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Vortex of Terror feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Jun 22, 2017.

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  1. DJBrightxx

    DJBrightxx Advanced

    need the increase mission reward potential
    ex lf-4*1
  2. ▼Iron_Mongrel▼

    ▼Iron_Mongrel▼ Forum Inhabitant

    For once, enjoyed an event. Played on my main and did a VOT each day but one, ended up with 500,000 URI.
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    PSKSUNDANCE Forum General

    So tired of this waste of ammo, I need Tunnel...
  4. МŐŃĶ24

    МŐŃĶ24 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi I like to do this gate but last 2 waves it's to hardly to don then
    I think you [darkorbit] need to make more eeji waves for every ones like the uba sibs make las health or bringe las uba sib 20 it's to hard to do them make 12 or 10 it's ok wan you sand them 2 times its boring to do gate sorry for my bad English
    Yes I love the vortex of terror gate
  5. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy Forum-Apprentice

    i love any gate thats free ....up the revolution
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  6. The_4-3_Explorer[G]

    The_4-3_Explorer[G] Forum-Greenhorn

    True this is the only event even the free to play player can gain on... besides the pets unleashed event that was nice also
  7. apetown.

    apetown. Padavan

    Free uri is always great, but this gate is still waste of ammunition compared to Tunnel of Terror
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  8. Wirwerdenniesosein

    Wirwerdenniesosein Active Author

    Received item: Ammunition - UCB-100 (81.600)
    Received item: Ammunition - RB-214 (114.240)

    Those are from the last two boxes I got, thank you Bigpoint for the VOT gate :D

    BATTLE_DROID Forum-Greenhorn

    Grettings. i have a question. Yesterday saturday 20 october what happen with special rewards? i finish Epsilon gate and dont receive any special reward only regular.....
  10. WarLord_Mark

    WarLord_Mark Junior Expert

    Your lucky at least you can play the LAG is really bad and I have been killed in the VOT. Now I cannt even jump from one map to the other without logging in and out. Unplayable, I hope they get it right soon.
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  11. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    Yes, even on the Test Server lag made it extremely difficult to try and complete. Also noticed that the Demon Drone design was not really in the prize list. Tunnel of Terror gave a design upon startup of the following wave, now all there is are the useless cosmetic types. If the cosmetic designs are going to be used as a reward, make it a complete set. The drain on seprom and ammo while in the gate is far beyond whatever the paltry rewards are.
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  12. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Connoisseur

    Not good for the average player. The lag was so bad couldn't even finish half the waves.
    In the past we have had white and yellow pumpkins full of whites and uber ammo and drone designs in the gate.
    I feel we have not been treated but tricked this Halloween...Who wants r310 rockets and 20206s in a special box?

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