US West PvM - June 24

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Attention US West Space Pilots!

    Long range radar has detected fleet of unidentified flying objects heading for your server. Predictions say this invading force will arrive in your 4-4 map on Saturday, June 24th at 1400 local server time (1700 Eastern / 2100 UTC). Here is a countdown showing their predicted arrival.

    The sensors have detected some impressive firepower on these invading forces. So, working together to repel and defeat them will be in your best interest.

    Please be sure to send war so you do not incur any negative honor as these forces may have collaborators in each of the three companies. The clan name is "Police Line Of Darkorbit" and the clan tag is "PL0D".

    Prizes for this event are based on the number of mod kills in your logs. Prizes are:
    Top 1-3:
    1 Month Premium
    20,000 Uridium
    30,000 x4 ammo
    15,000 RSB ammo
    5x Red Booty Keys

    Top 4-10:
    7 Days Premium
    5,000 Uridium
    15,000 x4 ammo
    5,000 RSB ammo
    5x Blue Booty Keys
    10x Random Galaxy Gate Parts

    Random consolation prizes:
    We will draw lots for 5 random players. To qualify for a consolation prize, you must have at least 1 mod ship kill in your logbook from this event.
    The consolation prizes are:
    5x Green Booty Keys
    5x Random Galaxy Gate Parts

    You should consider working together with the other players as it is not so easy to shoot us down, especially not alone! We will be working together and possibly bringing some moderators from other language teams.

    Please play fair and in the spirit of the event. If anyone is found to have shot down too many player ships (enemies and friends) during the event, they will be disqualified and ineligible for the above rewards.

    When the event is over we will go through participants' log books to find the best hunters with the most kills in order to find the winners. In the event of a tie the prizes will be awarded based on the time of their last moderator kill of the night on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

    We will post the results here of those who won and their rewards. Please note that it may take a few days to book the rewards.

    Your Darkorbit Moderator Team
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  2. Oddessey

    Oddessey Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Congratulations to the US West PvM Winners!

    Top 1-3

    Pяıncєss•Bounty, Frates_LDR_ŁÇŦ†, Arizona-PinaColardo

    Top 4-10

    ŲИĿΘƳĄĿ, ⎝✨»⛔⚡️«Žχ12»⚡️⛔«✨⎠, ŦĦΣ†ƦΙⱣⱣΣɌ[КФЯŦ], Pяıncєss•Tωızz[ҒΛŁŁ], Pяıncєss•Melt, ÐΣMOИ [ҒΛŁŁ], Desann_Tainted⚫

    5 Random Drawing Winners

    Hades, «Đark-Paradisē», ѕмσσтн-ση-кιℓℓ-мσ∂є, ҠΛΝɨΜΛ, ılФzzy°★ŁЄĞЄИл†►™

    Congratulations again and a huge Thank You from the Moderators to everyone who participated, you made it a fun event.

    Best Regards from Your Darkorbit Moderators!
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