What has happened to D.O.? It is a shame...

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by $ixGun_$avage, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. $ixGun_$avage

    $ixGun_$avage Forum-Greenhorn

    Have been a DO player since mid 2009 -

    Problem is that today - you cant box, you cant go for quests, you cant do NPCs because the maps are flooded with cloaked (w/o showing on mini map) ships expressly there for the opposition kills.

    My full FE ship with fully loaded lvl 9 pet gives my ship 332k+ hp, about 260k shlds sepped, and all these [REMOVED] players destroy this ship in 4 volleys or less - popped before the config switch even occurs, and the last 3 times this happened I was AT a portal and it would not jump (x7 to x8)...

    I am not a snowflake as I have done my grinding for years - could hold my own PvP with all but the top 50 or so ships - but i will have to say it has become so ridiculous with overwhelming one-sided nature of the Pay-to-Play(sic) [=Pay-to-Win] types as to drive me into dumping this game totally...

    If DO admin/devs can't see their way to doing some kind of partitioning so PvP killer ships can battle each other all day long - and NPC hunter can go about their business -
    I'll find better uses of my time and cash....

    Totally Fed Up!

    please be nice, -Deter
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  2. I've seen free players still trying to get UFE after 5 years on my server.
  3. Since they made the bases hit harder and the HP even more, I noticed all members going for rank just join one of the top clans. So that leaves not enough opposing players to kill the bases or the clan as they come build the bases watch them for a hour or so then they use the cheat for the modules to boost their XP and Honor to 50% for the bases and they all go gg and that's all the game is. Even pvp is harder cause those same clans use the cheats to get 10% damage as soon as the base is built, that with the shared boosters and being able to use the solace ability on everyone in a group makes it almost not worth trying to compete. So basically there are so few players playing DO now cause many are quitting even older players have had enough, that leaves the rest of the players that don't want to be a part of those clans to make a decision either quit the game or become one of those members of these clans.
  4. FItty3

    FItty3 Forum-Apprentice

    Im not sure what you Guys are doing My ship got 1 year old last month im UFE - Upgrades spartans 50 PP and Colonel about 200 LF4s full pet all ships and i have bought only 5k uri for the 50% booster about 10 times and prem/rebate and bodoubler from time to time.. and about the 4 volly problem try buying boosters.. with my full ship on <3 formation i have 400k sheald with 50% bosoter i get up to 1.4mil with ring with standrad 11/9 speed config and spartans..... So buy boosters and you will be fine but boosters aren't needet normally i don't play with boosters but if you are good at the game - (Have CYBOG) you can 1v1 almost anyone if you play your cards correctly on a 1v1 - make em waste EMP freeze rocket Desrtuction and let em die..
  5. While I do agree that you can get UFE in a year, perhaps even less without buying uridium, I have to point out that to do that you almost certainly need prem+rebate (maybe doubler). The thing is you still spend more or less 100-200 bucks, which is not cheap by some people's standards (I for one have never even bought subscriptions, let alone uridium, and although my ship is 90% UFE now, it's been a somewhat long journey). Also I'm sorry, but 50 PP, colonel rank and such stuff (especially in a year) is certainly not the norm - most casual players like myself only dedicate 2-3 hours per day playing, and not all of that is spent cubing/boxing etc; I'm just trying to say 50 PP and ~10-15 mil rank points requires a lot of grinding and is damn nearly impossible to achieve without spending money

    PSK~SUNDANCE Count Count

    Not all of us have a half a day to play daily.

    These UFE killer ships in the OP's post are rank chasing which puts a lot of them bullying about. All of us need to get a life as logging in daily is keeping us away from the real world. Of course if some people found a game, any game, there would not be these crazy things going on in the world. :rolleyes:
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  7. MyBigi

    MyBigi Padavan

    making 1 mio rank each weekend, 15 mio rank is very easy to get....
  8. FItty3

    FItty3 Forum-Apprentice

    Well I have 9 mil and the most i have done is 700k but it took me about 600k uri and 24hours no sleep on a sunday :D but since i have gotten it i stoped playing this much now i see guys makeing 200 mil honor in a weak and im like you must be tripping but seems people finish the new misions with 170% booster from bugged baces and all the rest so each mission gives 60 mil or more.... so the colonel isnt even impressive abour the PPS it took me some grind but i made em mostly by openign GG's for colonel only spend 1 mil for the 46/47/48 and that is it...
    I play about 6 hours/day some days more some days less 2 hours of cubes a day is 200k uri 4 hours of runign around so its verry easy to get UFE if you play smart and know the easyest thing to make you the strongest- What goals to do first.. if you play smart its easy compared to 2009 back then being UFE was only for people with atleast 2 stars that could manage to pay $$$$$$$ now farm cubes bit do whatever you want I calcualted that if you cubed for 6 hours a day you wold make 10 mil URi in 20 days or 125 hours
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  9. $ixGun_$avage

    $ixGun_$avage Forum-Greenhorn

    >< - sorry all, but for people who WORK 9-10 hrs a days for a living don't have such RICHES in time to devote to all your recommended 'solutions' lol... Have lots of disposable income, but not wasting it on leisure activities that would ALSO require massive amounts of time to do anything with it. This is (was) for pure entertainment - and - relaxation. It used to also be a great social time. It used to be quite fun and a huge group activity - have made some great friends all over the world starting from this game - many of whom i keep in touch with regularly! I'll have to thank DO for that at least. But the fun has been more scarce than the fabled cube graveyard.
    hasta la vista muchachos
  10. Twotam1

    Twotam1 Forum-Apprentice

    Well put $ixGun.

    It used to be you could play a couple hours a day, have fun, socialize and make progress toward FE. All without spending.

    Now not much fun for casual free players. I log into forums more than game anymore.

    GE1, Scan
  11. 260k shield, really ?
    I'm not surprised you are gone in 4 volleys, I have 750k in fast confi with heart formation and still get blowed up sometimes.

    Base is still easy to destroy if you know how, I killed base with 1 more players against 5 who protect it in 10minutes, you just need to know how.

    Agree with all you said but 11/9 standard is kinda low, its good for bully small ships in fast but against ready UFE you will probably die. I think 14-16 shield in fast is must have.

    Overall, you can't get UFE if you don't spend good ammo that means at least x2 ammo all time, x1 will not give you UFE, stronger ammo you use, faster you will get where you wanna be.
    3h per day in x-7 map on white kristallon or boss kristallon is around 70k uridium with x2 ammo thats 500k during week, there is no way you can spend it sunday hades if you doing it with 4 people, yes 8 is faster you spend less ammo but you lose much more uridium.
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  12. where in my post did i say the base was to hard to destroy? Don't know where you got that from what i said.
  13. FItty3

    FItty3 Forum-Apprentice

    Well 8 people i was going for Colonel rember URI doesn't matter only Honor... and i haven't shot with anyting but X4/SAB/RSB since my ship got 10 drones so 10 months ago :D after you reach 1 mil you stop counting personally i have 60 mil X2 and 20mil X3/SAB so ammo isnt an problem
    X1 is old ammo in 2009 i used to fight wars with X1 ammo because i had 0 of everything now spin few weekends some gates and you hvae more than you can shoot the game is so easy i can't belive it i remember my old ship was close to the colonel on rank lvl 18 my greates acomplishemnt was i got my pet lvl 14... this ship was top of the line one of the first to get ZEUS on my server + had all goliath Desings that is 250k each verry expencive since you made about 100 uri /cube at best so $$$ and on that ship i had made 3 gates 2 Alpha and 1 Beta ... now i have 250 hades and 130A 75B 50G and so onn The game is to easy but 11/9 is actually verry strong try it :D its more of a 1v1/2 not a large scale fight but since we dont have those even if we tryed its best personally i hit 60k X4 with it and 80k rsb or something close/Cyborg but my lack of sheald boosters kindaaa doesn't help only use DMG i hit you 1 time with sab and negates all sheald boosters :D or this is my excuse of being cheep
  14. Just wanna add to this: it's inefficient to use any odd number of shields/guns on your drones IF you're using hercs (most likely on your speed fig) or havocs, simpy because their respective bonuses apply to EITHER shields or lasers on the given drone, so essentially you're not utilising them as much as possible; now with spartans it's reasonable to run such configs because their bonuses apply to BOTH shield&lasers
  15. You said strong clans build base for EXP and HONOR booster, I just say if that small but strong clan or even decent group of people easy stop them have booster.
  16. I used to fly 12 shield 8 laser but since there is ring and drill i don't really see it viable.
    This are some rough numbers but thats how it should work in battle if you play it right.
    DMG means dmg per secound, its include ship dmg, pet dmg and cbo helstrom actually everything UFE, this is average dmg that means 87,5% because dmg go from 75-100% of potential.
    As you can in ring formation you are able as confi A take 13 shoots from confi B but in same time confi B can take 16 shoots from confi A.

    Also more shield mean you can buy more time if you fight 2vs2 for example if you are target while you tank them your friend will have more time dmg them in slow full dmg.
    Slow full dmg isnt optimal but I'm lazy to put few shield in because than also need to change when go in gate or farm uridium so can get as much ur as possible in time frame, slow full dmg is also reson why in fast in better have more shield.

    Problem where I stumbled in sab fight and reson why I stop to use is 10 lvl16 LF4 in pet with protocol for 48% more dmg. When ship use sab pet shoot double less actually x2 ammo because sab your pet you that shield will not go on your ship :(
  17. FItty3

    FItty3 Forum-Apprentice

    the pet is so bugged that its dmg is so little it does not matter and 2v2 Haven't fought like that in months and i use spartans but i used that config with hercs before they made spartans yes you dont use them fully but if you fight a full sheald confing with the 9/11 config and just sab the dmg you will be stronger + you hit so much you can melt the dmg config of people and have some sheald to spear and haveing a full slow config as backup useing ISH EMP PLD8 you can be verry tanky without being actually tanky ;D if you are good know how to kite use all the abilityes and make them waste EMP so you can watch them die slowly from you CYBORG and laught while they are slowed from infection and cant do anything but die slowly and accept their death <3 the ability
  18. MyBigi

    MyBigi Padavan

    pet can hit 13k with x4.... and 20k rsb.... that is decent damage in my opinion.
  19. FItty3

    FItty3 Forum-Apprentice

    It can and it does when it does but most of the time it runs around doing nothing simulating like a football player... i had all protocalls for laser dmg
  20. I do agree with that but its an art to make pet shoot all time, you must move enemy in right direction :)

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