

    Last but not least don't forget that just like all other Citadel abilities, it can be countered by JAMX.

    Duration: 4 seconds (5 on the regular Citadel)
    Cooldown: 30 seconds

    This ability draws enemy fire from both NPCs and players towards the Citadel. This means that for as long as the ability is active, all enemies that were in range upon activation gain an instant lock on the Citadel and can't lock anything else. Enemies can remove the effect from their ship by using an EMP although they can only do that for themselves.

    Draw-fire is one of the best ways to defend outfit members and CBS alike. Apart from defending it can also be used offensively, forcing enemies or a CBS to shoot at you so group members can deal damage. It is especially effective with ISH, EMP and fortify. Be careful when using it near large groups of enemies though as you may end up taking more damage than you can handle. Note that even if you fire an EMP while using this ability, the effect will not be removed resulting in affected enemies being unable to lock you or any other target for a short period of time.

    Duration: 8 seconds (5 on the regular Citadel)
    Cooldown: 30 seconds

    This ability provides a 25% damage resistance for all nearby outfit members. All damage from the damage reduction is redirected at the Citadel and also has the same effect. It is a great ability in case you want to protect your outfit members but lost some HP and/or shield already. Beware that this ability only protects group members though!

    Duration: 15 seconds (10 on the regular Citadel)
    Cooldown: 90 seconds

    This ability lowers all incoming damage by 50% but fully immobilizes your ship meaning that your speed will be set to 0 and you can't use any portals or jump CPUs (unless you activate it after initiating a jump). The fact that you can't move makes it so that enemies can just move out of range or place a mine on your ship and with no way to end it earlier this ability can very, very easily backfire. It is best used with draw-fire, ISH and EMP to tank huge amounts of damage at once whilst also having an answer to mines.

    Duration: 7 seconds (10 on the regular Citadel)
    Cooldown: 6 minutes

    The Citadel's Twin Rocket Launchers

    A quick side note. Unlike any other ship, the Citadel features two rocket launchers. While that may sound like a good deal, it actually doesn't make much of a difference because they load separately. Therefore it takes twice as long before your able to fire them. And because configuration switches empty rocket launchers it may end up being more of a downside than an upside! Consider equipping a uridium and credit launcher or two credit launchers to gain some extra damage whilst somewhat bypassing the longer reload.


    As said before the Citadel comes with a lot of flexibility. First of all it can equip all extras. Second of all it can use any drone formation without directly running into low HP issues. Just like with the Cyborg and Hammerclaw some bonuses and penalties hit harder than others. Both ring and heart are excellent options as are drill and diamond. The high number of generators allows you to have up to 20 shield generators equipped increasing not only your total shield value but also your repair per second.

    Another formation can take advantage of the high number of generators is the diamond one. Because you have more shield overall, the 1% shield repair per second will also increase allowing you to easily reach the formation's maximum shield repair per second: 5,000. Add that to your already nice shield value and you end up with an excellent defense against NPCs or passive repair during PVP.

    Now that we are talking about PVP, I prefer ring for fast configs and drill for hit configs. Heart and maybe moth are also good choices as they do not lower you already terrible base speed.
    Note that switching to heart and then back to a formation with no HP boost or even a HP penalty, will indirectly provide you with a faster repair speed.

    As for lasers, the one thing the Citadel truly lacks (apart from speed) is firepower. For that reason magmadrills and if possible black light lasers are great choices. Hyperplasmoids are also very effective as they grant you a much bigger boost than they would on any other ship!

    Overall the Citadel has a ton of uses and can take and pack quite a punch. The combination of travel with a hit config is very powerful. For PVP make sure there is at least one fast ship in your outfit and if possible a healer. NPC bashing on your own is possible but requires sufficient equipment. Just like the Spearhead this ship is definitely not for those who just started!
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  9. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    9. Lightning

    Min / Max speed456 (592 with afterburner ability) - 576 (748 with afterburner ability)
    Hit points230,000

    Passive bonus: 5% damage

    Looking at the stats, the Lightning seems to be a compromise between firepower, speed and survivability. While it features decent damage and more HP than the Pusat and Spearhead its lower number of generators can be a true game breaker in any battle. It does however feature an ability which does not only grant you the highest speed in the game, but also high speed on a hit config, just like the Citadel which can be extremely useful.

    This ability increases your speed by 30% for 5 seconds. With full speed generators and promerium boost you can reach an absolutely insane max speed of 748! It should be noted that this ability pierces all speed reducing and enhancing effects except those provided by speed generators. This means that while you cannot be slowed down by any means (unlike the Citadel with its travel ability) you also can't gain more speed by for example using the wheel formation. Just like with the Citadel, infections are not removed, instead the ability solely removes the speed penalty while active.

    Just in case you didn't realize it yet, 748 speed is insanely fast. It allows you to escape almost any threat or catch up with nearly any target out there. Beware that it may still take a second or two before you are actually out of range so don't use it when your about to die, instead attempt to guess the outcome of a fight to decide whether or not you need to make a quick getaway!

    Apart from fleeing or catching up, this ability can also be used on your hitconfig, to grant you a high speed, shield and damage all at once even with 0 speed generators equipped!

    Be careful when using this ability though as it features a rather short duration and long cooldown. Once used you are vulnerable for a lot of ships out there! Cooldown boosters greatly increase the effectiveness of this ship!

    Duration: 5 seconds
    Cooldown: 3 minutes

    While this ship features more HP than the Spearhead and Pusat, its HP remains relatively low, especially with enemy Cyborgs around. Heart formation is therefore a decent choice. Ring is possible but I do not recommend it due to decreased speed and HP vulnerability.

    When it comes to shield power, equipping full lasers on ship and drones and 10 shield generators just isn't enough to keep up with today's damage. I strongly recommend to equip at least 2 shields on your drones, even though this means you will have to sacrifice some firepower. In addition be careful with the drill formation as it decreases your already lower shield value even further.

    On the topic of lasers: hyperplasmoids are possible but I prefer magmadrills or if possible black light ones. Overall I see the Lightning as the ultimate hit-and-run-and-catch-up-with-fleeing-cyborgs-ship ;). Therefore extra damage just suits it best. Make sure you've got cooldown boosters, emergency-repair-techs and combo-ship-repair-gear and stay away from too much PVE though! Lastly, don't forget that when facing multiple enemies at once, you can use your high base speed to exclude some of them from the fight or force them to switch to their faster (and often weaker) run config.
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