[UI] Please Add Boss & Uber Cubikons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ATEER, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. ATEER

    ATEER Junior Expert

    Today me and Sweetheart in GB2 had an idea.

    Why not to have a Boss Cubikon and an Uber Cubikon.
    Obviously boss being 4 times more total hp and shields and Uber being 2 times more than that.

    Obviously spawn times should be different as this should require more people to kill.
    So for Boss spawn should be minimum 1 hour. and they could be spawned just 1 for the whole server in one of the maps.
    And Uber should be spawned just once a day. When the server is at its busiest.

    To make sure nobody can solo it. They must have not just protegits. But shoot themselves.
    Or waves of protegits like Battleray does. Basically more damage to the shooting players.
    And not just to the main damage dealer. But to all. Similar like in Hades gates. Main boss.

    And obviously even harder for the Uber one.

    Rewards should be increased appropriately. And maybe drop some schism crystals or something. Like 1 for each player. To make it worthwhile fighting for. The cargo should not be dropped. It should go to player who was participating. So no silly fights after kill. Who picked up more :)

    To make sure this game gets back on its tracks in Companies fighting each other and not same company clans and players. On that map. You should be able to shoot just enemy company players. And make a demilitarised spot for every company. So they can group up prior to attack. (So that the company who came first would not just rule the map, but could be challenged)

    Please make this a real thing. Dark Orbit Developers.

    And Players please suggest sensibly what should be added to this idea.
  2. Extasy94

    Extasy94 Forum-Greenhorn

    Yea will be nice this. Let's hope they will add new npc's or new maps with better uri rewards :D
  3. ATEER

    ATEER Junior Expert

    Its not just for uri. For making sure there is more group play. And something to fight for. Especially in groups :)

    OILDAILY Forum Great Master

    yes great idea and also meteoroids in map with random uri rewards and maybe other npc in maps but new ones same again different rewards so people dont farm them and bully players anyway my imput over and out. take care and prosper
  5. there is not going to be many fights if just 1 cubikon spawns per hour...

    VESPID Forum Overlooker

    I say let there be 1 per hour per company upper map and 2 ubers per day also in the upper company maps but let these cubes attack and chase the group members that hit the hardest and or cloak and attack pilots on sight.
    Also give the bosses 300 speed and the ubers 380 speed.

    Let the cubes include ice rockets, emp's and cloaks to their items.

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