Thursday, June 21, 2012
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DarkOrbit: Kappa

Hello Space Pilot,

The vast expanse of space conceals a multitude of new marvels. Explore the latest discovery - the Kappa Gate. But take heed, brave pilot. Inside the gate lurks a fight the likes of which you have never seen.

But fortune favors the brave... Should you emerge victorious, you can look forward to bounties aplenty. Such rewards will surely soothe the deepest wounds.

In addition to being rewarded handsomely, you'll have a 75% chance of winning one of the three super bonuses good for upto 25% off

• the new Hercules Drone design! Equip one of your drones with the design and the drone's shield generator will produce 15% more shield energy. If all of the drones are equipped with the Hercules design, then there is a set bonus of an additional 20% HP!

• the new Multi Booster! For 5 hours of gameplay, the Multi Bonus gives you an additional 5% on all inflicted damage, on your XP and your shields, and are added on top of the other boosters you're using.

• one of the super-rare LF4 Laser Cannons.

Defeat the Kappa Gate and earn the title of "All-Star" to accompany your pilot name. A true sign of respect.

Get to it valiant fighter! You can spin the Galaxy Gate Materializer and win parts for the Kappa Gate. The latest adventure is calling.

Not to be outdone, the aliens in the Epsilon Gate are now dropping double the EP than before. Happy alien hunting in the Epsilon Gate.

Pilot, chances for copious rewards, super items and behooving boosters have never been this good!

Happy fighting!

Your DarkOrbit Team

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