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  1. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit

    Hi all,

    Tomorrow (Wednesday 18th May) there is another Twitch stream planned for the usual time (1700 CEST).

    The guys will be discussing Ship Customisation.

    Tune in on


    Your Darkorbit Team
  2. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit

    Another session today at 5:00pm CEST (UTC+2) on #Twitch to talk about Old School Servers and the issues after the Ship Customization Launch.

    Tune in and chat with us!
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  3. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit

    Regular Twitch feed at the usual time of 5pm CEST (UTC +2).

    Content not confirmed as yet.
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  4. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit

    Hi all,

    This just in.

  5. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit


    We are live at the usual time 5pm (UST+2) to talk about in game economy and PvP.
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  6. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit

    No Twitch today because the guys are '
    busy with… stuff. :D'.
  7. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit

    OK folks,

    Twitch Time is back.

    Join us live today at 5pm CEST on when we give an insight on the development process of DarkOrbit and answer questions from chat!

    See you there!

    Your Darkorbit Team
  8. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit

    Hello folks!

    Please be informed that we will have another stress test OBT and a parallel Twitch stream today at 3pm CEST (UTC+2).

    The stream will focus on the stresstest and we will show off what’s happening inside the OBT for those who couldn’t get a spot. We’ll also have code giveaways going on J
    Test server access will be limited to 300 players in the beginning, but we will scale up that number after 4pm and observe when the game becomes unstable.

    The same conditions apply as for the last OBT:
  9. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit

    We’re gonna go live with a Twitch stream today at 4pm CET (UTC+1) at
    We will look into the Cross Server Zone open beta again and talk to our Narrative Designer Phil Harris about what’s happening on screen!
  10. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit

    Sorry for the short notice, but we will be live at in 15 minutes at 5pm CET (GMT+1)

    We have giveaways! And cool stuff! And cool people! On a couch!
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  11. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    The next twitch stream is currently slated for this Wednesday, 1600CET - 1700 CET
    They will also be introducing the newest addition to the DO team & hope to see you there^_^
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