DarkOrbit NEWS
DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (3/3/15)

The Domination event is back!

The Domination event just got better! New leaderboards, more rewards, exciting missions! Secure 9 Domination Points and ensure your ... » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (12/10/14)

Autumn Fight

Battles rage and exploding ships litter the sky like autumnal leaves blowing across a field. Bring your own gale force to the Battle for ... » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (2/3/14)

DarkOrbit Reloaded: Bigpoint releases a Sci-fi Epic

Built upon the great success of its predecessor, DarkOrbit Reloaded is an epic space action MMO that boasts a refined new look, an ... » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (9/14/13)

Sleek newness in space this September

Check out the revamped DarkOrbit user interface and blast off with an exclusive pack! » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (8/21/13)

Bots in Orbit are no more

You spoke. We listened. Thanks to you, DarkOrbit has done the unthinkable! » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (4/25/13)

Hades Gate - a Galaxy Gate for groups!

Company intel has picked up the jump signatures of three unknown alien ships! » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (2/14/13)

New and improved Clan Battle Stations!

Login and check out the updated Clan Battle Stations - they're better than ever! » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (2/7/13)

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras February 7th - 17th. » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (2/6/13)

Sector Control

Get ready for the Sector Control matches! Head to the X-1 maps to show the other companies who’s boss! » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (9/20/12)

Hitac Event in DarkOrbit

Red Alert! Unknown aliens have launched attacks in the sectors of all 3 companies. » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (7/5/12)

Invite your friends to join you in DarkOrbit

Invite your friends to join you in DarkOrbit » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (6/28/12)

New: the Lambda Gate - more gates equals more fun!

Quick and to the point - the gate for right now » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (6/28/12)

It's time for the last round of Space Cup 2012 - the big Final!

An extra push down the home stretch - The last round of events from June 28th through July 1st. » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (6/21/12)


Galaxy Gate Kappa discovered - earn the title of all-star. » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (6/21/12)

The action is heating up in round 3 of Space Cup 2012!

Now it's crunch time! From June 21st through June 27th the third round of Space Cup 2012 action is in full effect. » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (6/14/12)

Week 2 of the Space Cup 2012: The soccer action continues!

Here is what you can look forward to from June 14th through June 20th » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (6/8/12)

The DarkOrbit Space Cup 2012

Space Cup 2012: Time for launch - non-stop soccer action in DarkOrbit! » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (6/1/12)

New: Stronger Soccer Ammo and Rockets

The ultimate combination of damage and shield absoprtion for rockets and lasers! » More

DarkOrbit DarkOrbit (5/30/12)

Two VIP tickets to the UEFA European Football Championship in Kiev!

Don't miss out on your chance to win two VIP tickets to the UEFA European Football Championship in Kiev! All you need to do to is buy an ... » More