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VoT Uridium

Discussion in 'Technical Event Issues' started by Josh0238, Oct 19, 2019.

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  1. Josh0238

    Josh0238 Forum-Apprentice

    So after doing hades most of my morning and midnight with some friends i picked up my Vortex of terror and had to do a double check when i noticed that the uber kristallons were giving lower rewards

    is this supposed to be happening or is it simply just me getting played by the system?
  2. *-Ítäçhî-*

    *-Ítäçhî-* Forum-Greenhorn

    That is completely normal, it's been nerfed to fit in VoT event.


    That's one way of putting it.
  4. Josh0238

    Josh0238 Forum-Apprentice

    if they nerf it to fit VoT why not nerf the hp as well? its the same hp costing you the same ammo and from what i saw its just a filler npc that drops nothing

    seems meh if i gotta be honest
  5. its not the same hp, the hp of the uber kris wave is like a big kris.
  6. Josh0238

    Josh0238 Forum-Apprentice

    oh nice we checked with group window and uber kris does have 3.2 mil hp
    i have no idea what wave u talking bout but if that is true for you then were seeing 2 different things
  7. theirs a UBer Bk wave, which has like 20 of them, their hp is lowered and so is rewards, theirs prob 3 real uber bks in that gate, not to sure even though i did it 4 times already, the worst part of the gate is the 40 uber sibs :(
  8. DRAZI

    DRAZI Someday Author

    Just take the Free Uri the Free Gate gives ya

    And the Free Booster, don't forget them
  9. Chaotic_Screech

    Chaotic_Screech Forum-Apprentice

    uber sibs are boring , but great for quests ( 200 ubersibelon-quest )if you have it still available .
    tricks here are : slow one ubersib with ice rocket or dcr , and it wil gain a speed boost untill it dies , so you can easily drag him out of the pack by flying away while repairing. only use 1 dcr rocket /ice rocket on each sib. thank me later when you finish this wave for the first time ever because of this tip.
    the uber BK's are even easier than a normal BK.
  10. Josh0238

    Josh0238 Forum-Apprentice

    we all love free stuff but we all also love knowing things and in my case i felt like they had 2 much hp but as a previous user posted there were some real UBK mixed in and that might have been what i was talking about ;)

    either way free gate is free so i cant complain
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  11. Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ

    Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ Forum Connoisseur

    It's lowered because it's not actual Uber Kirstallons lol
  12. IonAdrian11

    IonAdrian11 Someday Author

    if u mean the wave where they are like 20, they are fake ubers, cauz the have the same HP as normal or BK

    if u mean the waves where 1-2 spawn, maybe u got the dimnishing returns ;)

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