Thursday, April 25, 2013
DarkOrbit DarkOrbit

DarkOrbit: Hades Gate - a Galaxy Gate for groups!

Hello Space Pilots,

Recent Intel has alerted us to a very disturbing development! Three powerful alien species are amassing in the mysterious Hades Nebula, the long deserted seat of the Aloisi Empire. There can be only one reason for such an event – they must be hatching a plot for the destruction of humanity! Construct the new Hades Gate and organize a group of at least 4 of your most trusted pilots. Then, use the gate to jump to the Nebula and disrupt their evil plans before to jump to the Nebula and catastrophe engulfs us all !

plans before One last thing. Company intel has picked up the jump signatures of three unknown alien ships. !

These are of an unusually large magnitude... Be careful out there and good luck.

Your DarkOrbit Team

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