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[UI] People putting Titles on Inactive Accounts

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ, Dec 2, 2018.

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  1. Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ

    Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ Forum Inhabitant

    So my suggestion is to remove these titles from them somehow because it's ruining the point of even having it.
    Basically this is what they do;
    • They gain the title from a player.
    • They proceed to be purposely destroyed by an alternative account
    • This alternative account is never played, therefore the title is never seen again.
    Can we please do something about this BP? It would be nice to be able to collect them. Please just remove the people who are doing this and stop them being able to gain the title on their account.
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  2. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Titles FAQ

    Please research your issue before posting about it. If the account is not active for more than 48 Hours, the title will be removed & placed onto a random NPC.
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  3. Miscozra[Türk]

    Miscozra[Türk] Forum-Greenhorn

    Really? Do you think this guy doesn't know it? It is not hard to put a title on an inactive account and keep it online for few minutes for each day. This is what people are doing, they don't let other players take the title in this way.

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  4. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    No point in that, since the timer for the title only runs while the account is online and out of ANY safety zone.
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  5. Miscozra[Türk]

    Miscozra[Türk] Forum-Greenhorn

    It's not true. I tested it at my x-1 map and you can test it also. The timer for the titles runs at every map and everywhere except galaxy gates. Don't tell me FAQ says bla bla bla. It's not true. Test it what i said and you'll see what will happen.
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  6. Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ

    Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ Forum Inhabitant

    You think i don't know this? Stop coming into threads acting like a moderator, you're making yourself look like a fool.

    What the other guy said is true, they are being active enough so that it's not removed. We need a new solution to this problem, hence the reason for this thread.

    Maybe the solution is to make it so when having these titles you must have player on player combat with maybe a specific number or ratio. They must be from different IP addresses and multiple different enemies in the same time frame.

    I legit have not seen a title like these in months, since like March.
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    PSKSUNDANCE Forum General

    The real question is what is the problem? Real answer, somebody has a title that the OP has not had an opportunity to swipe, and has probably been taunted about it. People try to help out with information and you want to get mad. You don't play 24/7. The owner of the title has their own things to do. They don't have to follow your schedule. I have had a few titles myself. Your right that a good number of title holders will probably just play the minimum amount of time with that account, but some will use them for 1v1 baiting. Some like me, play as normal. Nobody has to call you when they have it. Nobody has to say a thing. You suggest taking the titles away but to do that a modification of the rules would have to be made. What stipulation are you suggesting be adjusted in this case? More Play time, during specified hours? No? Play in certain maps? Send you a group invite? lol, last one was a joke. But actually, what is the possible fix to the situation? We all know how hard it is for the Bots to be stopped. Give DO an idea for the implementation of this idea so they don't have to just have it in the dev bucket.
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  8. Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ

    Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ Forum Inhabitant

    Lets just stop you right there. This isn't about me wanting one title, this is about PvP players being able to obtain titles. I have no idea where you got the illusion that this thread is strictly about me? And I already said the solution above so I will quote it so you can read it again.

    I also don't know where you are getting this thought that people bait people for titles, no one does that. This is about popular servers gaining titles and putting them on alternative accounts. Did you even read the original post?
    Please, no more moderator wannabe replies.
  9. WrongNickname

    WrongNickname Forum-Greenhorn

    Those are just titles, pal. Random sets of words right above your name. They ain't even that cool. Yeah, you can rarely obtain one. But so what? Does having one make you cool, unique, or what? Yup, nothing. Hope BP ain't ever gonna waste any time with that. So useless.
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    PSKSUNDANCE Forum General

    I thank you for pointing out your solution. However, and you know I am right about this, having to be in pvp a number of times or ratio will just make some of them go noob hunting or go with their top gun packs to satisfy the need. I am not saying it is not doable. Just not going to guarantee your intent. What will be the number of times? What kind of ratio? Anyways, they are going to need more to know what would be right. As stated, there are guidelines in place for the titles. The fact that the players are able to work within those guidelines does not mean they have done anything wrong. If you can prove they "placed" them on accounts that are purposely played next to never, submit to Support. (Moderator wannabe statement. lol) Otherwise its not going anywhere. In the end, I am not saying a change is not a bad idea. Cheers...
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  11. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    Also , if a person doesn't want a title to hold or defend all they have to do is go to their Pilot Sheet then Achievements then select No Title or replace it with a title they already have ...real simple...
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  12. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    DO has an Inactive default while on the game client so just simply logging in to just collect time for a title. That user ID # has an email and I also know that there are bot programs that can randomly select not only email but also IP . To make things a little more clear ... The dynamic IP addresses aren't more powerful, but they can change (or be changed). ... Yes, static IP addresses don't change. Most IP addresses assigned today by Internet Service Providers are dynamic IP addresses . DO has several algorithms for security and the prevention of Hackers using Bot programs including DDos attacks to a server which generates Lag or a web-site not loading.
    Also Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ quit whining about
    Please, no more moderator wannabe replies. If you do not like some of the answers you read here there is a Contact Support link and post your concerns as a Game Problem/Other and generate a solution there. Pushing Titles is the same thing as Pushing Enemy kills for Quests ... If you wish to create threads and then Flame a thread you are Pushing yourself ... Screenshot Taken
  13. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    I've done that but you do collect time everywhere except gates . I have booster time running in the background and port/base sitting is not my style. I'm not wasting Booster time for a stupid title ... The merge has made it easier for users with multiple accounts to reveal titles not seen for months
  14. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Not attempting to be like a moderator in any way. I keep my answers neutral and unbiased, as that is my preference, and along with that, I stay bound by the rules of the Forums, and share said rules with others.

    But I do like the idea you mentioned about Titles having an additional PvP related condition.
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  15. Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ

    Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ Forum Inhabitant

    I don't get what the point of this entire thing is? You actually contribute nothing to the thread. Please go away thanks.
    Glad you agree with me. It's so nice when people actually contribute to the thread. Also, a wannabe moderator is when you step into a thread just to make yourself stand out and point out official things as if you was a moderator. Stop doing it. It's annoying and I'm pretty sure the moderators on this forum don't need your assistance.
  16. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ,

    We see your suggestion and will forward this request, however there are parameters already set in place for this issue.

    Closing as answered/prevent further flaiming.
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