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[UI] Booster B01

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Killer02, Jan 5, 2018.

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  1. Killer02

    Killer02 Forum-Apprentice

    the survey I open concerns the so-called single enhancement of the shield, Hitpoints and damages. In the shop they have this writing "DMG-B01, SHD-B01, HP-B01", but in the auction they have this writing "Damage booster, shield booster, hitpoint booster". With this proposal these upgrades will be present for each player for unlimited duration, with the feature that will increase each level until you reach the maximum at level 25, whose effect will be 10% damage, 10% hitpoint and 25% shield. The player at level 1 will have a damage increase of 0.4%, the shield of 1%, Hitpoints of 0.4%, then when you level the values will increase respectively 0.4% for the damage, 0.4% for the Hitpoints, 1% for the shield. In addition, the upgrades DMG-B01, SHD-B01, HP-B01 will not disappear from the auction or even from the shop, because players can still buy them, but when they buy them they will still reach the maximum available value or 10% damage, 25% shield and 10% Hitpoints. Now let me explain better with an example:
    let's make sure that I'm level 15 and I have the single upgrade level which in this case gives these values or 6% damage, 15% shield, 6% hitpoints, now I would like to get the maximum of the B01 upgrade directly at level 15 and what do I do? , purchase of the three damage, shield and Hitpoints upgrades at auction or in the shop, the final result will not be 16% damage, 40% shield and 16% Hitpoints, but always 10% damage, 25% shield, 10% Hitpoints , or the upgrade that you purchase will not be added, but will complete the values that you lack for a full B01 upgrade and in those 10 hours of play that gives you the upgrade purchased you will have a single full upgrade, but when you finish those 10 hours of play, your upgrading in that case will return to the basic values of your level. This happens at any level, obviously those of level 25 will not need to buy the auction boost as it already has the maximum available, only those who are from 1 to 24, who want to get the full single upgrade can buy it is in the shop or auction, knowing that when the 10 hours of play that gave the upgraded buy run out, they will return to having the basic value that was present in upgrading your level. The price of the three boosters inside the shop to get a complete upgrade will vary according to the bands:
    band lv 01 - lv 05 cost 1000 uridium for a single booster, 3000 uridium for all three boosters;
    band lv 06 - lv 10 cost 2000 uridium for a single booster, 6000 uridiums for all three boosters;
    band lv 11 - lv 15 cost 3000 uridium for a single booster, 9000 uridium for all three boosters;
    band lv 16 - lv 20 cost 4000 uridium for a single booster, 12000 uridium for all three boosters;
    band lv 21 - lv24 cost 5000 uridium for a single booster, 15000 uridium for all three boosters.
    The reason for this change is because a new player has more difficulty accumulating uridium since it has only the ability to kill aliens in the x-1, x-2 map and therefore the cost to get the single upgrade must necessarily be lower. While those who are at a higher level do not have these problems also having a larger amount of credits and also the possibility of obtaining more uridium by killing cubikon or other.In addition, these costs are not further reduced if you have the premium and the discount package also not even the bp will further decrease the costs.With this proposal will give the opportunity to see each player with these upgrades that will increase according to level, but also to give those who want to get the most out of their ship at any level, buying the same upgrades in the auction or in the shop but with the purpose of obtaining a complete B01 upgrade.
  2. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    The BOOSTERS you are mentioning are the SAME Booster, they have to specify in SHOP the BO-1 and BO-2 as one is regular (seen in auction) and the other is SHARED. These are not UPGRADES and we have enough UPGRADE stuff to pay for as it is now. ADDING more stuff to increase the imbalance of the game is not anything anyone should be supporting at a time when everyone is already being killed so fast by the FEW who have everything fully upgraded and BOOSTED.

    Currently you can Upgrade Drones, Shield Generators, Lasers, Hellstorm Rocket Launchers, & CBS Modules each upgrade stacks on top of every item assigned to the item it is used on and the CBS stacks on top of all of this, so currently a fully upgraded Drone with a set of Laser and Shields (both fully upgraded) boosted by BOTH purchased 10 hour Boosters and CBS stacking can end up with 2x normal damage/Shield easily and this does not include the Formation or Ship boosts that can also be used.

    The prices are nice but I do not see any of the NEW Players using any of them as they need to get more equipment to be stronger and not have to worry about spending Uridium on Boosters that do not give the full effect like from Auction.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  3. Killer02

    Killer02 Forum-Apprentice

    In the shop "DMG-B01, SHD-B01, HP-B01" are equal respectaly to "damage booster, shield booster, hitpoint booster" in the auction and thay are not shared boosters. In this thread I propose to make these boosters basic for each player and will have an unlimited duration. however, these boosters start at a minimum value at level 1, then leveling these values increase to reach to level 25 the max values of shield, the hp and damage boosters, that is 25% shield, 10% hitpoints, 10% damage. these boosters have unlimited duration, they will never disappear.
    Graph of the damage (DMG-B01) booster, shield (SHD-B01) booster, hitpoint ( HP-B01) booster livelling:
    Boost: Damage | shield | Hitpoint |
    lv01: 0.4% | 1% | 0.4% |
    lv02: 0.8% | 2% | 0.8% |
    lv03: 1.2% | 3% | 1.2% |
    lv04: 1.6% | 4% | 1.6% |
    lv05: 2.0% | 5% | 2.0% |


    lv25: 10.0% | 25% | 10.0% |.

    But sometimes it happens that a level 15 player, having the level 15 booster ( 6% damage, 15% shield, 6% hitpoint) wants to take advantage of the B01 booster with the highest values already at level 15, so I added that these boosters from the auction and the shop do not disappear so players can buy them in the auction or in the shop at the price proposed by me in the thread, and when they buy them, they get full booster for 10-hour at that level, so at level 15 the player gets directly 10% damage, 25% shield, 10% hitpoint, when the 10 hours of play are over, the values return to 6% damage, 15% shield, 10% hitpoint. The price in the shop changes according to the level of the player, because the player at low level gains less uridium, while a high level player has more ease to accumulate uridium. As you can see, this proposal helps a lot of new players by having a boost that increases by level. So adding also the seprom enhancement, the only difference that remains between a full player and a developing player is the shared booster that is the B-02 and the basic equipment on the ship.
    To conclude I would say greater balance.
  4. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    As I tried to point out the LOW level Players are more concerned about getting the equipment over spending for these Boosters they are going to have to buy every week or so.

    First off there is no level 1-5 players as these are automatic just for doing the introductory quests, and level 10 is reached within a few hours of play doing the next few quests, so the first level to even be looked at selling might be level 10, but again at level 10 I was trying to buy Shield Generators and LF-3's not any BOOSTER.
  5. snuffout

    snuffout Active Author

    Agree with helpmehelpyou. A novel of unnecessary changes to suit an individual's brainstorm!
  6. Killer02

    Killer02 Forum-Apprentice

    Surely no player from level 1 to level 10 would buy upgrades in the shop, because in fact there are priorities. The bonus that increases by level is useful not only for the damage but especially for the hitpoints and the shield, the latter increases a lot by having SG3N-B02 shields. At best, instead of being purchased in the shop from level 1, these boosters will be purchased directly at level 11, following the price indicated by me, then at level 11 the three upgrades will cost 3000 uridiums each.
  7. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    Again the time in each level is so low that it is a waste of Uridium and you are better off with the FULL Booster from Auction, if you really want/need them. And once used to this amount of boost you will not want the reduced Booster you are offering.

    I am sorry something that starts at a level that is NEVER SEEN is just a BAD idea. IF you start a new account, on a different server, you automatically are Level 5 Player, if you create a brand new account you are Level 5 just by completing the TUTORIAL Missions. Then your own admittance that no one would buy before level 11 is just further reason to not support as this is a lot of programming just so some offbeat wants to buy everything available from day one.

    This is just a waste of the TEAMS Resources as no one wants to spend this type of Uridium for a short time as a single Level until you get to level 16 and by then you want the FULL Boost of the 2 boosters if you are boosting at all.
  8. Killer02

    Killer02 Forum-Apprentice

    However you have not considered the most important thing, or not always from the auction you can get the three types of power-ups, especially those who are still developing the nase to full lf3, not only but also finishing the two configurations with full lf3, and full sc3b02, you must also consider the log files that are a necessary resource for the development of skills in the skill framework, and I also want to remember that there are also ships to be obtained in the weekly auction, in some servers point figures over 1kkk. So I can say that in that case even if it does not have the shield b01 boosters, hitpoints, and maxed damage, at least you can count a bit of upgrading that for a player in the average over level 15 corresponds to over 15% of shield, 6 % damage and 6% hitpoints and with a heavy configuration having with uan goliath 15 shields in the ship and 2 or 3 shields in the uav with a 15% potency reaches over 400k of shield, which in some situations save you, the same an increase of 6% for the damage is always convenient. it's like having all the laser upped at 16
  9. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    IF you stopped to listen to yourself, all of the points you made are exactly WHY the person is NOT going to want the BO-1 you are proposing. They would be better off saving the Uridium and getting the Surgeon with its 6% across the board boost and another SG3NBO-2 Shield Generator instead of the 3 partial boosters you want to sell them for 12K Uridium. I am level 16 FE+ and do not feel the need to have your BO-1 booster as I can and do get the full boosters out of Auction when I want them.
  10. Killer02

    Killer02 Forum-Apprentice

    In truth maybe you are not clear one thing, these boosters B01 of the shield, damage and hitpoints, which increase according to level do not require any cost in uridium, are "free". That cost that I have included is only for those who they want to buy the upgrade inside the shop, to take advantage of a complete bonus B01 at the level to which the player is, and I also made a very clear example if I level then with the upgrade of level 15 which is "free", meaning you do not have to pay for it and that corresponds to 6% damage, 15% shield, 6% hitpoints, but same to that level maybe I want to make a war, or I want to do only pvp, and I want to take advantage directly of the B01 complete any player can buy the upgrade in the shop or auction, it will always last 10 hours and you will get the maximum enhancement or 10 % damage, 10% hitpoints, 25% shield, then when the 10 hours pass you return to the base values of level 15, which as I have already specified last forever and are even "free". Also worth noting the prices I wrote are even better than the current ones. Also already at level 15 you have at least the ship enforcer so your famous sargeon will not earn me much, only 1% give more, and 1 shield slot, while here, having already basic a simple enforcer you can take more than 5% that offers you the ship even 15% shield, 6% damage and 6% hitpoints, and you will not have to spend uridium, so coem you can see is much better than an additional slot that offers you the sargeon ship. now you understand save and get bonuses that last forever and when the player levels the bonus increases until you reach the maximum level of 25. So as you see what you wrote you do not make much sense.
  11. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    Okay all I saw was the COST of Upgrade and we all know D O does not GIVE anything away for FREE so level 25 will never happen, they will not give an UNLIMITED FULL Booster on these 3 boosters, but IF these were "FREE" which was not clear in the O P then YES I can see this, BUT YOU also did not correct this "COST" that I was seeing as stated in my FIRST response to you. As I repeat;

    The prices are nice but I do not see any of the NEW Players using any of them as they need to get more equipment to be stronger and not have to worry about spending Uridium on Boosters that do not give the full effect like from Auction.

    And still stand on the grounds that I do not see anyone spending Uridium on partial Boosters when they can get the regular boosters from Auction. I also think this should be in REVERSE of what you propose, as a Ship levels up the Booster should go DOWN as these players are going to be more inclined to BUY the FULL Booster (including the Shared Booster) than to run with the Partial Boost as specified. D O has even seen the need for this package that they sell frequently for $0.99 USD (with no limit except time to buy) and the true wallets stock up on them as the more that are bought the longer they last. I have known people to buy hundreds at this price hoping to not run out before they sell them again.
  12. Killer02

    Killer02 Forum-Apprentice

    Regarding Booster B02, ie those shared, I would be inclined to make them disappear from the shop and put them only for a fee and also remove the functionality of the shared bonus. The motivation of all this is simple, as you can see, BP vouole to do the balancing of ships and formations, I agree with this new balance, but not to include such significant changes and to give an example: many have placed the problems of the high shield that can be achieved by ring formation and the fact that some ships were not killable (sentinel and spectrum), the problem for many of them depended only on the uav training, however, in my opinion, the real problem is only the shared booster, because if this booster was not shared, every single player would have added B01 and B02 maximum 50% of the upgrade on the shield, but the same reasoning could be done for the damage and also for the hitpoints, in fact the latter two reach the maximum 20% increase.
    Instead, it is currently achieved even having only 6 players next to you 100% shield enhancement, 50% damage enhancement, 50% Hp boosting.
    The ring formation for me should be slightly weakened or the shield that must increase should not be 120%, but 110%.
    Then it would be useful to reduce the duration and slightly increase the cooldown of the spectrum and sentinel skills and also of those ships that have defensive abilities.
    Then on the question of the price of the B01 in the shop since as you said at level 1 there is no need, that a player purchases them can also be done like this:
    band lv 01 - lv 04 cost 10000 uridium for a single booster, 30000 uridium for all three boosters;
    band lv 05 - lv 09 cost 8750 uridium for a single booster, 26250 uridiums for all three boosters;
    band lv 10 - lv 14 cost 7500 uridium for a single booster, 22500 uridium for all three boosters;
    band lv 16 - lv 19 cost 6250 uridium for a single booster, 18750 uridium for all three boosters;
    band lv 20 - lv 24 cost 5000 uridium for a single booster, 15000 uridium for all three boosters.
    So making the payment to B02 and inserting the b01 that increases to the level that is "free" and the new cost of B01 in the shop written by me in this post for those who want to take advantage of a full b01 upgrade at any level and adding the characteristics that you and I have largely discussed on the seprom, and by solving the multicompanyclan issue, the situation would be much better and more balanced. Consider that in the past shoppando little could be able to keep a well loaded ship with upgrades now but it is no longer so because ammunition, new equipment to do, is not easy.
    Finally, you could insert a paid item that doubles the experience gained with the galaxy gate portals and also kills the aliens in normal maps for two weeks, obviously the cost will be chosen by Bigpoint.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  13. -Stuart-

    -Stuart- Forum-Apprentice

    Why should it be more Expensive for low level players ,if anything it should be cheaper for the lower levels and more expensive as you go up the ranks,the higher ranks are strong enough
  14. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    Remember 1-5 are not even seen as they get this before finishing the Training Gate or if starting a new ship on another server.
  15. Killer02

    Killer02 Forum-Apprentice

    I fixed a moment what I wrote in the penultimate post because some things I wrote bad see if you agree with what I wrote.
  16. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    I don't see any changes that I can agree with. The BOOSTERS for individual Levels should have NO CHARGES, in POST #6 you even state there is a 3000 per booster Charge for level 11 booster. I see where you made a change to post #12 showing a declining cost for the different levels of Booster, but again this is not making sense.

    For me to support this idea; My reason/feelings
    1. Level 1-5 need to be completely removed from the thoughts or calculations No Players see these levels as they are doing the Starter Missions being shown how to function in D O or Automatic if starting a new server account
    2. Boosters need to be applied in reverse direction (Level 6 gets 100% boost, Level 20+ get NO BOOST) table at end Players needing the MOST help with the imbalance of the game get the better boost
    3. These boosters are NOT PURCHASED but AUTOMATIC Change at Level Gained As you stated these have no CHARGE and last the entire time of the Level so there should be no confusion by applying a cost to them PERIOD
    4. Pilot has OPTION to maintain FULL Boost from Auction or SHOP As they do NOW
    5. The changes need to be made to the Original Post So people do not have to read through all of the other stuff to understand what is being proposed
    So IF you really want these to have my support make the appropriate changes, I have generated a chart to assist with the Level Boost and you can take it or junk it but they are my suggestions. Again I do not believe a Level 20+ player needs any Balancing assistance as they probably already have Double Boosted everything from the Auction and even bought the BO-2 (Shared Booster) from the Shop.

    Here are my suggested Booster effects for the individual levels;

    DamageShieldHit Points
    6 10 25 10
    7 9 23 9
    8 9 22 9
    9 8 20 8
    10 7 19 7
    11 7 17 7
    12 6 16 6
    13 5 14 5
    14 4 13 4
    15 4 11 4
    16 3 10 3
    17 2 8 2
    18 2 7 2
    19 1 5 1
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