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[UI] How hard would it be to revamp all of the Refraction based Missions?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by MarissaFlash, Jun 10, 2019.

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  1. MarissaFlash

    MarissaFlash Forum-Greenhorn

    As a truly new player, (I had heard of DO, but never actaully played it until 2 weeks ago), it is frustrating and looks VERY unpolished and tacky to see Missions, particularly daily Missions that can never be completed. The rewards for most of the daily Missions are useful things to farm, such as booty keys, and log disks and a small amount of credits. Clearly the devs felt that these items in small amounts given out as rewards would be useful and in particular, useful to a new player such as myself. But then none of these missions can EVER be completed.

    How hard would it be to simply re-do those missions to kill 10-20 aliens on the x-3 x-4 maps with higher level ones for pirate maps or x-5, 6, 7 ??

    Personally I feel cheated every single day when I see the missions that I know I cannot complete them, meaning another day of boring grind without even a daily mission to spice it up. As a new player with no nostalgia towards the game, or no $$$ currently invested, I am not tied to a game regardless of frustrations. I can pretty much guarantee that things like this turn new players into abandoned accounts pretty frequently.

    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Ambassador

    You have a valid point. I play an account that is designed to always be noob, and for the longest time I could manage the daily missions, but lately, things have gotten out of control. Hunters swarm into the lower level maps attacking anyone off port due to another problem the game has. To be fair, they are really just trying to finish off massive pvp missions that take forever to complete. However it can get to be pointless to try to complete a daily mission when the moment you can't even see the port, you pop. Some others will watch a player spend lots of time grinding down a npc, only to pop you at the last moment. Its sad. I still play, but don't bother with daily's anymore, as I don't have the time to invest, or waste for that matter. To be honest, with the exception of the collection missions, all of them are made to be completed in a group, which is just one fo the biggest problems in the game. This game really needs to be split up. If there is going to be a PVE and PVP element, they need to be in totally separate areas. Not all rodents can survive the hunt.
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  3. Easy fix @PSKSUNDANCE --orient most PvP quests to be completed only on the player's home maps... This is one of my simple 4 step solution to fix the state of our game.

    Why this works--It 1) keeps strong players on their own company's maps, therefore protecting the newbies of their company from invaders. It also 2) keeps strong players off enemy maps, and away from harming the newbies of enemy companies.

    @MarissaFlash unfortunately I am not up to date on the daily missions. I think it would be best for you to focus on the core quests, they give much better rewards.

    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Ambassador

    The daily missions can help out a lot if your able to do them. A few spins over time and log disc too are awesome. I am not saying the core missions are not good. I am pretty up to date for my level on the pve missions. They take time and with the exception of the genocide going on, you should actually be able to do both types, over time. :oops:

    Um who will be attacking if the pvp missions are set for home maps? Besides rank chaser's?
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
  5. omg :')

    I'm not sure what you're getting at, about asking who will be attacking if PvP missions are set for home maps. Rank chasers aside, I know that there are plenty of players who just hunt for fun. I never have PvP quests open but I still hunt in enemy maps--maybe only I do this who knows.

    Anyway, if we orient PvP missions to take place in our home maps, then players will be able to do their PvE missions along side their PvP missions. EDIT: Let me know if you think that is a good idea.
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  6. MarissaFlash

    MarissaFlash Forum-Greenhorn

    I am actually not overly concerned that DO has full world PVP, or at least I would be better able to see myself being able to hold my own if the prizes for uncompletable daily missions could be earned :) I do think there are mechanics in the game that DRIVE UFE and top players to slaughter new, easy targets, and there could be some simple fixes put in place to curb some of that slaughter. I can not imagine very many truly new players stick around after being welcomed to the game by being one shotted numerous times by people I can not even hope to damage for quite some time.

    Add in the huge % of missions that are impossible to complete, an assembly crafting system where most of the items (not just the top tier or really awesome stuff, but MOST of the stuff) would be a grind for weeks or months to construct, an event that appears to need hours and hours of gate smashing (I am hopefully going to work on my very first GG this Sunday!) to get 10k laser ammo, that lasts two weeks, and I can think that I may understand why so very few of the BSOG people who came here are now sitting as abandoned accounts.
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    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Ambassador

    This game is truly setup to take time to play. Unfortunately, there are a lot of players that have tons of time on their hands, so they can be on the game all day. Others like me, have job, school, family, and other real life things going on that easily take me away from the game to the point where I have to either make myself a note to keep straight on what I am working on or spend about 15 minutes figuring it out after logging in. The daily missions can actually be done, just takes time, but doable. The others, don't expect to finish in a couple hours as you advance. I am on uber and boss missions in my bigboy. Going to take time.
  8. MarissaFlash

    MarissaFlash Forum-Greenhorn

    Impossible half of the daily missions require going to the R zone which is broken.
  9. jdc3

    jdc3 Forum-Greenhorn

    No real depth to the game, just difficult to keep up and enjoy it. I don’t see any big fights as we had in BSGO and most of the PvP fights are about 2 to 3 sec long. I can’t even call them fight. And what game allows you to kill a group members? Can’t trust your own group or team…What’s the point to be in a group if you can get killed by one of them? I’m just killing time until I find another game…I hope someone starts BSGO again. They can blend the games and make something better, BSGO had a better storyline and graphics. This game is too much like Asteroids.

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