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[UI] Player Giveback Overdue?Many months of no good freetoplay earnings through time given in.....

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ™-Me-262-Schwalbe-™, Aug 10, 2018.

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  1. ™-Me-262-Schwalbe-™

    ™-Me-262-Schwalbe-™ Active Author

    I have not seen anything worth a free to play players time in years.

    no gg spins giveaway in the thousands and events and missions that pay very plentyiful....

    Am I wrong?

    I could use gg spins and event missions that pay to do upgrades and galaxy gates to earn uri and stuff.
  2. olleH

    olleH Forum-Apprentice

    Free to players just have two disadvantages: the lack of the premium bonuses and the additional 25. Login reward which they don't get.

    Free2players can take part in every event, can get every kind of equipment...
    It is possible to enjoy every aspect of this game without spending one cent.
    I don't get your point at all.

    PSKSUNDANCE Forum General

    Its a stretch, a big stretch. We get something 25 days a month at a minimum just for logging in. Over time you can pretty much have a ship full of LF4 of some type or another just from logging in. Some players just want tons of stuff for nothing, thats all.
  4. SŤAЯLIGHŤ#911™

    SŤAЯLIGHŤ#911™ Active Author

    Please refer to newbie section about how to get to UFE status for free 2 play player.

    Here are the tips about:

    - First start doing missions, and buy booty keys with uri wait till you get it at least 70 or 100 keys, then in LF-4 day try to collect.
    - Do Zeta gate only at the starting and finish it on sunday (Double GG event) you will get 50 booty keys and 100 log disks + possiblity to get havocs. Also you will get 45k uri which you can buy at least 20 keys+.
    - Focus on one thing first, then when you get it all LF-4s you need start with upgrading.

    Does OP have any other questions ?
  5. Being a free player isn't easy, I'll admit it, you need premium to survive in the game when you hit a certain point, but it's not like you can't get things yourself, I only bought premium, and sometimes box doubler, and got pretty far, of course I've never maxed an account, with upgrades and equipment ect, but I'm really good at PvP so it didn't matter much. The only problem is, there's too much cheating in the game, and free players do get left behind and screwed often.

    Also, I will admit I did my fair share of uridium purchases, but I was free for YEARS and was still killin it out there.

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