[UI] This is just the beginning ..I have many more..

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by McKinetic, Feb 17, 2017.

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  1. McKinetic

    McKinetic Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello all...
    I play this game 10 yare..and i realy love this game. I make some idea..and i hope player gona like.

    Tnx for Your time.

    1.Drone formation " X-Operation"

    2.New Title in game


    3.Universum Map


    4.Boss/ pvp-pve


    5.Clan PVP

    Regards NEXUM
  2. You have put great effort on editing and creating these ones but unfortunately, if you have put more effort on the grammar of your post it would be more interesting and people will understand it more.

    dont worry i get what you mean from these posts, and its a great idea to add a mining function in the game to where not all space rocks are collectibles and this gives an advantage for people hunting on lowers to hunt the SUB-UFE or UFEs instead that are mining around the asteroids.

    i approve of this idea :D it is great
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  3. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Your editing skills are amasin(>amazing).
  4. •»Radiance«•

    •»Radiance«• Forum Expert

    Btw I think you mean 15 palla = 1gg and not 10 palla = 1 gg :)
  5. ssshhhh.... :)
    he is amasin
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  6. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Mogul

    I think this guy's art is truly a masterpiece but it's not gonna work if all the bugs and unbalanced things aren't fixed,will it?
  7. they keep adding designs, why not something like this? :)

    you know why they keep putting new designs, its either they want to milk more money from players, or out of ideas to balance the game
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  8. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Or maybe because designs are easier to make and they don't change the ingame-balance?
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  9. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Mogul

    It's both.Money and it's easier.

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