Friday, January 23, 2015
DarkOrbit DarkOrbit

DarkOrbit: Battle For Influence

Greetings, Pilots!
The struggle for galactic supremacy continues unabated, and with a long dark winter ahead, all of the rival companies engage in an armament race. Once again Dark Orbit Reloaded prepares itself for a Battle for Influence!
With a whole bunch of new missions, you will have the chance to turn the tide of the conflict in your company’s favor. Medals of honor will be awarded to the toughest pilots who distinguish themselves in service for their companies’ glory. Pledge allegiance and proudly fly the flag of your company with a unique ship design. At the end of a successful and glorious encounter, celebrate your victories with faction branded fireworks to show who rules the universe.
Show your strength in colossal space battles from the 23rd of January to the 1st of February 2015. Earn honor and rewards for your company to win the Battle for Influence! Personal glory is also at stake with individual rankings, too. The top 100 players will get valuable rewards for outstanding performance.
The Battle for Influence is upon us. Your company needs you: defeat your enemies and become an inspiration for a new generation!

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