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Discussion in 'Clans' started by snuffout, Apr 9, 2018.

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  1. snuffout

    snuffout Active Author

    We will have a Clan to be ran by the members. It will consist of a Clan leader and 4 council members to start. Decisions will be discussed by the entire clan. represented by council, and voted on by the council. We will be an active Clan, working closely with each other to complete DO missions, Gates, Group events and our own Clan events and Group hunts. We are a VRU clan. We will respect all alliances we wish to have. While we do not look for specific trouble, we will not back down or turn the other check. We do participate in enemy hunts. You are to place the Clan first ahead of personal goals or conflicts and report any problems to the council. We heavily use the Clan Chat and DO message system. English is mandatory. Respect for and use of Chain of Command is required. We wish to promote fun with fellowship and look forward to your membership.
  2. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    How many Clans are you going to be involved in since this is the second clan you are promoting on the same server and company.
  3. snuffout

    snuffout Active Author

    To answer your question requires my response in several parts. 1.) Before jumping to conclusions, with the assumption I have done what you say, one would have to know the current status of first clan, definitely something about the first Clan, i.e. history, and without doubt, my current affiliation status with that Clan. 2.) Being the so called "Emperor of the Forum" you might understand that user privilege does not allow deletion of the first post or I would have done it some time ago. 3.) At this time I remain unaware of any posted limits or privilege I have to post as many as I will. 4.) Lastly I am sure I have no obligation, whatsoever, to be accountable to you!
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