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Which of these ships is best for PVE only?

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by ★★THΞ★★PØŁłČΞMΛИ★★, Oct 2, 2019.

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  1. I already have goliath, vengeance and leonov and the other credit ships but I was thinking of buying one of those good ships like the ones we see in the hangar like the sentinel, spectrum, solace, venom or centaur or pusat or those other expensive ships. ..

    Which of these ships is best for PVE only?

    I do not have ambitions of invasions or PVP or do GG, I only play alone in PVE and I want to buy only one ship, so help me decide please !!!

  2. -axl100-

    -axl100- Forum-Apprentice

    For low maps Leonov only - you save huge on ammo.
  3. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog S-Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks for helping the OP.

    I agree with what -axl100- stated above.

    Will leave thread open for other player to give their feed back as well.

  4. ~Sixx_a.m.~

    ~Sixx_a.m.~ Forum-Apprentice

    my preferred ship is the goliath surgeon. it gives 6% ep, honor, dmg boost. and it gives you an extra generator slot usable of either a speed or shield gen. i could be wrong, but i'm sure someone in the forums will correct me on it. Thus Endeth The Sermon. :)
  5. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    Definitely Aegis or if you could get it Hammerclaw, by far the most useful for PVE.
  6. Thanks for the tips from everyone ....
    I do not know these ships, but I always play bastion on the high maps and leonov on the low maps, but I am constantly destroyed by only 3 or 4 shots, even always playing near the portal ...
    I don't want to be strong, but I just wanted a ship to try to survive longer and not be destroyed so often.
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  7. make 1 config with more shields and one with all speed use the shield config for aliens and 2nd speed config for running
  8. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    Yeah 2 configs, 1 battle config with no speed generators for NPC and 1 speed config with full speed generators and promerium.

    Moreover you might want to consider another ship as well: good options are:

    Spectrum, possibly with the crab formation --> its ability grants you a 70% laser damage resistance for 15 seconds.

    Tartarus (high speed allows you to flee from most enemies and due to its relatively high HP have a chance to get away and survive singularity without using an EMP).

    Citadel (travel sets your speed at 540, allowing you to be fast even on a config without speed generators). In addition, it also breaks slow effects and prevents you from being affected by most of them. It last only 5 seconds but if you use it on a battle config and switch to a fast config you can profit from both configs' shields. Last but not least it has significantly higher HP than any other ship.

    Here is something that might help:

  9. -axl100-

    -axl100- Forum-Apprentice

    Maybe you should save for Heart formation.
  10. Aegis, Hammerclaw or Diminisher.
  11. My head went off with so many good tips and I decided to buy the tartarus and heart formation ...
    thanks to all who helped ...
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