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[UI] Upgrading The Leonov

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HomeTownBoy, Jan 29, 2018.

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    VESPID Forum Overlooker

    I would just like to see the Leonov ship capable enough to be available for gates, pirate and battle maps.

    I also believe the credit and starter ships should have the options to upgrade for the upper maps.
    Oh and NO that doesn't include enemy maps to be effective in.
  2. snuffout

    snuffout Active Author

    I agree with HMHY. Starlight's not shining to bright on this one. Nobody needs be told these are starter ships, as most of us been round the block just a couple times. Also JUST BECAUSE they are starter ships does not mean they cannot be altered. Also JUST BECAUSE it is not your preference does not negate the poster's idea! Also after reading through all the above more than once, just to see if I missed something, I might suggest that the enhanced reading ability does not lie with HMHY.
  3. steviray

    steviray Junior Expert

    The idea of Leonov designs is cool. All in, id say the Leo was my ship of choice. 1 - 40K damage PLT3030, the damage of an aegis, (put a scatter laser on it for more) and it can take a hit or two. Simply put the Leonov ship is pimped enough. If there is a true skilled goli killer out there, hes in a Leo. Ill put a leo up against anything but the best equiped ships. The Leonov ship was built for one purpose and one purpose only and that purpose is to provide a new acct with a ship to hunt lowers profitably. This ship is the only thing that makes shooting a Dev or Sib worth doing. If ANYTHING was done to this ship aside from cosmetic changes it would break it. I want mine metal flake deep ocean blue, w/ white pin stripes. Dont forget the star-roof and the heated seats.
  4. You should read previous comments on threads before writing on them. Like I said previously, the Leonov is the best ship for new players to use because it's easier to fill its slots and it has advantages over other ships. For example, the low rewards for being destroyed and the bonuses it receives.

  5. test020

    test020 Junior Expert

    this is more "skill dependable" (to a degree really, if you aren't UFE it's pure skill, as i did the bloody anniversary gate with a leonov for lulz, and i'm FE)

    then again i agree with a "credit" design for it to be avaliable in auction, either cosmetic or non-pvp-stat boost, the ones that change stuff like generators, add extra damage/shield should be able for those that want it, as is in events, login rewards, assembly... the stuff.

    again, leonov WAS NOT the best starter ship before the "promerium radiation update" (the boost in stats on lower home maps), piranha always was the best pick because you did not waste 15.000U on it...
    then auction got a update to add goli, leo and vengi...
    then leos got the stat update...
    after that some people began noticing that leonov was good as a "home defender"/hunter trolling...
    then newbies began to want it for the stat boost to grind the heck outta sibelons...
    then some "top server people" began complaining on the forums and chat that leonov gave LESS rewards than a piranha...
    that was before pilot bio update btw ("new ship graphics...")
    just a bit of history for anyone that don't bother with, in the spoiler.

    and another thing, wich leonov we are talking about? since i don't get the whole "insane damage" (with ubr and not considering that it gives extra damage to ALIENS) people are talking about, always did 12K damage with me eco's, leonov or not, only got boost on the rockets and lasers/shields.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018

    VESPID Forum Overlooker

    The x2 damage it offers in concert with the chevron drone formation for the gore factor concerning non hellstorm rockets.

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