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[UI] Dark Orbit Battle Royale Weekend !

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Wirwerdenniesosein, Apr 16, 2019.

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  1. Foreword: Applause tokilljoy#1971 and samh97#0602 for this absolutely excellent idea.

    The Dark Orbit Battle Royale Weekend idea is simple:

    1) Create a map that is similar to the size of 4-4 with it's own unique properties. For example . . .

    • A large portion of the map will be a mine field similar to that found on 5-1 and 5-3; except instead there will be a variety mix between all the various types of mines (ACM-1, DD-M01, EMP-M01, SAB-M01, SL-M01, and IM-01) that is randomly generated.
    • A large portion of the map will be a maze complex similar in design to the mazes on 5-1 and 5-3.
    • A large portion of the map will have a decloaking blue mist identical to the kind found on the center of 5-1 and the bottom of 5-3.
    • Several portions of the map will have the Gauntlet of Plutus Gate Rocket Turrets; the kind that shoot out rockets totaling 400,000 damage per hit unless you keep moving or fire upon them.
    • All of these map properties may also coincide with each other; for example; a section of the maze may also have decloaking blue mist.

    2) There will be two separate portals to enter from on your x-1 map; solo or duos. The objective of this event is to survive as long as possible out of the 100 other players on the map. Larger teams of 3s, 4s, or bigger will not be permitted, as to discourage MCC domination of matches. Likewise with names and rank, the hide name and rank feature will be permanently switched on to discourage teaming up.

    3) For the first sixty-seconds upon entering the match, players will have a revive aurora around them, similar to when you have just re-spawned, where no one can damage each other or be damaged. This gives players ample time to fly across the map and disperse before the match begins.

    4) After x amount of time, the radiation zone moves in, similar to JPA, until the whole map is engulfed in radiation, therefore forcing the remaining players to fight. The engulfing circle of radiation is also randomized, so that no one will know where the final non-radiated sector of the map will end at.

    5) Players will receive y amount of progression points per kill, similar to the Guantlet of Plutus Gate. Winner(s) who receive a victory royale, the last to survive, will receive a significant number of progression points.​

    6) This event will take place on the weekends, coinciding when special rewards and double rewards for Galaxy Gates are taking place--giving Sub-UFEs and the FEs of our game some fun since they cannot always build gates.​

    Thank you so much for reading, please leave comments, questions, or criticism below.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
  2. I don't see why something like this couldn't be 24/7/365. Cross server in r-zone map maybe with separate ranking systems. It would add incentives to PvP again and revive the game somewhat. Bigpoint need to consider this and promote the new game mode. It cold see the game grow again and make it so much more fun.
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