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[UI] scotland design flag ship and possible nerf to cyborgs as 350k damage is making game broken

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by butterfly, May 10, 2019.

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  1. butterfly

    butterfly Forum-Greenhorn

    well hello there i was wondering since dark orbit designed a ireland england wales northern ireland ship and several other countries that no one has heard of why isnt there a scotland ship as im scottish and yes we were in the european cup also just got put out in qualifiers so i was wondfering if it would be possible to add a scotland design ship to the list of ships as id rather not use a england ship if you get me being scottish and all also can oil be made to drop of impulses and invokes as the lack of oil is very unfair to players trying to catch up in game as ive had materials to build a cyborg for months now but lack of oil as qz only gives 1-5 per time totally unrealistic and regard cxi spawn times are horrid and should be made as reguler as a cube spawn also venom hasd been made completly useless in comparison to cyborg cyborgs need a reduction both in there dot ability and damage as i have 30 prom lasers i fly surgeon which has 6 percent damage boost ontop of double damage boosters seprom i only hit 195k yet a cyborg with say 20 prom lasers hits 350k seems very unblanced just saying least make venoms dot as strong as cyborg as 195k with more lasers than most ships to 350k is a bit unfair
  2. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    C'mon now... cyborg has already been nerfed enough. I don't have 'prom' lasers, and it seems comparable to other similar ships. Maybe nerf the prometheus lasers???
  3. the-foe-hammer

    the-foe-hammer Forum-Apprentice

    Stop with the nerfs, too many ships are useless already. How about just build your ship and have fun playing and competing with others? So tired of the nerf crybabies. And no, I don't fly a Cyborg.
  4. butterfly

    butterfly Forum-Greenhorn

    umm my ship is strong enuf damage wise to handle them but the point is u say cry baBies bla bla but truth is unlike most i spend alot of money on this game and people wonder why so many players with money leave the game is because of things like cyborg i mean anyone with max prom lasers and cyborgs probably 95 percent sure botted there way to it so its kinda unbalanced i mean i use a spectrum cos its only ship capable of countering the 300k exess damage from cyborg is main culprite reduce it to 7 percent like vanquish etc n fix the venom to b competitive for those unlucky enuf not to exploit dark orbit oil launch day now no one can make any of the nre ships untill it is aht end of month oil give aways or qz spam for 1 oil a time sum of us dont have alot of time cos we work during day and try n grind lasers for countless hours i mean 3 weeks straight only built 26
  5. Sagturius

    Sagturius Forum-Apprentice

    Anything new unbalances the game for a time until the everyone adjusts. I agree that the nerfs should stop. What is truly unfair is when you spend URI to buy a ship and then DarkOrbit nerfs it making it useless like the Tart.
  6. Pikey

    Pikey Forum-Greenhorn

    the amount of damage a ship does now is unbalanced to the amount of hp and shields,
    all DO do is give more and more damage to lasers, what with the botr's having auto lock, pvp is pointless.
    and this is supposed to be a pvp game, what a joke.
    nerf the damage make it 50% of what it is now.
  7. Rid_Or_Die

    Rid_Or_Die Forum-Greenhorn

    no you cant have a scottland design cause you did not qualify, you even said it by yourself
  8. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker Active Author

    So why then is there no Australian design. Pretty sure the Aussies did better than just qualify.

    and please, fix your name - "Ride or Die".
  9. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    The real disease of the game aren't Cyborgs, MCC and big egos are.
  10. Yes, Cyborg is overpowered and needs more nerfs especially to it's ability. However, 350k damage is not a lot of damage when you compare the 400-500k that the Diminisher can deal.

    It's all about play style, this game is not balanced around new players and I've said it time and time again.. It's very sad and it should be.

    Venom still does what it did before but the ability has less damage, that's the only change. Yes, the Cyborg replaced it a lot, which is another YOLO Bigpoint move and I also hate it.

    Hitting 350k is a lucky combo, you won't see that number very much if at all. Like I said, some ships can deal more damage than the Cyborg.
  11. the-foe-hammer

    the-foe-hammer Forum-Apprentice

    Please stop with the nerf requests. I don't fly a Cyborg, so my request isn't about that ship. I just think it's wrong to do to players that get the ship. Rather than nerf, if it is really, really unfair - why not buff something else.

    You are just asking for the Diminisher to be nerfed, will you be happy when that happens? I'm sure you will have an answer because you are one of those people that "know" everything. There are so many other more important things in this game that need to be fixed I am amazed with these comments. For instance, how about putting a priority on fixing the Clan Battle Station ? Or maybe getting rid of the Refractions Zone and it's missions since it has not worked for some years? There are plenty more examples. I just happen to think nerfing ships is way down on the list, IMO.

  12. ****PIERRE****

    ****PIERRE**** Forum-Apprentice

    there will always be 1 more or less supreme ship i think, nerf 1 and the other becomes ''better'' and lots of players will just step in their other ship (all the medium/big players have all or almost all the designs) I think the cyborg is a good ship, yes, but is it really so good that no one can kill it? No. i am a non money spending player (and oh yes, not a botter also) but have some of promlasers because of the easy quests. So at the end. I play, got killed and go on playing. and Yes in my opinion MCC is the biggest problem.
    for idea a radical change. make it imposseble to kill the same company. and only set it free with events or something.
  13. ¥amato

    ¥amato Forum-Greenhorn

    Not everything is MMC, there are still many other minor problems in DO that add problems for people.

    Diminisher can do more damage but it has more cons to it, 1 less generator. 1 less laser, less hp. While Cyborg has no cons really. 1 more laser, 1 more generator, more hp, has a 10% damage ability.
    Also Pusat, lets be honest that its an insanely trash ship currently. It has 70 more speed but it can be popped in 1 shot from a cyborg. at least give that also a small buff like more hp as well an extra ability that increases accuracy
  14. yes but we are talking about the damage, and damage is the main thing that matters.

    And no, not one shot. You are over exaggerating a bit.
  15. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    Buffing the Pusat will only make this even more of a hit-and-run game. Since the release of the additional back-up repair techs and what not it becomes more and more difficult to predict the outcome of a fight and more and more viable to just snipe targets or hit-and-run. I much rather see sidegrades rather than upgrades all the time.
    Sgt~Ocker likes this.
  16. I'm all for a Cyborg nerf, I've been an advocate of that since the ship came out. The kind of nerf I've been proposing though differs from yours--I think the Cyborg ought to keep its high damage, and needs a hard nerf to its speed. If you're going to have a hard hitting tank ship like a Cyborg, it would be fair to nerf its speed so it can't catch up to other players who decide to fly a different ship.

    I wrote an elaborate post about the much needed buff to the pusat--a 250,000 Uridium ship without an ability? Scam. Check it out and tell me what you think: http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/ui-buff-the-pusat.121947/
  17. the-foe-hammer

    the-foe-hammer Forum-Apprentice

    Stop with the nerf requests. We want the ship we were promised, not the ship you think you should against. The ultimate end of the nerf downward spiral is we all fly the same ship with no abilities and the same min/max stats. You want that?

  18. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    Let's be honest, as it is now most of us already use the same ship (the Cyborg) anyway.
  19. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Expert

    I fly a Cyborg and it hits no where near the damage you state. Plus I have a devil of a time with a Hammerclaw in it. In the past the venom ability could take out the HP of a Large Krystal or a standard goli now it does not. I miss the days when you could lock someone with Venom and hide at another port to zap the victim 0..o.
  20. cyborg 350k make game broken??? use a emp....
    cyborg skill vs emp = 0 damage or only one tick of damage...


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