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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by kauza12, Apr 15, 2019.

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  1. kauza12

    kauza12 Someday Author

    So i was thinking of an idea that can help people since the game is too expensive and also make the game more active and encourage players to play more.

    The game is not so active.. and many are quitting as always .. they are getting bored no interesting events or only once in a while.

    So i was thinking why not make a semi-quest where you have to spend like 1 hour playing in different maps and killing some small npcs for example:
    GO to x-2 destroy 10 npcs
    go to x-3 destroy 10 npcs
    go to x-6 map kill 1 cube 1 bk
    go to 5-2 kill 10 npcs

    First of all the idea from not having much and big npcs is not to make it boring and only for strong players, because most quests are too long so boring and even hard (ubers etc..)

    After you finish this quest you get premium for 2 days , the next day after finishing the first quest you get to finish another quest of the same type but maybe different npcs or maps , if you fail to finish the next quest for 48 hours you lose premium and you have to start all over , while if you keep doing the quests you keep getting premium for a maximum of a period of time maybe, so we dont exaggerate , and maybe doubler and rebate also ..
    Every day you finish one of those quests your Premium, rebate or doubler package extends for 2 days for a maximum of 15 days maybe to encourage people to buy premium also.
    And after you reach the max you have to wait until next month to be able to do it again , so you can do it once a month for a max of 15 days and if you fail to complete the next quest for the next 48 hours you lose your premium subscription.

    Also help me to come up with an idea to make it impossible to bots to complete these quests.
    Thank you

    Note for people who will start criticizing, save your words no need for the hate, its just an idea to keep the game active and fair for all players
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