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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Aug 11, 2017.

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  2. Petrify-xGEMINIx[GUN]

    Petrify-xGEMINIx[GUN] Forum-Apprentice

    my post got deleted??
    You have been banned from chat. You can log in again on 10/11/2017 at 5:54 PM.
    [inappropriate -  xGEMINIx [GUN]: event is [REMOVED]
    waste uri time ammo 50k uri buy rb and got back 1.8k uri an no box.. sad

    Your other post was removed due to the language. - Oddessey

    welp okay...
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  3. Enjoy it now, the chat police will have to find a new game to destroy. This one is toast.
  4. Veki

    Veki Someday Author

    Congratulations on ruining yet another event, BP. Good job.
  5. -Tyrant-002-

    -Tyrant-002- Forum-Apprentice

    Before the problem was that the demaner would die quickly but what many don't realize is that with the longer hp the ufe's can shoot down noobs trying to get some rewards, before if you were patient and sit on port you could get the first couple of hits from demaner and ufe's wouldn't bat an eye since they couldn't stop shooting demaner either. Now with more hp there's more time windows for ufe's to shoot you down or entire companies dominating the event since the other two are low player base or not many strong players to balance out the bloodshed, if people used to say demaner was an event for ufe's it definitely is now!
  6. Just remember the UFE players are not invincible either i can vouch for that. o_O
  7. EmperorOfTheOrbit

    EmperorOfTheOrbit Forum-Apprentice

    Why isn't the demaner available for those of us who can only play at night due to work/family commitments?
  8. BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ

    BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ Forum Commissioner

    The problem isn.t that it has too much hp , the problem is servers are dead and most active players are joining the same multi company clan aka game is broken and dying faster and faster. Not to mention that if a player is popped toomany times by the same group just attempting to do this event a pushing ban will be given.o_O
  9. _-Brute-_

    _-Brute-_ Forum-Apprentice

    just another event for the multi company clans and nobody else
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  10. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Junior Expert

    Exactly because the MCC option has not been dealt with the event is only for the same group that killed the server over the years.
  11. batata

    batata Forum Inhabitant

    At least change the missions to give lf4s like the last time. Im still pondering if the trouble to shoot a mult acount 15 times and dealing with uffs for the 6M dmg to demaneer is worth that hercules.
    And bring back bonus box events plz :) this ones are crap.
  12. They should take all their plans and do the opposite.

    Problem solved.
  13. Runcho

    Runcho Junior Expert

    Came in to say a few things.

    1. Does anyone from DO even read these feedbacks? Actions taken look close to non existant
    2. Does anyone even care what we have to say?

    3. What the hell is that reward system? Seriously, splitting 2 categories of rewards for top10 and top8 dmg dealers is insane. If there is more than 10 people than the weakest ones are just....

    I quit DO about an year ago when there was supposed to start the demaner event but it got cancelled. The tear reward boxes based on damage was a really good idea, why didn't you keep it? That way at least even the noobs shooting with x1 were able to get something, assuming UFEs leave them alone. Those rewards right now I dont like at all... And don't get me wrong, I am not complaining because I cant get a reward, quite the opposite - I get rewards almost every time, but I still don't like how the event works.

    4. The little guys were never profitable. Yes, I am talking about the escorts! I mean I shot a couple and got a box with 1 seprom. 1 SEPROM! Do you know how much sepped ammo I used killing those things? You really need to rework those, otherwise they are just a junk NPCs

    5. The rewards for the big guy also need to be adjusted accordingly. Right now the reward is set to 30k uri and whatever else, but every time that thing spawns it has different HP/Shields. The very first one today was with 50m and 30k uri for that were amazing. Couple of demanters later we had one with 430m and that one also gave 30k uri shared reward. ERROR 404! MATH NOT FOUND!!!
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  14. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Many players have already complain about the issues (being killed by Ufe or by their whole clan, by the mines, so you are excluded from teh event). But at least they increase the HP and the shield of the Demaner...although the little player won't enjoy these changes.
  15. Archangel-Warrior

    Archangel-Warrior Someday Author

    Demaner...what Demaner, I can't get close enough to it to see it without getting stomped by greedy UFE's.
    Incidentely, greed is a sin....just sayin.
  16. Also, the counting of demaner freighter kills towards achievement isnt working either. So i dont play it.

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