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[UI] just a lame idea, a server for PvE only !

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ΣŁĪŦΣ-Spatieman, Jun 15, 2019.

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  1. ΣŁĪŦΣ-Spatieman

    ΣŁĪŦΣ-Spatieman Junior Expert

    dont get me wrong, i play the game for 10 years now.
    ya, i am a lvl 15 still, becouse i have a real life to
    in the begin in was big fun, doing quest grinding stuff etc.
    and than when u almost have that big guy boss almost killed, bam your destroyed
    by a enemy player ,ok it is part of the game, but kill stealing is imho lame.
    so for n00bs like me who just want some fun a PvE server would be great !
  2. I like this idea, I've suggested a lot of ideas because of this situation but BP never listen. It's why this game gets less and less player base as the days go on.
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  3. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    HI All,

    I like that Idea. I am a PvE type of player and would like a world where I could enjoy my time without getting hunted down and killed by gangs of thugs.

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  4. atree

    atree Forum-Greenhorn

    I would play on the PvE server.
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  5. just make a new game then all the players that dont like PVP can go play that.
  6. ΣŁĪŦΣ-Spatieman

    ΣŁĪŦΣ-Spatieman Junior Expert

    well, if they make the npc's say 20% harder to kill, it will get also a challenge.
    and ya, in the time i post this , i reached lvl 18, still i am bad in the game hehe
  7. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    HI All,

    I hear ya. I have 3 ships and it seems I have a sign on my back says "Kill Me" and they do. It doesn't matter how bad you think you are there are others that just like to kill players. There are MCC's out there too, but I haven't heard about them here in a while. I just want to fly the Black and hunt down Aliens and kill them. Isn't it what the game started off as because they are attacking humans and trying to take over the space we are living in?

  8. ΣŁĪŦΣ-Spatieman

    ΣŁĪŦΣ-Spatieman Junior Expert

    to make it even more interesting, i dont know how its works, if it is legit or not, i came online on a most idiotic time ,than a guy starts to greet me !, and say have fun on the map ,while he even wasnt near by, but ok...
    that is one of the thing i like to see with a FULL PVP FREE zone !,banging npc's and not getting poked by a enemy, or worse !, a friendly company player
  9. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi Spatieman,

    You have a good Idea! I like to fly and hunt aliens and have friendly friends around doing the same. I don't care if it is another company as long as it doesn't attack. I hate looking over my shoulders (the little mini map) checking for red dots coming my way instead of looking for my next target. What I hate the most is, when I just finished killing an alien, a person pops out and starts shooting at me when my shields and hit points are weak. What a coward. Not even a fair fight. Well some people are that way. I'm not. I don't like hunting Players, because I know when I'm out trying to build points for my next level or getting rewards. Not dyeing and have to fly back out and start over. That really burns me when the same guy pops me again back on x-x. I end up quitting or going to another map, but some how they always find me. Then I'm done for the day. To tell you the truth, I don't fly much like I use too. I use to spend hours flying the Black. If I do it only for a few minutes and I don't go far from home base either. I'm here everyday just to collect my Daily Bonus, and chat for a little while in the forum. I spend more time in the forum than I do flying. I know its sad. What can I say.

  10. Has nothing to do with being a coward it saves ammo and finishes missions fast, if you don't like it being done to you learn to evade. there are very fast ways out of very awkward situations.
  11. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi Tice,

    If I got your name wrong sorry. I do try to evade and fight back as I change my configuration too. I click on the mini map to send me off to another section as I change my ship. Config 1 is design for PvE and Config 2 is design for PvP. Plus the change over gives me more shields for a few seconds, as I activate my battle bots for repair. I'm changing my ammo too to the heavier stuff for battling players. Last but not least turn P.E.T. into an attack ship. I drop mines for him to run over as I leave too. All this as I try to evade and fight back. It takes time and time I don't have. Most of the time I die, and a very few times I hit hard enough back to send the person running. Once in a very blue moon I might win which is really very rare. Maybe once or twice I did this. I'm not crying because I know it is part of the game. I just don't like it. I don't do it and don't want it done to me. Live and let live is my moto.

    I have been in a few PvP battles which I was given notice he/she was there. The person did a fly by and I saw that it wasn't my company man. I did my change over and was ready for his/her return as I moved off. The person returns and battle started. He/she are usually higher level or almost equal than I am, but I put up a good fight as I ran to a gate. If a battle is going to start this is the way to do it. I don't mind this kind of fight, but I just don't like dying. It is like two knight ready for battle. The other is an assassin who hides in the bark because he/she is weak or a coward, and afraid to face his adversary. The warrior who is fighting in the open being a man/woman fighter. They let people know that they are there!


    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Ambassador

    Honestly, I am not sure why they have not just changed it up where all the fighting would be done in the battle maps, 4-1 through 4-4. This would include all daily events, i.e. Beacon... Leave the rest for PVE only including removal of CBS's on all maps but the Battle maps. Refraction's was just about an answer for PVP but with the inability to chat while in there, why would most players go there. Of course now that is totally broken. If they ever changed up the ranking system, it should be set to reflect PVP only. This will solve rank being unattainable due to the botting problem, and would give a better representation of who does what, hunting/pvp. It will leave me with just about no rank, ever but at least PVE missions will get completed. Lets face it, PVP game or not, most players that are leaving are trying to handle the PVE, and with no system in place to allow them to concentrate on that, why would we expect them to stick around past the first hour.

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