[UI] @OP32 A small change, many benefits.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by UberStreuner, May 19, 2017.

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  1. UberStreuner

    UberStreuner Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello, I have been cordially asking for a change that I do not think represents a lot of difficulty, but I think it could benefit everyone, both new and old users.

    Hypothesis: One of the best ways to grow your account is by playing GG's, but picking up palladium or collecting bonus boxes is very boring, quite a lot.

    Basic Idea: Reduce (quite) considerably the time it takes to build a GG.

    Possible change: Add as a reward for destroying extra energy alien to the materializer.

    It benefits new users in: They can build faster basic galactic doors like Z, and get their equipment faster, in a way that motivates to play PvE, but does not become too boring, as picking palladium, or bonus boxes.

    It benefits the old and strong users in: Since we have strong accounts we are tired of PvE, we want more action, but the ammunition is done very fast, and is achieved in a slow and boring. Therefore, after so much work, we will be able to enjoy more of our accounts having ammunition in a faster way, and we will have new users against whom we can fight, because the new ones will grow faster.​

    I would appreciate an OP32 response, or a mod about my idea.

    PSKSUNDANCE Forum Ambassador

    Poor OP32, I feel he gets so much pressure since he is known by us so well. I don't know why you don't just address this to Baracus(Sorry if I butchered the spelling), since he is the new head of the Dev's and known as such. I have found he is straight up and does not seem to give general answers but realistic ones. At the same time OP32 is pretty good and his responses are pretty informative so we shall move on...

    I don't think you have a bad idea personally. I am trying to put more work into gates now, though I still have some significant PVE missions to finish clearing out. Your right, pally and boxing is boring, especially if you are not or not able to chat. However that plus using the uridium from finishing the gates helps get that next one going pretty good. The wild thing is we end up doing about 100 gates in order to get all the equipment needed (Havok, Herc, LF4). 5 years of playing and I am just barely focusing on getting gates done but still have fun. It would help if there was a faster way without buying the spins. With the focus on fixing bugs and possible mergers, I am not sure this will be a short team fix.
  3. F1™

    F1™ Forum-Apprentice

    I agree with you, and for example the aliens could drop a 'bonus box" or boxes from which you can get/recieve munition( not only lasers but as event boxes or even somewhere close like boxes from 2009-2011 if im not mistaken) and between 2-5 extra energy, and probably reduce the rewards by 5-15 % for lvls 21+
    just a thought plz no hate
    regards! :)

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