Thursday, July 5, 2012
DarkOrbit DarkOrbit

DarkOrbit: Invite your friends to join you in DarkOrbit

Keep a close eye on the Countdown. It will display how much time you have to invite your friends and how much time they have to reach level 7. Then, and only then, will you get some big-time rewards.

Check out the "Friends & Bonuses" page to see what prizes await when 1, 5, 10 or 25 friend(s) reach level 25.

Special bonus - if 25 of your friends reach level 7 before the countdown expires, you'll get a special drone formation that is unavailable for purchase, in addition to a generous bonus pack.

But even if your friends level up after the countdown has expired, you can still look forward to some nice rewards, which always come with friend invites.

Quickly, tell everyone you know and explore the world of DarkOrbit together!

Good luck, pilot!

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