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Vortex of Terror - Maps & NPC waves

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Rossi, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum Mogul

    Most likely not, but first Uber Sibelons, the big UBK wave and few others were nerfed, meanwhile there's a wave as well with Melters that are buffed, Lordakias (special NPC), maybe Devourers as well (not sure, but it takes quite long to kill to be honest). By looking at these other aliens' rewards, I'd say their HP and Shield multiplied with 1,5.

    And @test020, I don't know how, but I cannot most likely mention or quote you.
  2. test020

    test020 Junior Expert

    it's because im specail (apparently).

    but yes, some aliens are buffed (hence why i asked about hp/shields), on map 4a for example the lordaikas are apparently buffed by 50x (wich explains why they take longer to kill than the uber sibelonits), there's a wave of melters that are increased by 1.25/1.5 as their reward is slightly higher than the usual because the player has to fight a wave of normal melters before fighting them...

    what still bothers me is the change in the range of some aliens, the normal kristallons with the uber tag (apparently tags seem to be related to rewards, booster/log drop) have a higher range, also the sibelons in map 1 as well have a higher range compared to the uber sibelons on map 4, it's a noticeable nuisance, really...

    and i really don't have time to invite someone into a outfit to check the aliens and use x4 since i'm a old player and for old players x4 is VERY valuable regardless of how much we have.

    overall VoT is a good event compared to ToT, problem is that bigpoint tried to make the event "last longer" as ToT by tweaking aliens in many ways instead of making us go through 7 maps, i'm mostly complaining for the players really, the event planners never cared, well, the new ones that is. admin UFO's back in the days were awesome, not forgetting 999 gate. however we still crave for the 2016's halloween event/gates... hah.
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  3. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    Check that the Quoted post is still in the thread. I had this issue with a posting I was trying to reply to and the post had been deleted from the time I enter the thread and the time I tried to post my reply.
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  4. Mr.kolari

    Mr.kolari Forum-Apprentice

    Now 3 times pass the gate :D:cool:
  5. there something wrong with rewards system..no 60k uri given..only on allien kills uris given.
  6. -Kostitsyn46-

    -Kostitsyn46- Forum-Apprentice

    2A & 2C do really look the same, don't u think?
  7. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    It is from the NPC's that they are collecting 60K uridium.
  8. apetown.

    apetown. Padavan

    Yeps this is what I was meant to say :D Thank you for correcting it
  9. OK buddy thanks for confirmation. Its clear now
  10. mislang

    mislang Forum-Apprentice

    very good to farm ammo and uri in VOT event. in 2 days i have farm almost 150k uri and 100k ammo including rockets. but the sad thing is, i dont finish VOT specially in ubersibelon.
  11. apetown.

    apetown. Padavan

    If you are ufe it only takes 10minutes to shoot the first 15 usib, and 15min to shoot the last 20. so if you are ufe i really encourage to do so for the pet stuff :)
  12. test020

    test020 Junior Expert

    erm, i don't think that you guys noticed, but citadel is a good option on dealing with this gate, specially elite cita...

    and by the way, save money for moth or double arrow since they can be quite the help, as i said above, with cita...

    some people seems to be having difficulty with repairs, use X formation since BP changed the drone repair to hp% instead of a value, you'll repair a bit faster per se.
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  13. done 7x already use ring in high value alliens damage then change to diamond when they re few..left
  14. •»Radiance«•

    •»Radiance«• Forum Mogul

    I'm using Drill+Sab then Drill+x4 on the Uber Kristallons, standard formation when in kami, and moth for the rest of the Aliens.
  15. Rossi

    Rossi Active Author

    Citadel is great if you are weak player without ammo and just kamikaze your way threw this gate.

    But if you are UFE and have ammo, then Cyborg with drill/moth is the best option. The gate takes around 70–90 minutes to finish it with ×4/×3.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
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  16. D.O.D™VRU

    D.O.D™VRU Forum-Greenhorn


    I got all possible combinations of waves in Excel but it will take a while to sort it out lol
    Note: I had like 70/80% EP and HON boosters on
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  17. -Kanato-

    -Kanato- Forum-Apprentice

    great work on the chart :D to bad todays last day :(
    you deserve something for putting all that together
  18. test020

    test020 Junior Expert

    what kind of sane person would waste x4 on a event? even ufo's weren't that worth back then... and cita is recommended because of the double HST, if nothing else.

    loved the chart by the way, now it's understandable that some aliens did get a few boosts. it still does not excuse the range increase.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018

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