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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by kauza12, Mar 9, 2019.

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  1. kauza12

    kauza12 Someday Author

    I think 1million seprom limit is not fair and not enough , 1m sep ends so fast, its not fair because of botters and cheaters in the game to make other players get punished too( i mean new rules and restrictions etc..)
    So i think it should be made 2 m or 3 m as a limit and not just 1 million.

    Thank you
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    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Ambassador

    With any limit, one has to realize it takes time to build up the amount. I transfer and play daily and am not hitting the 1 mil cap. I doubt I play as much as most that have an issue with the limit so what would be your game plan to need a higher cap?
  3. Kellerkind

    Kellerkind Forum-Greenhorn

    1 mill sep goes away if you do a b y gates in a weekend, they should increase it to at least 3 mill
  4. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Forum Inhabitant

    All they need to increase is the storage capacity of Sep in the lab and the rate at which it is made - for a price.

    Increase Seprom production - Could be handled the same way as it is for Prometium, Endurium and Terbium but with a URI only cost.
    1% increase for 24 hours = 100 URI (70 with rebate). This could be added to in 1% increments up to 100%, so it would cost 10,000 URI for 24 hours (7,000 with rebate)

    Seprom storage could be;
    10% increase for 24 hours = 100 URI (70 with rebate). 100% increase per 24 hrs = 1,000 URI (700 with rebate), 200% increase = 2,000 URI (1,400 with rebate) and so on. Of course there should be a cap on storage, maybe 1 million as it is the maximum you can have on your ship at any given time.

    This would allow those doing mega missions to use Promi but still have Sep on hand if needed OR simply produce enough Sep to use on mega missions at a cost.
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  5. Peo0pl3GA5

    Peo0pl3GA5 Padavan

    its funny how darkorbit have not done anything to reduce botters as a matter of fact it has always increased and the biggest losers are always the fair player as new bots keep coming in and now i feel sorry for fair players as they are at a disadvantage.why would you play fair when its cheaper to make 1 million uri with a bot in less than 3 days or even faster.
    fix the bots! or even the fair player have no option but to convert to one.
    its funny how in bot forum people are saying if you even get banned it will be for few weeks or few months. i never got banned so i wont mind getting banned a few weeks if i make lots of uri as i will come back.
    it take more than 1 ban to get ur acc permanent ban!
    the opportunity cost is forcing me to use one of these bots.
    fix this game!
    to answer your question i agree however if we increase seprom then again the most beneficial will be botters, therfore it is of no benefit.
  6. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Expert

    You know you just signed a death sentence to your I.P here on orbit. If you do not get banned please respond to this forum to see how they handle it.
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  7. kauza12

    kauza12 Someday Author

    Exactly 3m would be fine
    Also 9k sep as max in skylab is too low !
    Hope BIGPOINT takes more care of loyal fair playing gamers in Dark Orbit to make the game more enjoyable...
    before 2012 everything was amazing in the game.. Now its nearly impossible to become UFE without paying thousands of dollars, and why would someone pay thousands of dollars or 10 hours a day on a game..
    This game can be really cool and fun if they handle it just right and make it more fair, plus fix some issues and bugs
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  8. It's perfectly fair. Too many people were exploiting not playing so they could save a ridiculous amount of resources in the refinery. Personally, I was so sick of fighting people who constantly had Seprom because they used a bug one year ago and it never ran out because they kept topping it up each time they played.

    Now they cannot abuse this anymore and if they play within a few months they will be at the limit like everyone else.

    I'm sure at one point they will remove the limit, but as of right now 1 million is perfectly fair for everyone. Sorry that you cant abuse the refinery anymore.
  9. kauza12

    kauza12 Someday Author

    No body wants it abused, wer just asking for an increase to 3 m or so.. thats all .. also bugs should be controlled by scripts and not by applying restrictions to fair loyal players because of cheaters and botters
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  10. It's perfectly fair. If you have over 1 million you play way too little and are just doing it on purpose. There really is nothing else to add, stop abusing the game.
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  11. kauza12

    kauza12 Someday Author

    Abusing the game ? DO you know that some people work most of the day and a few days they are unable to play the game ? so yeah why not add seprom LEGALLY ? !

    If you do not like the post you don't have to comment nonsense sentences, thanks !
  12. Still replying just for the sake of arguing I see. Yes, I'm aware not everyone can play all the time, but don't act like regenerating promerium and seprom is instant because it's not. You play once a week so you can build up a lot, that's exploiting the game and you are the reason they fixed this exploit. Nothing else to add, it's a good solution to the issue.
  13. PacificNW

    PacificNW Forum-Apprentice

    How is storing up sep exploiting the game? For those us lower level credit players who use primarily credit ammo because we don't have a lot of uri for better ammo, having the sep boost to lasers and rockets is a great help with questing. I notice a big difference in how long it takes to pop npc's with and without sep boost. Again for those of us with limited credits, having the boost means having to use less ammo per kill. And we can do quests faster to level up faster and build up uri.

    The option to use sep for boosting weapons and shield is part of the game or else they wouldn't have put the update feature in.

    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Ambassador

    The answer to your question is that it is not. Players, me included, have to forward think about what they plan to do. Just as you pointed out, it can take some time to kill some of the npc's in the game and using seprom cuts down on that time, even with credit ammo. I use credit ammo like it is air and I like great quality air, so seprom it is.

    The exploit mentioned was when players gained millions to billions of seprom due to a glitch. Not everyone has that much. Some of us have to claw and scratch just to keep up enough to play each time we play and probably run out. The majority of these players with the wild amounts are barely playing, probably hunting at most, which uses little a day. Those of us shooting npc can use all the seprom we could send in a day, 9k+, and start begging for more.

    The idea of the limit on Seprom is to keep everyone on a more even playing field. Those that are over the limit will not be able to add anymore until they are under the limit. There is a starting mission for Blacklight that will help them get rid of the excess. If they want to continue through the new content, they will bite the bullet and do the mission. If not, they will just become one of the outsiders bragging about having so much Seprom, which is what brought this on in the first place, the bragging. They will eventually be left behind as the Devs dream up more and more ways to cut it all down.
  15. The value of Seprom is less when your damage and shield is less because that's the way pecentage works unfortunately. You are arguing something that doesn't effect new players or even smaller ships at all.

    You know a better way? To buy better credit laser cannons or bid for them, join a clan, collect palladium. You aren't low on options so don't try and act like fixing this exploit where people were still building on hundreds of millions of seprom is a bad thing. Unfortunately, you have to suffer because of them but that's just how it is.
  16. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Forum Inhabitant

    Most of your posts are east enough to just ignore the nonsense parts but when you completely get it wrong i feel I need to speak out.
    Seprom adds 60% damage to lasers, this is regardless of whether you are a new player or UFE.

    Regardless of whether a player has the best credit lasers or LF4's that aren't upgraded or is UFE - Seprom is going to add 60% damage to every volley you fire, this can make the difference between a new/er player being able to solo a BK or not so Seprom is very useful for new and old players alike.
    60% bonus to damage is 60% bonus - It is not reduced because one player does less damage than another, it is still +60%.

    As for "those still building on hundreds of millions of Sep" - Really? Do you not read patch notes or even understand the topic of this thread?
    Once you have 1 million Sep on lasers, you can no longer add more - There is no exploit [as yet] to exceed this limit unless you already had more at the time of the change.
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  17. It adds 60% based on a percentage. For example, 3,000 damage will be a lot less than 16,000 because 60% of 3,000 is nothing. So actually, you are making yourself look like an idiot.

    The rest of your argument is invalid, I already answered it above. Did you even read what I said? I feel like you read the parts you wanted to respond to and that's it, go read it again.

    Yes, I'm well aware and have talked about it with all kinds of people. The reason for this fix is to stop the exploited people from the past from doing it any further. Stop trying to talk down to me when you have no idea what you are even arguing against.

    P.S. thank you for noticing my comments, sad I have no idea who you are.
  18. PacificNW

    PacificNW Forum-Apprentice

    Well there's a limit to now. I suppose that's a good thing given past exploits.

    It may be a while yet, but I expect we'll all be on a level playing field, with regards to sep, someday.

    While we all see problems with this, here we are still playing. We must all find something enjoyable about this game.
  19. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Forum Inhabitant

    Actually 60% of 3,000 is far from nothing, it is an additional 1,800 damage per volley for the new guy. So his 3,000 volley becomes 4,800, I'd say that is well worth it to the new guy.

    I'm not sure from your last response you understand how a percentage of something works. Its effectiveness is not reduced because someone does less damage than someone else, both get +60% to whatever damage they do..
    Maybe remedial math could be an option for you.

    What I'm "arguing" about it someone giving out incorrect information. Stating Sep is no use to new players is just not correct, it is just a useful for him or her as it is for stronger players. Any additional damage whether it be from Sep, boosters or someone helping is good for new players.
  20. Agreed.

    Oh no, 1,800 damage. Are you just trolling? I'm going to stop replying because I'm 90% sure you are just trolling me with comments like that.

    My maths is perfectly fine. The damage is based on the laser base value times how many you have. So for example, LF-4 would be 212 x 36 (standard goliath) = 7,632 damage per shot without any boosters or other damage increase sources.

    You can view my source here if you are interested in more damage values and how it works.

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