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[UI] Palladium 5-3

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX, Jul 27, 2018.

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  1. XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX

    XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX Someday Author

    Hello I have recently reconnected with the game and it has become increasingly difficult for new players or free players to close the gap between their equipment and Paying players. With new additions like the Spartan drones which can only be acquired from Schism crystals. It is incredibly hard for a new player or even a FE to continue to generate GG spins in order to open these gates frequently enough to get spartans. While for those who pay they can wait till the weekend and spam gates to get this elite equipment quickly and easily. I am saying this from the perspective of a paying player but when coming back to the game I did not pay instead I grinded to get my spartan drones and realize that the only ways to get these gates without wasting copious amounts of ammo, is to collect ore in 5-3.

    I am asking the devs to either reduce the palladium exchange to 1=10 or atleast giving players an easier way to gain these elite weapons making the game more fun and fair. Thanks.
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  2. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    I get the reduction in palladium to a 1:10 ratio, but it's sooooo easy to get LF4s now from the login bonus alone. You can become Full LF4 within a year, and each LF4 you get along the way is a big help in boosting productivity :D
  3. XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX

    XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX Someday Author

    I meant the New LF-4s Magmadrill and others. That was my fault.
  4. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Magmadrills, Hyperplasmoids and that third modified LF4, you can get them monthly as well, and it's amazing.

    But to farm them, of course, they are elite items, you either pay a lot, or work hard to get them, there is no other way. Make use of the LF4s you get to practice and get good at the game. You will be able to (rather quickly) learn the way, and easily defend yourself in Palladium maps, and get a lot of it easily and quickly.
  5. BAD#MAN

    BAD#MAN Forum-Greenhorn

    So you are asking that DO just gives the free players free equipment so they can compete with the paying players that keep the game alive? Everyone has the option to spend $ if they chose to, just because some chose not to does not mean that those who do spend should not get a benefit from spending $. If you want to compete with the spending players you can always get a job or mow your neighbors lawn. Video games do not have a welfare system for those that dont want to spend $.
  6. XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX

    XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX Someday Author

    Ok obviously you are illiterate because nowhere in my post did I ask DO to give players free equipment. I merely suggested that they reduce the palla trade exchange from 15 to 10 which would still take a player hours to gather 1k gate spins. That is not a big difference but can provide assistance to new players and free players so they don't immediately leave the game when they realize that to get anywhere in this game you have to break the bank. So don't comment on the forum if you don't even read it.

    And if DO made some minor changes like these it would boost population on the servers because obviously this pay to win mentality isn't helping because they have to merge servers. So next time use your brain before commenting.
  7. BAD#MAN

    BAD#MAN Forum-Greenhorn

    I lost interest before I could finish reading the whining of another person looking for hand outs. You act as if it takes a large amount of money to build gates, $25/week is very cheap entertainment and enough to do several gates/week if used wisely.

    Add in all the freebies from the new login calender and it doesnt take long to build a ship that is competitive.
  8. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ Someday Author

    it's a good idea about changing palla-ee ratio, now you taek al ot of time to open gate with the current ratio, and puttin it 10:1 will help a lot
  9. XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX

    XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX Someday Author

    No you lost all interest because you realized your argument is wrong and irelevant. I asked for a simple reduction of the palla exchange from 15 to 10 which would still take the average user hours to get full cargo. Obviously your method of spending money is not working in attracting new players and keeping current players because of the recent server merges. This would give free players another option and easier way to lighten the load of having to farm all the time.
  10. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Wdym, it only takes an hour to get 1500 palladium
  11. XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX

    XXXXXxFrAdLeYxX Someday Author

    I get that but I meant that to open the Hades gate you would require at most prob 1k spins so your spending between 6-9 hours collecting ore which is extremely boring, so it would be a little easier to gain it quicker.

    AMAZING-NEUTRON Forum-Greenhorn

    Shoot cubes 1 hour
    If you‘re to bad to shoot them on your own get a clan. You may also steal UFES Cubes. Just shoot them and run away.
  13. I didn't use pally when I switched servers (mostly because of wars) and I just turned to boxing, you don't need pally to open gates.
  14. °URANUS°™

    °URANUS°™ Someday Author

    The 10 palladium per spin would only be considered by BP if it was a discount associated with the prem memberships as it would be akin to a 5% discount on the palladium exchange rate.

    If the majority of players collecting palladium do not have prem memberships then this exchange rate as part of the prem memberships could be an incentive for them to get a prem membership increasing to some degree revenue for bp. After all, for the game to exist, money has to come in to support it.

    The exchange rate here then would give you 300 spins from 3,000 palladium but still taking the same amount of time to collect it.

    Bp will have to do something about palladium botters, like deny them access to the 5-3 map from the first time they are caught botting on palladium.

    Another option would possibly be to have palladium as part of normal pirate ship cargo drops.

    2 palladium from inters, 4 palladium from barracudas, 6 palladium from saboteurs, 8 or 10 palladium from annihilator's with a 14 or 16 palla drop from normal battle ray cargo.

    Bp could also increase the amount of pirates in 5-3 as well as this would help make collecting palladium go quicker if palladium is added to cargo drops.

    Players would benefit from getting a cargo trader for their pet so they can sell normal cargo from anywhere but you would still require going to 5-2 to exchange the palladium. I use my pet's cargo trader all the time to sell cargo and get a boost in credits while keeping my cargo bay free for palladium.

    Bp could also introduce a 1 in 100 or 1 in 150 chance of getting say 200 or 250 palladium as a full cargo drop from a pirate ship when destroyed.

    I do collect palladium. I do it mainly when I am sat at the computer working or just doing other things like typing this as I can have this separate window open and word documents etc. open in the centre of my screen and still see either side of it to the game window behind. But obviously collecting palladium does go a little quicker using both ship and pet.

    I will never buy uridium again until bp get their act together on the bots. They need to start deleting 100% of everything from their accounts, denying them access to building galaxy gates and denying them access to upgrades, from the first time they are caught so they can never permanently benefit from botting their way to ufe status and stealing 100s of gates and stealing all their ships/designs, drones/designs/formations, LF4's etc. like they currently are and have been allowed to.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2018
  15. This game is designed to make you pay. I hate to disappoint you but Bigpoint aren't going to do things which cause them to lose money.

    Having Palladium at all causes them god knows how much money in return for keeping players wanting to keep trying. On busier servers it is harder but I really cant see them doing anything you are suggesting here.

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